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Filter by state

  • Corcom

    Corcom Products makes EMI/RFI filters, including LC, power line and power inlet, ISM, signal line, DC, and facility noise products. Power entry modules have a current rating of 1 to 15 Amps, while their DC types feature a current rating of 1 to 125 Amps. Corcom products can be used for microwave filtering, as well as for medical and military applications.

  • Cosel USA

    Cosel makes single phase, three phase, and DC noise filters, with nearly a dozen and a half designs to choose from.

  • Capcon International

    Capcon International makes several EMI noise filters, including low pass  and miniature sized component types, as well as microwave absorbers and other absorbative designs. Their miniature models are used in either AC or DC power lines for up to 10 amps at 50VDCW, 100VDCW, or 115VACW. Capcon also offers military grade electrical and electronic noise products.

  • Arteche

    Arteche carries a variety of electrical and electronic noise products, including low pass harmonic filters that attenuate all harmonic frequencies, one phase designs, and tuned types that attenuate specific and active harmonics. Arteche also offers PWM voltage sine wave dv/dr filters.

  • Allen Avionics

    Allen Avionics makes custom-built LC noise filters, including low pass (50Hz to 5000MHz; 20, 200, 500, and 1000 watts), low profile, high pass (100Hz to 1000MHz), bandpass (400 Hz to 500 MHz), band reject, sub-miniature, high power low pass, tubular, NTSC and PAL video, and video Gaussian types. Other products electrical and electronic noise products include fixed attenuators and diplexors.


  • Americor

    Americor makes several EMI/RFI filters for electrical and electronic noise applications. Products include LC filters and medical grade products in single (up to 30 Amp) and three phase models (up to 250 Amp). Other products available include power entry modules.

  • Captor Corp

    Captor makes several noise filters, including EMI and telephone and signal line designs (can be made to military spec).  Their signal line models pass band at <3 dB at 4kHz to <0.5 dB at 0-1kHz on VAC or VDC lines. EMI filters offer several termination interfaces, including threaded and solder terminals, connectors (commercial, military grade, IEC, etc.), and wire leads and harnesses.

  • Coilcraft

    Coilcraft makes many EMI/RFI noise filters for electrical and electronic applications, including surface mount and leaded components, LC and signal line filters (RJ-45, RJ-15, and RJ-11 lines). LC products include high and low pass models, and feature less than 0.3 dB insertion loss with 50 or 75 Ohm impedance.

  • Coil Winding Specialist Inc.

    CWS makes several EMI/RFI noise filters, including leaded, LC, and surface mount components. Low power line filters for video signals have a current rating of 700 to 500 mA with inductance of 10 to 80 uH. High power common mode designs come in horizontal or vertical mount with current ratings of 0.38 to 6.0 amps AC and inductance of 1 to 120 mH.

  • DCI Digital

    DCI Digital makes custom electrical and electronic noise filters, including band pass, high and low pass, component sized, and ISM products. Also available are diplexers with channel isolation from >39dB to >90dB. Models can be built for military installations with frequencies starting at 30MHz.

  • DJM Electronics

    DJM Electronics makes several RFI/EMI noise filters, including power line, facility, and signal line types, as well as custom products running on AC or DC lines. Power line filters have a current rating of 10 to 250 Amps, while their standard facility models have a rating of 2 x 5 amps to 4 x 300 amps.

  • Filter Concepts

    Filter Concepts makes many EMI filters, including AC, DC, three phase, and custom products. Applications include medical, motion control or military spec ground equipment. Three phase filters have either 16A/PH or 24A/PH rating with leakage of 1.8mA. Switch mode EMI designs (AC) feature current ratings from 1.5A to 45.0A with leakage from .45mA to 1.5mA.

  • Filtronetics

    Filtronetics makes custom EMI/RFI noise filters, such as bandpass, high pass, bandstop, and low pass types with frequencies of >1MHz to 6GHz. They also have LC models, diplexers, surface mount models, and ISM designs. Applications include military and microwave.

  • Genisco

    Genisco makes EMI/RFI noise filters for electrical and electronic applications. Products include signal line, power line, and facility types, as well as custom designs that can be built to mil spec (covering a broad range of power and frequency requirements). Their low pass signal line products have a maximum voltage rating of 100 VDC/30 VAC or 400 VDC/125 VAC and current rating of 0.5 or 1 amp.

  • ICT

    ICT makes single phase, DC, noise/RFI filters with continuous output currents of 12, 25, or 40 amps, peak output currents of 16, 35, or 55 amps, a frequency range of 10 Hz - 200 MHz, and input voltage of 0.1-100VDC.

  • KR Filters

    KR Electronics makes custom and standard filters for commercial and military uses, including low pass, high pass, band pass, LC, surface mount, and diplexers. Their low-pass noise filtering products have a cutoff frequency of 5 HZ to 500MHz, while their bandpass models feature a center frequency of 220 Hz to 875 MHz.

  • LCR Electronics

    LCR Electronics designs and manufactures EMI/RFI filters, including power entry, power line, signal line, and facility types. MRI and shielded room filters are used for MRI equipment, control and data lines, telephone systems, and alarms. Their power entry models have a max rated voltage of 250VAC with a rated current of 1-20A (filters) and 1-10A (modules), and an operating frequency of 50 or 60Hz.

  • Microwave Filter Company

    Microwave Filter Company makes noise suppression products and components for electrical and electronic applications, including LC, band-pass, miniature, ISM, and diplexers. Passive filters operate on 5 Hz to 50 GHz frequencies.

  • MTE Corp.

    MTE makes single and three phase EMI/RFI filters, including LC types operating at 50/60Hz in ratings up to 600 volts. Applications including AC and DC motor drives, and active harmonics.

  • Newmar Power

    Newmar Power makes signal line, LC, RFI, and DC noise filters for electrical and electronic applications. Models are rated at 150 A, 10 A, and 25 A, designed to run on 6-48 VDC systems.