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Filter by state

  • Mirus International Inc.

    Mirus International offers a variety of harmonic filters. The Lineator AUHF is a passive design that reduces variable speed drive/variable frequency drive harmonics by up to 10 times. The Harmony Series are isolation transformers that combine phase shifting with very low zero sequence impedance outputs for mitigation.

  • Arteche

    Arteche tuned harmonic filters divert energy away from the power source. Their automatic (switched) harmonic products measure the power factor and distortion of a system, and use contactors to switch multiple networks into or out of the circuit.

  • Eaton Corp.

    Eaton's fixed passive harmonic filters use capacitor cells connected with a tuning reactor to prevent dangerous resonance conditions. Fixed capacitor banks tuned to the 4.7th harmonic will reduce levels of the 5th harmonic, helping your facility meet the IEEE 519 standard.

  • Harmonics Limited

    This company is a provider of Harmonic Suppression Systems (HSS). Their patented mitigation technology prevents equipment from generating 3rd harmonic currents instead of the actual filtering approach usually employed. Their GeneratorMax system is a passive, tuned blocking filter. When it is tuned to 180Hz, it features a low impedance at the fundamental and an almost infinite impedance at the 3rd harmonic.

  • ABB

    ABB's CHARM comes in three models; the BP, HP or C. These products have a voltage rating of 1-500 kV, a power rating of >1 Mvar, and a fundamental frequency of 50 or 60 Hz. The tuning frequency is optional and these products can be installed indoor or outdoor.

  • MTE Corp.

    MTE Matrix Filters are used to solve harmonic distortion on six pulse rectifiers. These power supplies are found in three phase electronic equipment such as adjustable speed motor drives, welders, battery chargers, servo drives and other equipment. On AC variable frequency/variable torque drive applications (fans & pumps), these passive harmonic filters will meet the maximum levels of THID (total harmonic current distortion) from no load to full load. 

  • Intelligent Solutions

    Intelligent Solutions' Times One active harmonic filter series reduces operating temperatures of electrical systems, offers power factor correction, reduces distortion to less than 5% for the ITHD and VTHD, and protects against transients.

  • Avtech

    Avtech's active filters connect in parallel with the AC line and inject currents corresponding to the harmonic components of the load. These products cancel primarily the 3rd, 5th and 7th frequencies and provide up to eight amps of cancellation current.


    MEDCOM Series FA and FA3 active harmonic filters limit current distortions in the mains. These active products can be connected in parallel to the non-linear device, in either one phase or three phase networks. The three phase unit (FA) reduces distortion in the mains below 5%.

  • GE

    GE's Matrix harmonic filters feature <8 % current distortion (at full rated load). Optional features include <5 % current distortion (at full rated load). These products can be used for multiple inverter/drive applications and with stand-by generators.

  • Mesta Electronics

    Mesta Electronics offers their Digital Power Manager (DPM), an active harmonic filter designed to reduce harmonic distortion to >5%, improves plant utility grid power factors, and instantly corrects varying load conditions. Current ratings available at 480 V are 50, 100, 150, 200 and 300 amps.

  • Flann

    Flann Microwave offers tunable, fixed and tunable, and low pass harmonic filters. They have redesigned their products with new tuning techniques, resulting in new mechanically tuned models. This tuning technique provides high reliability.

  • AIM Europe

    AIM Europe manufactures active harmonic filters available in 208V - 600V 3-phase 3W or 4W 50/60Hz, 110V - 240V. Specs include 1-phase 50/60Hz (up to 25 A), 25 to 400 A current in a single unit, up to 1000 A in multi-parallel form, and current attenuation up to the 51st harmonic.

  • AFP Transformers

    AFP manufactures custom harmonic filter inductors that range from small single or three phase low voltage units, to large single-phase designs for medium voltage applications. Products use copper windings, inductance tuned to match capacitor KVAR ratings, and balanced coil and core heating.

  • Buffalo Power Electronics Center, Inc

    The Buffalo Power Electronics Center rectifier system computer analysis program can design PF correction and filtering equipment to meet a customer's PF requirements and distortion limits.

  • Boddingtons Power Controls Limited

    BPC manufactures active harmonic filters for improving power quality, reducing overloading of cables, motors and transformers, injecting equal and opposite harmonic currents from 3rd – 31st, and offer 25-200A ratings 3 and 4 wire, and voltage ratings  208-480 at 50/60Hz.

  • Myron Zucker

    Myron Zucker offers a variety of harmonic filters. The Caltrap has standard ratings of 240 V, 480 V and 600 V, 3 phase cells, at 60 Hz. The Capacitrap has the same standard ratings as the Caltrap unit, but is rated for higher temperatures. Their Active Harmonic Filter digital power monitor (DPM) actively eliminates distortion.

  • Northeast Power Systems

    NEPSI's medium voltage pad-mounted harmonic filter banks are typically used for underground utility distribution in areas that are accessible to the public, and where harmonic generating loads are present. They are available in single stage and two stage, from 600 kvar to 3000 kvar, and in voltages to 34.5kV.

  • Post Glover

    Post Glover offers custom harmonic filters consisting of capacitors, inductors and resistors, tuned to eliminate specific frequencies. The capacitors and inductors allow the fundamental frequency through and divert the harmonics into the filter resistor. Post Glover designs, builds and tests their filter resistors in accordance with applicable IEC and IEEE standards.

  • Power Quality International, Inc.

    PQI is able to design and supply standard or custom dry-type transformers and reactors. Their Mini-Z Zero Sequence Harmonic Filters are patented three-phase, 4/6-wire, copper-wound, common-core autotransformers.  The Distribution Trans Filter Transformers are 3-phase, 4-wire, copper-wound, common-core isolation transformers. The Power TransFilter Transformers are available in cast-coil configurations.