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  • Lightning Protection Corporation

    LPC manufactures protection for lightning and surge currents up to 240,000 amperes and beyond. Response is in a fraction of a nanosecond.

  • Alltec Corporation

    Alltec’s lightning protection products include charge dissipation terminals, early streamer emitters, and traditional protection components. Each has its own unique method of protecting systems.

  • East Coast Lightning Equipment

    East Coast's lightning protection product line includes air terminals, conductors, fasteners, connectors, grounding equipment, and surge suppression. In addition to the standard product line, East Coast can manufacture custom parts for use in specific applications.

  • Harger

    Harger offers a variety of lightning protection components, including air terminals and bases, bonding lugs and plates, fasteners, conductor cable connectors and clamps, warning systems, and thru-roof/wall connectors.

  • Independent Protection Co.

    Independent Protection Co. is a manufacturer and designer of structural lightning protection products for commercial and industrial buildings, homes and historic landmarks. Products include air terminal bases, grounding, surge protection, ornamental equipment and more.


    Erico manufactures the Eritech System 3000 to be used wherever direct lightning strikes affect equipment or facilities, including railroads, television stations, communications towers, hospitals, oil/gas platforms, high rise buildings, schools, factories, and explosive/volatile fuels storage areas.

  • National Lightning Protection

    NLP provides lightning protection, grounding, and surge protection equipment for commercial, industrial, governmental and residential applications. Air terminals, connectors, down conductors, ground termination, and bonding products are available.

  • NexTek, Inc.

    NexTek provides EMI/EMC solutions to the communications, aviation, computer, military, and medical electronic industries. They offer a selection of lightning arrestors, custom designs and milspec products.

  • Heary Bros. Lightning Protection

    Heary Bros. designs and manufactures lightning protection systems for commercial and residential use. Systems are listed with Underwriters Laboratories and Applied Research Laboratories.

  • Lightning Prevention Systems

    LPS, Inc manufactures and distributes structural lightning protection equipment for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Products include air terminals, grounding and bonding, tree equipment, dissipation air terminals, cable connectors and much more. All products are UL listed and meet all applicable codes and standards.

  • Delta Lightning Arrestors

    Delta offers lightning protection products for industrial motors, and residential wiring and appliances. Available products feature silicone arrestors that conduct equally in negative or positive directions.

  • ERI

    ERI manufactures commercial and telecommunications broadcast products, including lightning protection and grounding solutions. The K-ROD grounding electrode and the MAG-ROD provide grounding and cathodic protection from galvanic or electrolytic corrosion. These products meet and exceed the specifications set forth in the 1996TIAIEIARS- 222-F Standard.

  • Marine Lightning Protection

    MLP manufactures lightning grounding products for the marine industry, including air terminals for installation on deck, superstructure or hand rails, connectors for all joints, main conductors, and grounding terminals.

  • NovaLynx Corporation

    Nova Lynx manufactures a variety of lightning protection equipment, including sensor line surge arrestors, tower grounding kits, and  warning systems.

  • Ohio Valley Lightning Protection

    Ohio Valley offers a variety of air terminals, rods and other protection materials for residential, industrial and commercial buildings.

  • Omega Power

    Omega Power makes lightning protection equipment, including surge suppressors, panel products, data products, coax and phone products, and DIN power products.

  • Polyphaser

    PolyPhaser is a manufacturer of lightning protection equipment, including surge protectors for coaxial, data, and AC surge applications.

  • Mission Instruments

    Mission Instruments manufactures the ZEBRA Field Mill Atmospheric Monitoring and Lightning Warning Device. Field Mills are designed to determine when conditions exist where strikes are likely to occur in the local area.

  • Preferred Lightning Protection

    PLP is a manufacturer and installer of UL listed equipment, including conductors, air terminals, bases, grounding, and protector pipes and fasteners.

  • SkyScan

    SkySkan is a manufacturer of lightning detection systems that can detect any electromagnetic emissions within a 40 mile radius, making it easier to protect homes and industrial buildings from damage.