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  • Acme Electric

    Acme Electric offers AC line reactors with features that include compact design, copper coils, gapped iron core inductors, and CE marking. These products can be used with 208, 240 and 600 volts and are available in 3% and 5% impedances.

  • MTE Corp.

    MTE's line of 3-phase reactors filter power line disturbances, increase drive system reliability, extend transistor life, reduce harmonics and surge currents, reduce motor noise and temperature, and improve true power factor.

  • Marcus

    Marcus line reactors eliminate harmonic distortion, line notching, nuisance tripping, line noise and surge current, and can extend the life of switching components and reduce motor noise.

  • Hammond Power Solutions, Inc.

    Hammond Power Solutions offers the RM line reactor that can eliminate nuisance tripping, reduce line notching, extend the life of motors and switching components, and minimize harmonic distortion. Key features include nominal inductance +/- 10% of rated current and 60 Hz fundamental current maximum.

  • Trans-Coil, Inc.

    Transcoil's KLR Line Reactors are designed as input filters for adjustable speed DC drives, and as input or output filters for AC-PWM variable frequency drives. The drive's input rectifier is protected from damage and drive harmonics are tamed with a K-rated line reactor. The KLR Series of products also act as an interface buffer between solid state power circuits and the line or the motor.

  • Tauscher

    Tauscher offers a variety of line reactors, including UI single-phase (900 mWs - 80000 mWs), and EI single-phase (15 mWs up to 630 mWs) and three-phase (146mWs up to 3175 mWs) designs.

  • Ingersoll Rand

    Ingersoll Rand makes line reactors, including the IR three-phase AC Series that can be used as an input filter for adjustable-speed DC driven units or as an input/output filter for AC PWM variable-frequency driven units.

  • Schaffner

    Schaffner makes the FN 3400 three-phase line reactor for motor drive applications. This model features 4% impedance and reduces harmonic disturbance and communication notches, and can also improve true power factor.

  • Rex Power Magnetics

    Rex Manufacturing's line reactors conform to UL, CSA and IEC international standards, and reduce electrical line noise, limit short circuit currents, extend life of SCR's and transistors, and reduce harmonic distortion and nuisance tripping.

  • Advanced Industrial Devices, Inc.

    Advanced Industrial Devices offers a variety of line reactors, including the KDR series designed to reduce nuisance tripping, DC bus overvoltage tripping, line notching, and inverter overcurrent and overvoltage. These products can improve true power factor and reduce cross-talk between drives.

  • SolaHD

    SolaHD's SLR Series of line reactors are DIN rail mounted units that provide protection for high frequency drives and electronic equipment. These units help eliminate drive cross-talk and interference, reduce stress on drive components, remove harmonics, and keep line voltage smooth.

  • GR Electronics

    GR Electronics makes line reactors for use as input or output filters for AC-PWM variable frequency drives.

  • TEMCo – Tower Electric Motor Company

    TEMCo carries full lines of line reactors from Acme, Baldor, and WEG. Eliminate nuisance tripping, extend the life of switching components, reduce line notching, minimize harmonic distortion, and extend the life of your motor.