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  • Summit Technology, Inc.

    PowerSight products from Summit Technology measure and analyze three phase electric power. They come in three models and can monitor, log and analyze voltage, current and power for three phase, two phase, single phase and four wire data.

  • Electro Industries/GaugeTech

    Electro Industries/Gauge Tech manufacturers power meters and monitors, energy meters and power analyzer products. Offerings include revenue meters with power quality analyzers, power and energy meter combos, multi-function transducers, multi-function data logging and waveform recording meters, and sub-metering equipment.

  • Fluke

    Fluke makes a variety of power quality analyzers, meters and monitors, as well as data loggers. Offerings include cable testers, calibration, biomedical, clamp meters, multimeters, earth ground, HVAC, oscilloscopes, laser distance meters, and much more.

  • Electrotek Concepts, Inc. provides web-based power quality monitoring services for a monthly fee. This service offers 24/7 access to power quality data without having to connect to power monitoring devices in order to download the latest data.

  • ACR Systems, Inc.

    ACR's Power Watch Logger records power quality data and disturbances. This system is a plug-in device that operates with no exposed wiring. It has the capacity to record up to 4000 power quality events. An optical alarm indicates events as they occur.

  • Extech

    Extech Instruments makes a variety of analyzers, including 3-phase power and harmonics analyzers, 3-phase analyzers with data loggers, AC/DC clamp-on watt meters, clamp on power meters, and AC analyzer data loggers.

  • AC Scout

    AC Scout manufacturers power monitoring systems for power back up support, mission critical applications, remote locations, and home audio applications. The ACScout-V3 is an AC power monitor that plugs into an electrical outlet to log and analyze outages, surges and variations in voltage and frequency.

  • Duncan Instruments Canada Ltd.

    Duncan Instruments offers a variety of power and energy monitoring equipment, including power meters, harmonic distortion analyzers, power factor meters, power quality analyzers, and energy loggers.

  • Measurlogic

    Measurlogic manufacturers several types of power monitors and energy meters, including panel mount, DIN rail mount, surface mount and socket replacement mount systems.

  • Dranetz BMI

    Dranetz BMI manufacturers a variety of power monitors and meters, including power monitoring loggers and portable designs.

  • Cyber Sciences Inc

    Cyber Sciences offers their Sequence Event Recorder, designed for critical applications with 1ms time stamped event reporting, and their Satellite Time Reference unit that uses GPS to help with device synchronization.

  • Siemens

    Siemens Energy offers their Spirotec 4 Series of power quality recorders, universal transducers and power meters. These systems assist in monitoring and recording faults, power events, voltage dips and surges.

  • Enetics

    PowerScape Energy Management Systems from Enetics include multiple PowerNode Recorders for monitoring and recording power consumption and quality. Collected data from this system is stored in a SQL database and is accessible to authorized users on the LAN or over the internet.

  • AEMC Instruments

    AEMC designs and manufacturers power quality monitors and meters, including digital multimeters, clamp-on harmonic meters, and the AmpFlex series flexible current probes.

  • PowerSight

    PowerSight manufactures a variety of meters for power quality, energy and data logging, including the PS4500 and PS2500 PQ Analyzers,  analyzers and loggers. Also available are a variety of current and voltage probes.

  • National Instruments Corp.

    Monitor equipment from National Instruments combine hardware for waveform measurements with software designed for power monitoring, power quality analysis and power meter analysis. Measurements include power factor, frequency analysis, root-mean-square (RMS), and harmonic analysis in phase over multiple channels.

  • Carlo GAVAZZI Automation Components

    Carlo Gavazzi manufactures power quality meters and transducers designed for early warning of power quality issues.

  • Crompton Greaves

    Crompton Greaves makes power quality monitors for measuring and logging voltage and current on all three phases, as well as frequency and power factor data. These instruments are designed to monitor transformers and motors in distribution and industrial networks.

  • Ideal Industries

    Ideal Industries makes power quality meters, including voltage performance monitors for real-time TRMS voltage, frequency and harmonics monitors, and analyzers for single of three phase applications.

  • Teal

    Teal Watch is an embedded, internet-based, remote power monitor system. The browser based software interface can be accessed from any computer on the network, providing data and monitoring of the systems power quality.