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    Ericos's surge protectors prevent damaging surges on power and communications lines caused by industrial machinery, switching events and lightning. Their AC units are designed for electrical service panels and DIN rail mounting. Their data, control and signal line protection are used for process control, computers, coaxial cable, telephone and wireless applications. They also manufacture Point-Of-Use surge protectors that combine AC plug in power strips and telephone/data protection.

  • Pass & Seymour/Legrand

    Legrand is a manufacturer of Senetrex Perma Power point-of-use surge protection power strips, as well as rack mount and cabinet types, hard wired designs, and configurable hard-wired devices for commercial, industrial and residential applications.

  • Brick Wall

    Brick Wall offers surge protectors and line filters with no MOVs for critical non-fail applications. Products include 2 outlet, 8 outlet, and rackmount surge suppressors in standard and audio form (home theater as well), as well as hard wired and OEM configuration for industrial applications. Custom design and individual circuit panel protectors available.

  • MCG Surge Protection

    MCG offers service entrance, mid-building entry, panelmount, OEM, data line, DC (up to 15A of continuous DC load current), and rackmount surge protectors. The new LVC Crowbar is now available for voltage transients on a power supply bus. Any potentially destructive energy from resultant transients is now provided with a very low resistance path around sensitive components.

  • Dehn

    DEHN designs, develops and manufactures a range of surge and lightning protection products to protect electrical and electronic components and systems from high energy transients. Products are built in varying configurations and enclosures suitable for most all applications, including DIN railmounting, stainless steel threaded pipe enclosed, bulkhead mounting, and built into NEMA rated enclosures.


    Leviton manufactures surge protection devices in models including TVSS Panels (peak current from 48kA to 200kA), receptacles and strips for computers, as well as many UPS models. Single Phase 3 wire surge protection modules are used for industrial environments. Available in hospital grade with audible alarms and DIN rail mountable. Their 42000/32000 Series is a 120/208V 3-phase WYE, 220V 3-phase delta panel mount design.

  • Meter Treater

    Meter Treater is a manufacture of surge protector products for point-of-use outlet, coaxial cable, data, DIN rail, hard wired, service branch and meter applications. They also manufacture 3 phase industrial types and specialized units, such as the SLT/HEB Series available as either a 4 or an 8 wire unit that will interface with 4 pin Euro-Connectors or DC Micro Connectors.

  • Zero Surge

    Zero Surge manufactures a surge-protector with no MOVs for a variety of applications including office, audio, home theater, aquariums and gaming. Products are available in stand alone and rack mount models.

  • LEA International

    LEA International manufactures surge protectors for AC, DC, data and lightning applications. Their data/signal network product line covers CCTV to Ethernet and everything between. The DS2S is ideal for medical imaging equipment, critical care equipment and healthcare facilities. Also offered are whole house surge protectors and service/branch panel mounted units, as well as hard wired and DIN rail mounted designs.

  • Panamax

    Panamax's product line includes In-Wall (for home theater and TV applications), Floor Model (w/optional coaxial cable and data line protection), Data Protection Modules (ethernet, digital or analog phone line or phone system, outdoor speakers), battery back-up (UPS), and a full line of Audio-Visual surge protection/power filter products.

  • Delta Surge Protectors

    Delta manufactures industrial, commercial and residential packaged surgeprotection, lightning arrestor products, surge capacitors, and data line circuit protectors.

  • Tripp-Lite

    Tripp-Lite manufactures a variety of point-of-use plug in surge suppressor products for both 120v and 230v applications. Their Isobar surge protector comes in 110-125V (direct plug in, 6 ft. cords, 12 ft. cords and 25 ft. cords). Applications include home/office, desktop computer, hospital-grade, network line, TV, home theater and commercial/industrial industries.

  • APC by Schneider Electric

    APC manufactures outlet surge protectors, UPS and other power conditioning products, including computer desktop/laptop/notebook designs, data line products (ethernet, coaxial cable, RS232, digital, DSL), and hardwire suppressors. Applications include office, home (TV, theater, etc.), commercial/industrial panelmount (120/240V, 240/120V, 208/120V, 380/220V,480/277V, 600/347V), and whole house surge protector residential markets.

  • MGE Office Protection Systems

    MGE offers Eaton point-of-use power protection for the individual user. Applications include consumer electronics, PCs, printers, home theater and TV. The Eclipse ProTel provides fax/modem protection.

  • Superior Electric

    Superior Electric offers surge protectors in din rail, terminal board, pig-tail, and cabinet designs.. These are parallel connected TVSS devices that are designed for commercial or industrial environments for the service entrance and/or branch panel. Select from 60,000 to 300,000 surge capacity models.

  • Transtector Systems Inc.

    Transtector offers surge protector technology for data/signal protection (ethernet, control circuit, CCTV, coaxial cable, broadband wireless radio/antenna), AC and DC power, EMP protection, custom integrated cabinets and other power quality solutions. Configurations include plug in, din rail mount, panelmount and rackmount plug in. UPS systems are also available.

  • Citel

    CITEL manufactures a complete line of AC, DC, telephone, data, RF coaxial cable lines, and fire alarm system surge protector products. CITEL products have been designed for the telecom, broadband wireless, solar photovoltaic, automation control instrumentation, military and security market industries.

  • Belkin

    Belkin's product line includes energy saving outlet computer, compact desktop/laptop/notebook, clamp-on, and mini surge protectors with USB chargers. UPS units are also available. Some products feature data line protection.

  • Alltec Corporation

    Alltec Corp. manufactures PowerTrip surge suppressors for microprocessor based equipment in harsh environments. PowerTrip devices are available for AC and DC power, telephone/data, and RF cabling protection.

  • Axiomatic

    Axiomatic surge protectors are designed for DIN rail mounting and are IP00 rated. Product offerings include AC and DC voltage designs.