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  • Brick Wall

    Brick Wall offers a voltage regulation device for applications where power must be steady and free of anomalies. The SVR Pro voltage regulator uses a solid state generator to render stable and clean power at the output. Two models are offered for 1.5kVA & 3kVA loads. These units also provide >97% power factor correction for more efficient power usage.

  • Automation Direct

    Automation Direct offers a variety of Hammond Power transformers. Models include the HPS Imperator compact control transformer designed for high inrush applications requiring reliable output voltage stability and the HPS Fortress encapsulated transformer ideal for commercial applications where quality, ease of installation, and low cost are key.

  • TSi Power Corp.

    TSi makes automatic voltage regulators including a constant voltage transformer and EVRs. Their models include an outdoor rated enclosure and a 4 stage tap switcher. Available in single and three phase models, 120V, 230V, 400V, 30kVA, 750kVA, 1000kVA, and 1500kVA.

  • Basler

    Basler Electric manufactures both digital and analog precision voltage regulators for prime power or emergency back-up power, suitable in any application and works in conjunction with a generator system. Their regulators are suitable for generators up to 5MW, with 0.20-0.25% voltage regulation accuracy as well as 50/60Hz or PMGs operating at 50 to 400Hz.

  • Cissoid

    Cissoid manufactures a family of linear low dropout voltage regulators for high temperature applications, including both positive and negative voltage regulators. Isc (Short Circuit) is 80mA or 300mA for positive, and 80 mA or 700mA for negative. The temperature range is from -55C to 225C.

  • Controlled Power

    Controlled Power Company makes commercial and industrial power conditioners ranging from 250VA to 1mVA, single and three phase models available. Features include tight voltage regulation, high line and ground noise attenuation, harmonic attenuation, and tight load regulation.

  • GE

    GE Industrial makes industrial grade voltage regulators, including pole and platform mounted, power conditioners, and step voltage regulator control. From 50kVA to 833kVA and voltages ranging from 2400/4160Y at 60 KV BIL to 19920/34500 GrdY at 150 KV BIL.

  • Jindal Electric

    Jindal makes automatic voltage controllers for 230V single phase or 400V three phase with a capacity of 100 to 2000kVA, for applications including flour mills, textile plants, hotels, clubs, and medical.

  • Lenco Electronics, Inc.

    Lenco makes custom designed AC and DC constant voltage transformers with sine wave output, available from 50VA to 1500VA and in 120V, 240V, and 480V 60Hz models. Additionally, special voltages and frequencies are available.

  • Liebert

    Emerson's Liebert power conditioning and distribution cabinets come in 50Hz and 60Hz frequency models and are for applications which require protection from electrical line problems without the need for back-up capability. These devices shield critical loads from external disturbances.

  • MS Kennedy Corp.

    MSK offers many different models of high current, low dropout linear voltage regulators, for Hi-Rel and severe environment applications, with output current from 1.5 amps to 20 amps and output voltages down to 0.8 volts. Additionally, hermetic and surface mount versions are available.

  • Chloride

    Chloride makes the ONEAC brand of single and three phase power conditioners, 75 - 3000 VA and 7.2 - 100kVA respectively. Their models feature multiple input/output voltages with voltage conversion, flexible power distribution options, and are suitable for medical applications, critical electrical equipment, and industrial uses.

  • Osborne Transformer

    Osborne makes Quasi Square Wave Constant Voltage Transformers, with primary voltage ratings from 1 - 10,000 volts, secondary voltage ratings of 0.1 to 20,000 volts, secondary current ratings from 0.001 - 1,000 amps, and a capacity of 0.001 to 50 kVA. Additionally, these CVTs operate on a frequency from 50 to 400 Hz and operate in single or multiple phase.

  • Pace Group

    Pace makes constant voltage transformers with features including very high isolation, no loss of output supply (for line loss up to 30ms), a built-in voltmeter, and three socket output. Input ranges from 175V to 265V at 50Hz, single phase. Applications include process medical equipment such as monitors, field & lab instruments, and ICU equipment as well as office and business equipment such as computers, electronic typewriters, electronic cash registers, tele-printers, and CNC systems.

  • Power Bright

    Power Bright offers three automatic voltage regulators, a 1000 watt model, a 2000 watt model, and a 3000 watt model, all for heavy duty continuous use. All function with input at 110, 200, 220, or 240 volts, with output of 110, 220, or 240 volts.

  • Power Quality Solutions Inc.

    Power Quality Solutions makes ferro-resonant Constant Voltage Transformers which provide voltage regulation, high-frequency switching noise isolation of 120dB common mode/ 60dB normal mode, and surge suppression typically at 250:1. Models are rated from 500VA to 5000VA, with some featuring the ability to use a square wave input for short-term durations.

  • Electrogard

    Electrogard makes constant voltage transformers for very stable AC voltage and feature input voltage from 180 - 260 VAC (single phase 50Hz), output voltage of 220VAC ± 3% ( Single Phase, 50 Hz), Sinewave output with waveform distortion <5% at rated linear load and a capacity of 150VA to 5kVA as well as >80% at rated linear load.

  • Electronetics

    Electronetics designs and builds constant voltage transformers for many applications as tight as ±3% over wide line and load variations with an input voltage variation as much as ±15%. This means good output regulation with no active circuitry and high reliability as well as excellent primary to secondary isolation.

  • Powergy

    Powergy manufactures industrial & commercial integrated power conditioners and residential power conditioners. Their industrial units operate at 120/240, 208/240, 480, or 600VAC at frequencies of 50-60 Hz, with peak pulse current (A) at 40K. Applications include AC motors and pumps, EDM, press brakes, HVAC, and more.

  • Advance by AEL

    Advance makes the AGT constant voltage transformer power conditioners which feature sinewave output, low installation heat, 50 or 60Hz, 12-600 Vac, standard stabilization of 3% with custom designs able to achieve as low as 0.5%, and three phase models for star loads.