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Voltage relays, ground fault sensors, power relays and current sensors are used for detection in the electrical industry.

Voltage relays, ground fault sensors, power relays and current sensors are used for detection in the electrical industry.

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  • Smith Systems Inc

    Smith Systems features the Digi-Prox standard inductive proximity sensor, developed specifically for turbine flow meter applications where users require a no drag operating characteristic. These units have a wide supply voltage range to 24 VDC, and are also protected against reverse voltage, overvoltage, and supply surges. Three thread size and types are available: 5/8-18 UNF 2A inch, 3/4-16 UNF 2A inch with voltage protection, and 3/4-16 UNF 2A without voltage protection. In addition to these general application sensors, application-specific designs are stocked, including a sealed housing part with a miniature 3-pin connector, 3/8-24 threaded stainless steel housing for sensing a magnetic pole, and another model appropriate for turbine flow meter-related uses.

  • Automation Direct

    Automation Direct carries a wide selection of electrical switches including 22mm metal switches, 22mm plastic switches and foot switches. Among these models are switches with a variety of features and functions including flush and extended pushbuttons, illuminated pushbuttons, emergency stop buttons, selector switches, start/stop combos, joysticks, potentiometers, metallic indicators and pushbutton accessories.

  • 5S Components, Inc.

    5S Components Inc. manufactures NCS industry current sensors, HBO industry current sensors, ES industry current sensors, ESM industry current sensors, MP and EL industry current sensors, NCS traction current sensors, and CS traction current sensors. The NCS industry current sensors have a peak measuring range of 10,000 A, 20,000 A, or 30,000 A. The HBO industry current sensors are available in a single size for ratings from 100 A to 1,000 A. The majority of other current sensors are Hall-effect, closed loop types, with several - ESM, MP, and EL industry current sesnors - used to measure AC, DC or pulsating current with a galvanic insulation between primary and secondary circuits.

  • Bender, Inc.

    Bender manufactures and distributes ground fault sensors for grounded and high-resistance grounded systems, and ungrounded and floating systems. The company's fault sensor types for grounded and high resistance grounded systems include AC only systems, AC/DC systems, multiple systems, and current transformers. The multiple system type sensors can monitor up to 12 separate circuits from one unit. The fault sensor types for ungrounded and floating systems include low voltage, main systems, location systems, and portable location. The low voltage types are for AC/DC systems less than 300V. The company also manufactures ground fault circuit interrupters.  

  • Crestron

    Crestron offers an array of occupancy sensor options with various mounting choices and square footage ranges. Dual technology ceiling mount models include the GLS-ODT-C, designed for 500, 1,000, and 2,000 square foot rooms. With both ultrasonic and passive infrared technologies, as well as self-adaptive adjustment, they can be used to intelligently regulate lighting, climate, and other devices. A wall mount model is also available for 1,200 square foot spaces. Furthermore, the company manufactures passive infrared ceiling or wall mount occupancy sensors; the ceiling units cover 450 and 1,500 square feet, while the wall unit senses up to 2,500 square feet.  In addition to adjustable sensitivity, these products are immune to false triggering from air currents, inanimate objects, or movement in adjacent corridors.

  • Watt Stopper

    WattStopper manufactures commercial lighting products including passive infrared wall switch sensors and passive infrared outdoor sensors. The company's passive infrared wall switch sensor types include: low voltage, multi-way with nightlight, dual relay, nightlight, multi-way dual relay, and dimmable. The outdoor sensors use passive infrared technology to detect the difference between infrared energy in motion and the background space. The line voltage-type outdoor sensors are for areas where damp condition or line voltage requirements exist, while the low voltage outdoor sensors are used in situations where the load is too large for a single-line voltage sensor. 

  • Bender, Inc.

    Bender distributes a wide selection of ground fault relays, including voltage, current, and continuity relays. For AC/DC systems, the VME420 is an appropriate voltage relay that provides monitoring from 0 to 300 V; it also features operation LEDs for power and alarm and an LCD screen for easy operation. For three-phase AC systems, the company offers the VMD420, which monitors from 0 to 500 V. In total, there are 15 voltage relay models, each with a unique set of characteristics and applications. Next, the company sells seven types of current relays, including the CME420 Series for undercurrent and overcurrent in AC systems (up to 16 A), and the CSE141, which detects overcurrent in AC systems and offers programmable response values, response delays, and hysteresis using its potentiometers. Meanwhile, the GM Series is the company's line for continuity relays, meant for AC and offline systems. The sole model currently in this series is the GM420, which monitors the PE conductor in AC systems and displays on its LCD screen the resistance of the loop as well as the extraneous voltage. In addition to the products already mentioned, Bender produces SAD Series asymmetry relays, SED Series phase relays, and SFE Series frequency relays.

  • Magnecraft (Schneider Electric)

    Schneider Electric manufactures six series of Magnecraft-brand power relays including powerhouse open relay type that features 50 amp capability. Other power relays feature high dielectric strength, ratings up to 3HP and the ability to handle demands of high current applications. Depending on type the various power relays are available in a variety of configurations and coil voltages. One of the company's power relays is capable of up 30 amps switching, with another featuring 2mm contact gaps and 8mm creepage. Two of the company's power relays feaure Class F instulation for a max coil temperature of 155C.

  • R-K Electronics, Inc.

    R-K Electronics is a manufacturer of various electrical components including a variety of single phase, three phase and AC current voltage relays for a wide range of applications. R-K Electronics' single phase voltage relays are used in applications where the equipment or controls being operated could operate incorrectly or be damaged by low voltage. These applications usually involve combinations of electro mechanical and solid state controls. As the control voltage drops, some of the solid state equipment may not continue to work correctly, but a contactor or solenoid valve may continue to stay energized.

  • Schneider Electric

    Schneider Electric offers both inductive and capacitative proximity sensors. The former are available in auto-adaptable, dedicated flush, and non-flush versions, with styles that include 6.5 to 30 mm tubular mounting barrel sensors, flat profile sensors, limit-switch style sensors (with 5-position turret head), and cubic-style. These are meant to detect ferrous and non-ferrous objects. Capacitatiive sensors, by contrast, are able to detect insulating materials, non-metal objects, fluid levels, and granular material levels. Two styles are available, from AC or DC powered barrel sensors in 12, 18, 30 mm sizes, to Block Type C sensors that are cubic in shape and capable of working in difficult or aggressive environments (e.g., dropping, corrosive fluids, submersion, etc.).

  • ElecDirect LLC

    ElecDirect manufactures toggle switches and wall switches for electrical applications. ElecDirect also carries marine switches, toggle boots and accessories for switch replacement applications.

  • Enercorp Instruments Ltd

    Enercorp Instruments Ltd. is a manufacturer of split core current sensors and solid core current sensors. The company's split core current sensors are for AC and DC circuits and feature clamp on design, top mounted terminals, and a single range of 1.5 to 150 amp sensing without jumpers switches. The company's solid core current sensors switch AC and DC loads with no range jumper. The eight solid core current sensor models can be set to trip from 1 amp to 150 amps.

  • Connex Electronics

    Connex Electronics distributes ground fault sensors manufactured by NK Technologies. The fault sensors can monitor all current-carrying conductors in grounded single- and three-phase delta or wye systems. Used for personnel protection, equipment protection, and regulatory compliance, the ground fault sensors are available as solid-state output models or mechanical output models. The solid-state model feature an output rating of AC switch 1A @ 240VAC and DC switch 0.15A @ 30VAC. Both the mechanical and solid-state output models feature loading of 2VA max.

  • Douglas Lighting Controls

    Douglas Lighting Controls offers a variety of occupancy sensors. The WRM-5104 is a passive infrared radiation (PIR), ceiling-mount detector with an adjustable sensor lens, designed for ceilings from 8' to 16' high. The CM-PDT Series ceiling mount sensors are dual-technology, including both PIR and sound detection. They are suited for mounting on very high ceilings (up to 45' for the infrared-only model), large rooms and spaces, or hallways. Finally, the WV-PDT Series sensors are wide-view and dual technology, and can sense occupany through obstructions across a 120-degree arc, while the wall-mounted, dual technology WSD Series can sense occupancy through obstructions across a 180-degree arc.

  • Veris Industries

    Veris Industries is a manufacturer of motion-sensitive lighting control sensors for various commercial buildings. These passive infrared technology sensors are available with two mounting styles: ceiling mount or wall switch. The passive infrared ceiling mount sensors feature 1,000 square foot coverage, adjustable time delay and a 360-degree field of view. The sensors detect occupancy and automatically switch room lighting. The passive infrared wall switch sensors feature 180-degree motion detection, adjustable time delay and a PIR motion detector circuits. Sensor applications include lighting control for LEED programs and reducing energy usage in 1,000 to 2,000 square foot rooms.

  • Omron

    For protection in low-voltage circuits, Omron Industrial Automation offers its K6EL DIN 48 x 48 mm ground fault relay. This product continuously monitors and detects ground faults due to deterioration of insulation in electrical devices. It supports currents from 50 A to 600 A, depending on the zero-phase current transformer (ZCT) being used, with a sensed current and non-operating current from 50% to 100% and 0% to 50%, respectively, of the rated sensed current (i.e., 50-600 A). Furthermore, in addition to remote monitoring capability (see automatic-reset models), the ground fault relays are fully compatible with through-type ZCTs, allowing for easy operation testing.

  • Struthers-Dunn

    Struthers-Dunn manufactures screw terminal power relays, mercury displacement power relays, miniature open-style power relays, metal enclosed power relays, and several series of open-style power relays. The company's screw terminal power relays are a general purpose-type relay, base mounted with screw terminals, and feature 600 volt spacing. The mercury displacement power relays are available with 1, 2, or 3 poles and rated at 35 amps. The miniature open-style power relays are capable of up to 30 amps at 300VAC or 28VDC. The 425 series open-style power relays can handle up to 30 amp and 1HP loads. The company's metal-enclosed power relays feature rugged shock resistance and can extinguish damaging arcs faster than single point contacts.

  • Bender, Inc.

    Voltage relays from Bender are designed to monitor voltages in single and three phase systems with direct and/or alternating voltages. Bender offers a full selection of single and three phase voltage and frequency relays for AC/DC systems, including digital handheld models, undervoltage relays, wall mount voltage relays and more.

  • Pass & Seymour/Legrand

    Pass & Seymour manufacturers several types of industrial, toggle, single pole, combination and light switches. Offerings include canopy, heavy duty spec grade, grounding combination, illuminated decorator, pilot lighted decorator, spec grade decorator combination, TradeMaster decorator, and the 911 locator switch.

  • Magnecraft (Schneider Electric)

    Magnecraft manufactures 841 relay-type current sensors that feature a rated current load of 15 A, and various input voltage ranges from 24 VAC to 240 VAC. The current sensors detect current from 0.1 A to 8 A, and feature contact configuration SPDT and timing range of 0.1 seconds to 10 seconds.