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  • 5S Components, Inc.

    5S Components Inc. manufactures NCS industry current sensors, HBO industry current sensors, ES industry current sensors, ESM industry current sensors, MP and EL industry current sensors, NCS traction current sensors, and CS traction current sensors. The NCS industry current sensors have a peak measuring range of 10,000 A, 20,000 A, or 30,000 A. The HBO industry current sensors are available in a single size for ratings from 100 A to 1,000 A. The majority of other current sensors are Hall-effect, closed loop types, with several - ESM, MP, and EL industry current sesnors - used to measure AC, DC or pulsating current with a galvanic insulation between primary and secondary circuits.

  • Enercorp Instruments Ltd

    Enercorp Instruments Ltd. is a manufacturer of split core current sensors and solid core current sensors. The company's split core current sensors are for AC and DC circuits and feature clamp on design, top mounted terminals, and a single range of 1.5 to 150 amp sensing without jumpers switches. The company's solid core current sensors switch AC and DC loads with no range jumper. The eight solid core current sensor models can be set to trip from 1 amp to 150 amps.

  • Magnecraft (Schneider Electric)

    Magnecraft manufactures 841 relay-type current sensors that feature a rated current load of 15 A, and various input voltage ranges from 24 VAC to 240 VAC. The current sensors detect current from 0.1 A to 8 A, and feature contact configuration SPDT and timing range of 0.1 seconds to 10 seconds.


  • ABB

    ABB designs and manufactures Hall-effect current sensors that measure currents from 100 A to 40,000 A, and are used in the railway and industry sectors. Features of the current sensors include: isolated current measurement; instantaneous current or voltage output; and noncontact with integrated conductor or clip-on current measurement.

  • Allegro Microsystems, Inc.

    Allegro MicroSystems Inc. manufactures current sensor ICs that are directional or unidirectional and able to monitor AC and DC currents. Featuring low insertion loss, isolation voltages of 2100 Vrms or 3000 Vrms, and bandwidths of 50, 80 or 120 kHz; the current sensors are used for appliance, automotive, LED lighting and display, office automation, and portable applications. Several of the current sensors monitor currents from 50 to 100 A, while other current sensors feature low noise coupled with high bandwidth.

  • Automation Direct

    Automation Direct produces current sensors including current sensing transducers and current switch models. The company's fixed core and split core current sensors feature input ranges from 2A to 2,000A, and current transducer output choices of 4 to 20 mA and 0-10 colt analog outputs. One of the AC current sensing transducers is designed for application on linear or sinusoidal AC loads.

  • CR Magnetics

    CR Magnetics manufactures current sensing relays, DC current sensing relays, and three models of current sensors. The company's line of current sensors generate a 0-5 VDC signal proportional to the input AC current, and feature AC current range of 10, 20 and 50.  The current sensors are used with process control and industrial instrumentation equipment.

  • Eaton Corp.

    Eaton manufactures a line of current sensors including true RMS AC current sensors, AC current sensors with up to 400A input range and analog outputs, and a current sensors for DC loads up to 300A with analog outputs. The various current sensors are available in split-core or solid-core housings. The company's EPRM series of AC current sensors allow for DIN rail mounting without the need for an adaptor.

  • Honeywell Sensing and Control

    Honeywell Sensing & Control designs and manufactures AC and DC-monitoring current sensors including digital/inductive current sensors, closed loop current sensors, and open loop current sensors. The digital inductive current sensors use feedback control and provide output proportional to the measure current. The open loop current sensors provide output proportional to the measured current without using feedback control. The closed loop current sensors provide digital output from Vcc to 0.4 V when sensed current.

  • Katy Instruments Sales

    Katy Instrument Sales manufactures and distributes precision AC current sensors that feature loop-powered, two-wire transmitters and voltage rating of 5,000 volts. The company claims the current sensors never require calibration and have an extended temperature range from -25C to 85C.

  • Magnelab Inc

    Magnelab designs and manufactures split core AC current sensor that measure from 1 amp to 200 amps, 50 amps to 600 amps, 100 amps to 1500 amps, 400 amps to 3000 amps, and 1 amp to 75 amps. The RopeCT AC current sensors measure AC from 250 amps to 10,000 amps; while the company's solid core AC current sensors measure AC from 30 amps to 100 amps, 70 amps to 400 amps, 5 amps to 30 amps, and 15 amps to 60 amps.


  • Onset Computer Corporation

    Onset Computer Corporation produces 0 to 20 amp, 0 to 100 amp, 0 to 200 amp, and 0 to 600 amp split-core AC current sensors for use with U12 data loggers that feature external input channels. Each AC current sensor features an input current of AC current, sine wave, single phase 50 Hz or 60 Hz.

  • Silicon Laboratories Inc.

    Silicon Laboratories Inc.produces unidirectional isolated AC current sensors and unidirectional, high-side DC current sensors. The AC current sensors are available in 10 A and 20 A versions, and can provide an output signal level of 2 V at full scale. The sensors are used in a number of applications include AC-DC switching power supplies, isolated DC-DC supplies, UPS systems, industrial equipment, motor control and electronic lighting ballast. The DC current sensors operates with common mode voltages from 5 to 36 V, and can measure full scale currents from 100 mA to 10 A.



  • Veris Industries

    Veris Industries designs and produces current sensor products including current switches, current switches with relay, current transducer, and current transducers with relay. The current switch types include fixed trip, adjustable trip, adjustable trip N.C. output, and auto calibration LV output. The current transducers feature 4-20mA, 0-5VDC, and 0-10VDC outputs.

  • Absolute Process Instruments Inc

    Absolute Process Instruments Inc. manufactures and supplies AC and DC sensors products including current transmitters, current switches, and current transformers. The various current sensor products are used in a number of applications including: motor and pump loads; generator output; SCR controlled loads; electric heating elements; input to instrument, PLCS, or data loggers; battery load or charging current; energy management systems; remote indication of electrical loads; motor, heater, lighting on/off status; conveyor jams and equipment failures. The company's current transmitters feature outputs of 4-20mA and are loop-powered.

  • American Aerospace Controls, Inc. (AAC)

    American Aerospace Controls Inc. designs and manufactures of AC and DC current sensors for high reliability defense, aerospace and space flight applications. The company's line of current sensors products includes low current, mid current, and high current directional current transducers, DC current transducers, DC current detectors, AC current transducers, AC voltage transducers, DC voltage and current detectors, and AC power transducers.


  • AYA Instruments

    AYA Instruments manufactures clamp-on current sensors for use with portable power analyzers and monitors. The current sensors can measure AC currents up to 30 amps and Dc currents up to 15,000 amps. The company's flexible current probes are single or three-phase, and feature sensing loops of 18," 24", 30", 36", and 48". The company also produces AC microclamps, mid-size AC current clamps, large Ac current clamps, AC/DC microclamps, mid-size AC/DC current clamps, and large AC/DC current clamps.

  • Flex-Core

    Flex-Core manufactures current sensors products including solid core current transformers, metering class current transformers, relay and metering class curent transformers, AC current probes, AC clamp-on current microclap, AC clamp-on current transformers,  flexible split-core current transformers, and removable leg current transformer.

  • Functional Devices, Inc.

    Functional Devices Inc. designs and manufactures current sensors with or without a 10 amp or 20 amp relay. Current sensor types include enclosed solid core, enclosed split core, T-style current sensors, track mount current sensors, enclosed with relays, and track mount with relays. Current sensor models are available with fixed or adjustable current sensing trigger points, or with voltage out.

  • LEM USA Inc

    LEM USA Inc.'s core products include current transducers that are used within general industry, energy and automation, traction and trackside, automotive, battery monitoring, energy measurement relating to railway on-board applications. The general industry current sensors, and railway and trackside sensors provide current measurement from 0.1 A to 20,000 A, and high voltage measurement from 10 V to 6,400 V.The company specializes in manufacturing current transducers for battery management and motor drive applications in cars, buses and trucks.