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  • Bender, Inc.

    Bender manufactures and distributes ground fault sensors for grounded and high-resistance grounded systems, and ungrounded and floating systems. The company's fault sensor types for grounded and high resistance grounded systems include AC only systems, AC/DC systems, multiple systems, and current transformers. The multiple system type sensors can monitor up to 12 separate circuits from one unit. The fault sensor types for ungrounded and floating systems include low voltage, main systems, location systems, and portable location. The low voltage types are for AC/DC systems less than 300V. The company also manufactures ground fault circuit interrupters.  

  • Connex Electronics

    Connex Electronics distributes ground fault sensors manufactured by NK Technologies. The fault sensors can monitor all current-carrying conductors in grounded single- and three-phase delta or wye systems. Used for personnel protection, equipment protection, and regulatory compliance, the ground fault sensors are available as solid-state output models or mechanical output models. The solid-state model feature an output rating of AC switch 1A @ 240VAC and DC switch 0.15A @ 30VAC. Both the mechanical and solid-state output models feature loading of 2VA max.

  • Eaton Corp.

    Eaton Corp. designs and manufactures ground fault sensors and large aperture ground fault (earth leakage) sensors. The ground fault sensors are with solid state or mechanical relay outputs, and with fixed or adjustable setpoints of 5, 10 or 30 mA. The large aperture ground fault sensors are available in N.O. or N.C. SPST latching relays, or SPDT Form C relay with auto-reset. These sensors are compatible on single- and three-phase systems and ideal for use with shunt trip breakers. They also feature setpoint of 5, 10 or 30 mA.

  • Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

    Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories designs and manufactures fault sensors including overhead fault indicators and underground fault indicators. The company's overhead fault sensors are for use on unfused taps, long feeders with midline reclosers or sectionalizers, overhead to underground transitions, and feeders that experience reoccurring faults. The overhead indicators are available as manual, timed or automatic reset models. The underground fault indicators are single-phased or three-phased; and used on subsurface or pad-mounted transformers, switchgear, sectionalizing cabinets, junction boxes, and splices.

  • Skymatic Controls

    Skymatic Controls manufactures two types of ground fault protection sensor systems with relays. One of the company's ground fault system protects industrial electrical equipment - including motors, transformers and feeders - against damage caused by low magnitude ground currents. The other ground fault system protects electrical distribution equipment. Both ground fault sensor systems operate on high or low-resistance, grounded distribution systems.

  • ABB

    ABB manufactures type GRM and type GSM ground fault sensors that can be used to protect single-phase and three-phase heater and lighting loads against ground faults. The company's ground fault relay systems are used primarily for protecting three-phase motors approximately 50 HP and less in size. 

  • Cincinnati Babbitt, Inc.

    Allen Bradley develops ground fault detection sensor systems including arcing ground fault sensors. The company's ground fault sensors and relays feature a response time of 50 ms nominal plus the controller drop-out time. They also feature a supply voltage of 120V AC, 60Hz; and power input of 3 VA. The operating ambient temperature range for the sensor is -40 to 85 C and 0 to 65 C for the relays.

  • CR Magnetics

    CR Magnetics manufactures ground fault sensors that feature frequencies of 50 Hz to 400 Hz and an insulation level of 600 Vac. The sensors' relay rates are at 20 amps, with each sensor rated as a Class 1 device. The ground fault sensors are used for sense heater element failure and monitor motor fault applications. 

  • GE Digital Energy

    GE Digital Energy designs and builds ground fault sensor systems, and complete relay and sensor packages. The company's ground fault sensors are used for equipment protection, service entrance applications, and motor protection. 

  • Heaters, Controls & Sensors Ltd (HCS)

    Heaters, Controls and Sensors Ltd. manufactures a series of ground fault sensors that monitors 10ma to 100 amp and features variable trip points. The fault sensors have frequencies of 50 to 400 Hz, an insulation level of 600 Vac, and their relay is rated at 20 amps. The company's ground fault sensors are used for sense heater element failure and monitor motor faults applications.

  • NK Technologies

    NK Technologies manufactures ground fault sensors that feature a compact design that eliminates two-piece sensor solutions. The company fault sensors are available with factory-set or field adjustable trip point options; N.O. or N.C. latching or auto reset relays; 24, 120, and 240V power supply and noise immunity. The fault sensors - used to protect sensitive equipment or personnel - also feature 5, 10, or 30 mA setpoints.

  • Schneider Electric

    Square D by Schneider Electric manufactures ground fault sensor relay systems that feature fault protection or monitoring only capabilities from 30mA to 30A. The ground fault relays are used to protect power distribution, industrial control, final distribution, and OEM equipment within the automotive, healthcare facility, industrial, and semiconductor applications. Key features of the ground fault sensors include power supply voltages up to 600 Vac, and amps from 65 to 3200A.