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  • Crestron

    Crestron offers an array of occupancy sensor options with various mounting choices and square footage ranges. Dual technology ceiling mount models include the GLS-ODT-C, designed for 500, 1,000, and 2,000 square foot rooms. With both ultrasonic and passive infrared technologies, as well as self-adaptive adjustment, they can be used to intelligently regulate lighting, climate, and other devices. A wall mount model is also available for 1,200 square foot spaces. Furthermore, the company manufactures passive infrared ceiling or wall mount occupancy sensors; the ceiling units cover 450 and 1,500 square feet, while the wall unit senses up to 2,500 square feet.  In addition to adjustable sensitivity, these products are immune to false triggering from air currents, inanimate objects, or movement in adjacent corridors.

  • Douglas Lighting Controls

    Douglas Lighting Controls offers a variety of occupancy sensors. The WRM-5104 is a passive infrared radiation (PIR), ceiling-mount detector with an adjustable sensor lens, designed for ceilings from 8' to 16' high. The CM-PDT Series ceiling mount sensors are dual-technology, including both PIR and sound detection. They are suited for mounting on very high ceilings (up to 45' for the infrared-only model), large rooms and spaces, or hallways. Finally, the WV-PDT Series sensors are wide-view and dual technology, and can sense occupany through obstructions across a 120-degree arc, while the wall-mounted, dual technology WSD Series can sense occupancy through obstructions across a 180-degree arc.

  • Enerlites Inc

    Enerlites provides occupancy and vacancy sensors for nearly any type of space, all of which are designed to be mounted in a standard single gang switch box, fit into a decorator style wall plate, and be used in residential or commercial applications. For example, they sell passive and decorator infrared sensors that use a unique Fresnel lenses that divide coverage into zones in order to enhance movement detection. When movement disrupts the infrared background, the sensor turns on the light. In addition, they offer decorator passive infrared wall switch vacancy sensors to detect when a space becomes unoccupied, and turn off lights in response. These products come with options like single- or dual-relay, and ultrasonic or dual-technology.

  • Greengate by Cooper Controls

    Greengate carries the MicroSet dual technology ceiling sensor, which combines ultrasonic and passive infrared technologies to eliminate false activations and deactivations for energy savings and optimal performance. The company also provides passive infrared ceiling sensors that can be integrated with lighting control and HVAC. These sensors, which come in flush or surface-mounted low-voltage models, continually self-adjust their sensitivities and do not need to be manually adjusted or calibrated. For larger spaces, Greengate offers ultrasonic occupancy sensors that can detect minor motions (e.g., waving hand) even in spaces larger than 500 square feet. And lastly, they carry dual technology and passive infrared line voltage ceiling sensors that have variable performance goals, from the DT2000 that is extremely sensitive, to the PIR1500 which is designed for long-range major-motion activity.

  • Hubbell Building Automation Inc

    Hubbel Building Automation produces occupancy sensors in both ceiling and wall-mounted styles. Among the wide selection of features are multi-segment Fresnel lenses, IntellADAPT continuous self-adaptation technology, RhinoTuff impact-resistant lenses, and built-in photocells with optional SuperSaver mode. The three principle product lines are the LightHAWK wall-switch sensors, with 400 or 1,000 square feet and 180-degrees of coverage; OMNI ceiling mount sensors, with ranges up to 450, 1,500, and 2,000 square feet; and LightOWL wall mount sensors, with 1,600 square feet of coverage.

  • Johnson Controls, Inc.

    Johnson Controls occupancy sensors use passive infrared technology to turn lights on upon detection of human movement. They come with three adjustments that can be tailored to suit an occupants needs: light level, time delay, and sensitivity level. Two models are available to ensure compatibility with available supply voltages (120/277 or 347 VAC), and both provide a 180-degree fields of view and coverage to 900 square feet. Furthermore, because of a standard, single-toggle switch size, replacement of existing wall switches is both simple and fast.


    Leviton manufactures a large collection of wall- and ceiling-mounted occupancy sensors for cost-effective lighting control. Ceiling mount units can be either ultrasonic or infrared, and manual or self-adjusting, with coverage ranges from 450 to 2,000 square feet. Fixture mount sensors are infrared, support 20-40 ft. mounting heights, and offer an interchangeable lens for 360-degree space and aisle way patterns. Another choice from Leviton are outdoor-type occupancy sensors. These units are made in two models: 2,500 square foot/110-degree coverage or 4,000 square foot/200-degree coverage. Finally, wall mount occupancy sensors are available in ultrasonic or infrared, with up to 2,500 square feet of coverage.

  • Lightolier Controls

    Lightolier Controls features energy-saving dimming and non-dimming occuancy sensor products that control small or large loads. One product is the IntelliSight ceiling occupancy sensor, which is a low-voltage, multi-technology detection system that comes standard with automatic "on/off" operation, or manual "on" operation. It is specifically designed for high-bay and high-ceiling jobs, such as warehouses, gymnasiums, atriums, retail spaces, and parking garages. Furthermore, the ceiling sensor can be programmed from the ground via infrared hand-held remote, with sensitivity options and time-out choices from 1 to 30 minutes. Finally, for fan control, Lightolier offers the InSight System, which detects movement from ceiling-mounted, passive, infrared units.

  • Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

    Occupancy and vacancy sensors from Lutron include wireless, wallbox, wall mount, and ceiling mount choices. With a 4" diameter and 1.3" profile, the ceiling-mounted wireless Radio Powr Savr model combines compact design with both flexibility and performance; it has three on/off settings, three time out options, and 360-degree coverage ranges from 324 to 676 square feet. Wallbox models include the LOS S Series for passive infrared sensing (PIR) of major motion up to 1,000 square feet, to the Maestro occupancy sensor, available as either a dimmer or switch, with auto-on and auto-off options. Next, the LOS W Series is meant to be wall mounted in spaces with pendant fixtures, ceiling fans, or high ceilings. Moreover, it can detect either major or minor motions, depending on whether the PIR or dual-technology version is selected. Finally, the LOS C Series is the ceiling mount model. With self-adaptive technology, it provides convenience and accuracy; it can also control HVAC and security systems, rather than lighting alone.

  • Pass & Seymour/Legrand

    Legrand offers a selection of greater than 30 models of commercial and residential occupancy sensors. Commercial types include the WSP200W, which is a white, wall mount sensor that works from 10 to 150 footcandles, with built-in detection signature analysis for high immunity to RFI and EMI, and 180 degree coverage up to 900 square feet. Another choices is the CSD1000, which is a dual technology ceiling sensor with 1,000 square foot range, multi-level 360-degree Fresnel lens, and eight time delay modes. Residential occupancy sensors include the RWU600UBKCC4, which is a single-pole, 3-wire, 600 W product with 180 degrees of coverage up 600 square feet, and a fixed five-minute time delay. A more programmable model is the RW3U600W, which has the same coverage as the previous model, but also adjustable time delays from 15 seconds to 30 minutes, and adjustable lighting level settings from 10 to 150 fc.

  • Pro Lighting

    Numerous brands of wall mount, ceiling mount, and fixture mount occupancy sensors are available through Pro Lighting. Wall mounts come in 11 styles, including Lutron's passive infrared, heavy duty dual circuit sensor with 1,000 square feet of coverage and 180-degree field of view. Another is the RAB LVS800 vacancy sensor that also has 1,000 square feet and 180-degrees of detection, while being housed in a small unit that protrudes 0.5" from the wall. Pro Lighting also carries many ceiling sensors, including an extended range product that views a 28' circular pattern when mounted at 9', and a self-adaptive unit with 2,000 square foot range and self-adaptive sensitivity and timing. One fixture mount sensor by Leviton is also carried; this occupancy sensor has interchangeable lenses for 360-degree high- or low-bay, as well as aisle way patterns, and supports mounting heights from 8' to 40'.

  • Square D

    Schneider Electric provides four types of ceiling-mounted occupancy sensors. For business and office settings, they sell a 180-degree sensor available in either ultrasonic or dual technology models, with an adjustable sensitivity from 600 to 1,000 square feet and time delay from 15 seconds to 30 minutes. The ceiling-mounted dual technology occupancy sensor uses both passive infrared (PIR) and ultrasonic technology for sensing up to 2,000 square feet in a 360-degree field of view. Next, the ceiling mounted ultrasonic sensor is designed for sensing over partitions and other obstructions; it also incorporates an integral photo sensor to prevent lighting from switching on when ambient light is present. The last available ceiling mount is a PIR sensor, which has 1,000 square foot coverage area and 360 degree field of view. Other options from Schneider Electric are high bay occupancy sensors, wall-mounted occupancy sensors, and wall switch occupancy sensors.

  • Sensor Switch

    Sensor Switch manufactures and sells a comprehensive line of sensors for myriad settings. Wall switch sensors come in either passive infrared (PIR) or dual technology (PDT) models, for both large areas and interior decorating. Another option are 360-degree sensors, which come in ceiling mount, recessed mount, and fixture mount styles with either standard or extended range, for low voltage or line voltage settings. Wide view, hallway, and high bay sensors are other choices from Sensor Switch. Each style is available in several models; the high bay sensors are especially flexible, offered in 360-degree view, aisleway view, or end-of-aisle view, as well as ceiling, surface, recessed, or fixture mounts.

  • SmartLabs Inc

    SmartLabs INSTEON carries wireless, Skylink-brand motion and occupancy sensors for automated control of lighting or appliances. Among the many features are a 150' range from the nearest access point or dual-band product, 40' field of vision, 110-degree arc detection range, and an optional night-only mode that keeps lights from turning on during the day. The sensor also has a broad operating range, tolerating indoor or outdoor conditions from 0 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, and a humidity from 10% to 90%.

  • NSi Industries

    NSi offers a variety of Tork occupancy sensors to meet a range of customer needs. Among the available products are the ELS-1, an electronic sensor for indoor lighting control, with an adjustable timer for delayed turn-off between 3 and 15 minutes, and a footcandle setting that automatically turns lights on when ambient daylight falls below the programmed setting. The company's dual technology OSC20UP sensor is ceiling-mounted and offers 2,000 square feet of detection coverage, and due to its IntellADAPT self-adjusting technology, manual sensitivity and timer adjustments are eliminated. For in-line wall switching, NSi provides the OSWS Series; these products automatically control fluorescent or incandescent lighting, as well as ventilating and exhaust fans, self-contained air conditioning units, and motor loads.

  • Veris Industries

    Veris Industries provides a selection of motion-sensitive lighting controls for commercial building applications. These low-profile sensors come in both ceiling and wall mounts, and provide sensitivity up to 1,000 or 2,000 square feet. The three ceiling mounts are the MSCP1000, a passive infrared sensor (PIR) with 1,000 square feet of coverage for rooms, classrooms, and general applications; the MSCU2000, an ultrasonic sensor with 2,000 square feet of coverage for lobbies, aisles, and multi-stall bathrooms; and the MSCD2000, a dual-technology sensor with 2,000 square feet of coverage for bathrooms, large conference rooms, and warehouses. The four wall switches, meanwhile, come in either automatic on/off or manual on/automatic off configurations, with either a white or an ivory decora faceplate.

  • Watt Stopper

    WattStopper manufactures a comprehensive product line of commercial occupancy sensors that use passive infrared (PIR), ultraonsic, or dual technology. Wall switch sensors come in a a choice of white, light almond, ivory, grey, and black colors, and work best in smaller rooms where lines of sight are clear. In addition to turning lights on and off automatically (or manually), certain switches have options like a dimmer (PW-100D) or nightlight (WN-100). The company also sells ceiling and wall mount sensors, as well as two types of outdoor detectors. Line voltage outdoor motion sensors are weatherproof, raintight, and rated for -40 to +130 degrees Fahrenheit; they also come in either 180- or 270-degree fields of view. Low voltage outdoor sensors, which can be used to replace or supplement a line voltage sensor, offer the same characteristics.

  • Edgemont Precision Rebuilders

    Edgemont Precision Rebuilders offers several types of occupancy sensors. The SQD-SLSCDS2000 is a ceiling-mounted dual technology occupancy sensor that features 360 degrees and 2,000 square feet of coverage, and a light level sensor that prevents lighting from switching on when ambient light is sufficient. The SQD-SLSSCPS1000 is another ceiling mounted option; using passive infrared technology, it has a 360-degree field of view and 1,000 square foot coverage range, with adjustable sensitivity from 60% to 100%. The company also sells several wall switches in either manual on/automatic off or automatic on/off models, as well as wall-mounted passive infrared, ultrasonic, and dual-technology occupancy sensors.

  • Monterey Lighting Solutions

    Monterey Lighting Solutions distributes occupancy sensors from several leading manufacturers. They carry, for example, 12 models of ceiling-mounted sensors by SensorSwitch, including the low-voltage passive infrared HWR-13-W that has 130 linear feet viewing capability, and the dual-technology, 2-pole CMR-PDT-2P, which offers 360-degrees of 12' radial coverage when mounted on a standard 9' ceiling. Fixture and wall mounts are also available from SensorSwitch. Additionally, Monterey Lighting Solutions carries a full line of WattStopper products, including a high bay sensor for lighting control in warehouses, 15 wall-mounted sensor models, and 17 ceiling-mounted sensor models.

  • Munro Distribution

    Munro Distribution provides a variety of occupancy sensors for almost any mounting condition. Ceiling-mounted sensors are produced by manufacturers such as Leviton, SensorSwitch, and WattStopper, with variable coverage ranges (e.g., 500 or 1,000 square feet). Eight models of fixture mount sensors are available, as well, for both low and high bays, with optional extended range. Lastly, there are over 30 wall mount models in a variety of colors and operating technologies, for different applications (e.g., hallways, rooms, etc.).