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  • Watt Stopper

    WattStopper manufactures commercial lighting products including passive infrared wall switch sensors and passive infrared outdoor sensors. The company's passive infrared wall switch sensor types include: low voltage, multi-way with nightlight, dual relay, nightlight, multi-way dual relay, and dimmable. The outdoor sensors use passive infrared technology to detect the difference between infrared energy in motion and the background space. The line voltage-type outdoor sensors are for areas where damp condition or line voltage requirements exist, while the low voltage outdoor sensors are used in situations where the load is too large for a single-line voltage sensor. 

  • Veris Industries

    Veris Industries is a manufacturer of motion-sensitive lighting control sensors for various commercial buildings. These passive infrared technology sensors are available with two mounting styles: ceiling mount or wall switch. The passive infrared ceiling mount sensors feature 1,000 square foot coverage, adjustable time delay and a 360-degree field of view. The sensors detect occupancy and automatically switch room lighting. The passive infrared wall switch sensors feature 180-degree motion detection, adjustable time delay and a PIR motion detector circuits. Sensor applications include lighting control for LEED programs and reducing energy usage in 1,000 to 2,000 square foot rooms.

  • NSi Industries

    TORK by NSI Industries manufactures passive infrared sensors with ambient light override, passive infrared occupancy sensors, and passive infrared in-line wall switches. The PIR sensors with ambient light override are ceiling-mounted and feature a coverage of 1,500 square feet. The PIR occupancy sensors can be ceiling or wall-mounted. The PIR in-line wall switches have a coverage of 900 square feet.

  • Sensor Switch

    Sensor Switch Inc. engineers and develops various sensors that use a passive infrared dual element detector behind a multi-segmented Fresnel lens. Passive infrared sensor types include: wall switch sensors, standard range 360-degree sensors, extended range 360-degree sensors, wide view and hallway sensors, and high bay sensors. Both 360-degree sensors can be ceiling, recessed or fixture-mounted. The high bay sensors can have a 360-degree view, aisleway view, or end-of-aisle view.

  • Square D

    Schneider Electric manufactures a number of occupancy sensors that employ passive infrared technology including: ceiling mounted, dual technology occupancy sensors; ceiling mounted PIR occupancy sensors; wall mounted PIR occupancy sensors; wall mounted, dual technology occupancy sensor; wall switch occupancy sensors; PIR wall switch occupancy sensors (commercial grade); and dual technology, wall switch occupancy sensors (commercial grade).

  • Pass & Seymour/Legrand

    Legrand produces passive infrared, wall box occupancy sensors; passive infrared, wall box occupancy/vacancy sensors; passive infrared wall box bi-level occupancy/vacancy sensors; passive infrared ceiling mount occupancy sensors; and passive infrared, surface mount occupancy sensors.

  • Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

    Lutron manufactures wallbox, wall mount and ceiling mount type occupancy/vacancy sensors that feature passive infrared technology. The two types of passive infrared wallbox sensors feature a range of 900-1,000 feet and are design for dual-level lighting applications. They also allow for 2 primary input circuits. The ceiling mount occupancy sensors feature a range of 450 to 2,000 feet and can control various building systems including HVAC and security systems. The wall mount occupancy sensors are used in spaces with pendant fixtures, ceiling fans, or high ceilings.


    Leviton designs and produces commercial grade, wall and ceiling mount occupancy sensors that feature passive infrared technology. The ceiling mount sensors with PIR technology are self-adjusting, and feature a 360-degree view and coverage of 450 square feet. The wall mount occupancy sensors feature high-bay aisle, long range aisle, or wide view. They also feature coverages of 2500 square feet, 100 feet x 14 feet, or 120 feet x 14 feet. The company also distributes outdoor-type occupancy sensors and fixture mount occupancy sensors.


  • Hubbell Building Automation Inc

    Hubbell Building Automation Inc. designs and manufactures passive infrared occupancy sensors that are either ceiling or wall mounted, and used in a variety of industrial and commercial applications. The company's occupancy sensor types include wall switch sensors, ceiling mount sensors, and wall mount sensors. 

  • Honeywell Security Group

    Honeywell Security Group offers a complete product line of passive infrared ceiling mount sensor types including motion detector, motion sensor, long range, and wide angle. The company also distributes a family of passive infrared motion sensors  and detectors, some of which feature Fresnel lens, Quad AP Fresnel lens, recess mounting, dual element, or mirrors. Some of thePIRs are available with look-down zone or pet immunity.

  • Enerlites Inc

    Enerlites Inc. develops passive infrared wall switch occupancy sensors, and decorator passive infrared wall switch occupancy/vacancy sensors. All the company's sensors are designed to be mounted in a standard single gang switch box, fit into a decorator-style wall plate, and be used in commercial applications. The sensor offerings also consist of basic or dual relay passive infrared units.  

  • Douglas Lighting Controls

    An engineer and manufacturer of lighting control products, Douglas Lighting Controls distributes PIR occupancy sensors, ceiling mount dual technology occupancy sensors, wide view dual technology occupancy sensors, wall mount occupancy sensors. All the company's sensors feature passive infrared technology. Depending on type the products can sense occupancy through obstruction across a 120-degree arc or in all directions. The company also manufactures photo sensors, outdoor temperature sensors, and interfaces for specialty sensors.

  • Digital Security Controls

    Digital Security Controls produces wireless pet-immune passive infrared detectors, addressable passive infrared detectors, addressable pet-immune passive infrared detectors, addressable ceiling-mount passive infrared detectors, PIR motion detectors, and ceiling-mount PIR motion detectors.

  • Crestron

    Creston manufactures passive infrared ceiling mount occupancy sensors, with coverage of 450 square feet or 1500 square feet; and passive infrared wall mount occupancy sensors, with coverage of 2500 square feet. The company produces various lighting control devices for commercial buildings, college campuses, hotels and resorts, and other multi-use facilities.


  • Twacomm distributes Hubbell and Leviton-brand passive infrared occupancy sensor types including: Decora style, ceiling mount, wall mount, and outdoor.

  • Tri-State Electronic Corp

    Tri-State Electronic Corp. is a distributor of Leviton-brand passive infrared wall switch occupancy sensors, and commercial grade, passive infrared occupancy sensors.

  • Pro Lighting

    Pro Lighting distributes ceiling mount occupancy sensors manufactured by Lutron and Sensor Switch; along with wall mount occupancy sensors manufactured by Lutron, Maestro, and RAB. The various sensors are available with passive infrared sensing technology.

  • One Stop Buy is a supplier of passive infrared occupancy sensors manufactured by Leviton. Occupancy sensors types include: wall switch, ceiling mount, wall mount, and fixture mount.

  • Munro Distribution

    Munro Distributing supplies passive infrared occupancy sensors, ceiling motion sensors, and wall motion sensors manufactured by Leviton, Wattstopper, and Sensor Switch.

  • Monterey Lighting Solutions

    Monterey Lighting Solutions supplies passive infrared sensor types including wall mounted, fixture mounted, and ceiling mounted types manufactured by Sensor Switch and WattStopper.