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  • Magnecraft (Schneider Electric)

    Schneider Electric manufactures six series of Magnecraft-brand power relays including powerhouse open relay type that features 50 amp capability. Other power relays feature high dielectric strength, ratings up to 3HP and the ability to handle demands of high current applications. Depending on type the various power relays are available in a variety of configurations and coil voltages. One of the company's power relays is capable of up 30 amps switching, with another featuring 2mm contact gaps and 8mm creepage. Two of the company's power relays feaure Class F instulation for a max coil temperature of 155C.

  • Struthers-Dunn

    Struthers-Dunn manufactures screw terminal power relays, mercury displacement power relays, miniature open-style power relays, metal enclosed power relays, and several series of open-style power relays. The company's screw terminal power relays are a general purpose-type relay, base mounted with screw terminals, and feature 600 volt spacing. The mercury displacement power relays are available with 1, 2, or 3 poles and rated at 35 amps. The miniature open-style power relays are capable of up to 30 amps at 300VAC or 28VDC. The 425 series open-style power relays can handle up to 30 amp and 1HP loads. The company's metal-enclosed power relays feature rugged shock resistance and can extinguish damaging arcs faster than single point contacts.

  • Clare, an IXYS Commpany

    Clare manufactures three types of power solid state relays for motor controls, robotics, medical equipment, railroad/traffic controls, consumer appliances, industrial control, and test and measurement equipment applications. The power relays feature current loads up to 15 Arms or 32 ADC, voltage ratings up to 1000V, low on-resistance, low input control current, and low thermal impedances.

  • Fujistu Components America Inc

    Fujistu Components America Inc. manufactures a number of power relay series that feature 1 pole or 2 poles. The various power relays have a range from 5A (low profile)  to 20A depending on series. Some of the power relays feature high sensitivity, medium load control, cadmium-free contacts, polarized latching, or heavy power control. The relays are used in automotive, communications, education, financial services, government, healthcare, manufacturing and retail applications.

  • GE Digital Energy

    GE Digital Energy manufactures power relays including multi-contact auxiliary relays, multi-contact hand reset auxiliary relays, lockout relays, and voltage relays. The company's relays are applicable where a number of operations need to be performed simultaneously from the operation of a single relay. The voltage relays monitor three phase systems, and can detect loss of phase, phase unbalance, phase sequence, and over and under voltage.

  • IDEC Corp.

    IDEC designs powe relays including force guided relays, general purpose relays, PCB relays, solid state relays, and latching relays that feature correlating sockets, which are Din rail, panel or PCB mounted. The solid state relays feature AC load ratings up to 660V/90A. The force guided relays are for safety circuits and available in 4-pole and 6-pole models.

  • Omron

    Omron Industrial Automation provides general purpose relays including multi-pole power relays for contactor current range. This power relay is capable of carrying and switching 40A at 440 VAC. The company also produces miniature power relays for sequence control and power switching applications.

  • Sanyu Electric Inc

    Sanyu Electric Inc. manufactures reed power relay types including: PCB wet reed, EMF low thermal, high temp operation, surface mount, PCB dry reed, SIP, DIP, high insulation/dry, high insulation/wet, high voltage and high current.

  • AM Products Inc

    AM Products Inc.manufactures 30A, 12 VDC power relays for engineering, process control and automation applications. Specifications of the power relays include: 30 amp, 120/277 VAC, 3HP-277V, and 1.5 HP-120V. The company's power relays can be used with a variety of control applications, lighting and motors.

  • Deltrol Controls

    Deltrol Controls designs and manufactures power relays that feature contact ratings of 15 amp, 20 amp, 30 amp, 35 amp, or 50 amp depending on series. Several of the power relays feature high power switching in a compact size, while other power relays feature 3-pole, high power switching or heavy-duty 1/4" diameter contacts. Typical applications for the various power relays include: motor control, lighting control, surge protection, electric heat, HVAC, laundry equipment, welding equipment, traffic controller equipment, power supplies, control panel switching, and spa controls.

  • Panasonic Electric Works of America

    Panasonic manufactures power relays for home appliances, HVAC, vehicle applications; and also used with light, spa, elevator, and industrial equipment. Power relay types include miniature package, polarized, general purpose, safety, and high capacity. The miniature package types are for space savings with low power consumption, while the polarized latching types feature a high switching capacity and solid vibration resistance.

  • Power I/O

    Power I/O manufactures power solid state relays and hockey puck-style power solid state relays. The power solid state relays generate 0.1 to 3 amp outputs and feature fused outputs and 4000 volt isolation. The hockey puck type relays are for application from 1 to 125 amps, and include a clear safety cover and Maximum Surge Survival technology.

  • Siemens

    Siemens Automation produces power relays/miniature contactors with 4 poles and 4Kw. The power relays are used for swtiching of high loads with long service life, and switching of large making currents.

  • Teledyne

    Teledyne Relays manufactures a family of power solid state relays including: DC solid state relays, single-phase AC output solid state relays, dual output AC solid state relays, three-phase solid state relays, and quad output AC solid state relays. The various power relays feature outputs ranging from 2.5 A to 150A depending on series.

  • NTE Electronics, Inc.

    NTE Electronics supplies six series of power relays that feature an open frame, dust cover, or are epoxy-sealed. Several of the power relays feature 125" or 250" quick connect terminals, or screw terminals. Contact ratings include 10A, 20A, 25A, and 30A.