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  • R-K Electronics, Inc.

    R-K Electronics is a manufacturer of various electrical components including a variety of single phase, three phase and AC current voltage relays for a wide range of applications. R-K Electronics' single phase voltage relays are used in applications where the equipment or controls being operated could operate incorrectly or be damaged by low voltage. These applications usually involve combinations of electro mechanical and solid state controls. As the control voltage drops, some of the solid state equipment may not continue to work correctly, but a contactor or solenoid valve may continue to stay energized.

  • Bender, Inc.

    Voltage relays from Bender are designed to monitor voltages in single and three phase systems with direct and/or alternating voltages. Bender offers a full selection of single and three phase voltage and frequency relays for AC/DC systems, including digital handheld models, undervoltage relays, wall mount voltage relays and more.

  • Cynergy3 Corp

    Cynergy3 Components manufactures a variety of voltage relays including miniature 3 & 5kV 10W relays, 10 & 15kV isolation relays, PCB connection relays, panel mount voltage relays and spade connection voltage relays using high vacuum reed switches with either Rhodium or Tungsten contacts suitable for applications such as cardiac defibrillators, test equipment and high voltage power supplies.

  • GE Digital Energy

    GE's Digital Energy and Power Sensing division manufactures a variety of power control components including a wide array of voltage relays like the HEA multicontact auxiliary relay for applications where it is desired that a number of operations be performed simultaneously from the operation of a single relay. These relays electrically separate outputs and are available in various shaft lengths.

  • Macromatic Industrial Controls, Inc.

    Macromatic manufactures a variety of voltage monitor relays including pug-in models for use with 8 pin octal sockets and 17.5mm Modular models featuring narrow compact designs for saving space in control panels.These products are designed for easy mounting on 35mm DIN track.  All Macromatic 17.5mm modular voltage monitor relays are UL Listed.

  • Ross Engineering Corp.

    Ross Engineering Corp manufactures air insulated voltage relays compliant with OSHA and other safety regulations for  for isolating loads, tap selections, safety discharge & grounding. Voltage regulators from Ross Engineering are available in a variety of models with various voltage ratings.

  • Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

    Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories manufactures current differential and voltage relays used for two- or three-winding power transformers. The SEL-387E provides voltage inputs for power metering, overexcitation protection, and over-/underfrequency load shedding provide versatile solutions for power apparatus protection. Automation features reduce total project construction and operation costs through elimination of traditional external control switches, meters, and indicating lamps.

  • ABB

    ABB's line of voltage protection equipment includes a full range of voltage relays including units with pug-in designs, synchro-check relays for voltage measuring between two power systems, earth fault protection voltage relays, busbar phase-to-phase voltage and residual voltage relays and many more voltage relay products for a broad array of applications.

  • Eaton Corp.

    Eaton manufactures the VR-300 voltage relay for protecting functions including under/over- voltage, loss of phase, under/over- frequency, and sync check.  It has two configurable relays, zero voltage monitoring: dead bus start functionality (close circuit breaker to dead busbar); and is fixed mounted. The VR-300 is UL/cUL listed at 90 to 265 Vac/dc.

  • Gigavac, LLC

    Gigavac manufactures high voltage relays including vacuum relays, gas filled HV relays, sealed DC and AC contractors and custom high voltage relays for specialized applications. Dozens of relays models are available to suit very specific systems.

  • Jennings Technology, Inc.

    Jennings Technology is a designer and manufacturer of vacuum relays designed for long life and high reliability with low contact resistance, high voltage and current carry capabilities, high speed switching and compact design for use in various applications such as vapor deposition, RF broadcast transmitters, satellite communications, medical equipment and aircraft electronics.

  • TE Connectivity

    Kilovac relays from TE Connectivity are built to interrupt DC load in RF devices and feature a lightweight design, low and stable contact resistance, bounceless operation and fast operating times. These relays meet ISO 9001 and milspec ratings and are available in a variety of sizes for use in aerospace, ground power and industrial high performance applications.

  • Phoenix Contact

    Pheonix Contact manufactures current monitoring and voltage relay products including single-phase overcurrent monitoring relay for monitoring 1 to 10A AC/DC, single-phase undercurrent monitoring relay for monitoring 1 to 10A AC/DC, three-phase voltage range monitoring relay for monitoring 280 to 520V AC and three-phase under-voltage, window, phase sequence, and phase failure monitoring relay for a wide array of industrial applications.