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  • Jonas

    Jonas makes electrical calculation software that integrates construction accounting, job costing and service management software solutions for electrical contractors.

  • PlanMajic Corporation

    Plan Magic provides electrical calculation software that provides a contractor business plan template in word processor format, a financial projection application in MS Excel, a presentation template and a comprehensive business plan guide.

  • Dexter+Cheney

    Dexter + Chaney makes electrical calculation software for electrical contractors.  Programs include project management, job cost, service contracts, purchase orders, project setup and work orders.

  • Data Basics

    Data Basics makes electrical contract software tools with integrated financial and accounting software for electrical contractors.

  • Electrical Contractors Office 2009

    Electrical Contractors Office 2009 makes electrical calculation software for industrial, commercial and residential contractors.  Products include health and safety, electrical designs, testing and inspection, estimating, job management spreadsheets and documents.

  • IMS

    IMS has created electrical calculation software including estimating, job control, timesheets, invoicing, purchasing and inventory control.

  • provides electrical contractor business and marketing plan software tools that includes resources, planning, how to's and blogs.