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  • Cert-In Software Systems, Inc.

    The WinTRF Estimating Systems is software designed for electrical and mechanical contractors from around the world. The Estimating System supporta multiple estimators working in the same project at the same time. Key features of this software include stand alone bid summary worth optical graphical grid analysis, scalex rotometer support, digitizer interface support, mouse scaling, line item multiplier, export features for accounting systems and spreadsheets, EPIC compatibility and volume calculator.

  • Jaffe Software Systems

    Jaffe Software Systems makes electrical estimating, billing and material pricing software for small to mid-sized electrical contractors.

  • Vision InfoSoft Corporation

    Vision InfoSoft Corporation makes a variety electrical estimating software, including a bid manager program, billing software and pricing software.

  • Best Estimate Pro

    Best Estimate Pro makes electrical estimating software in three models.  The Basic Edition is the entry level estimating tool for contractors who do not track parts and labor within their estimates.  The Professional Edition is for electrical contractors who want a complete estimating solution.  The Premium Edition is for electrical contractors and estimating services that require customized reports or the ability to estimate for multiple companies.

  • Durand Associates

    Durand Associates makes electrical estimating software that features point and click pricing, 29000 part databases, permit cost worksheets, average labor rage calculations and auto crew size calculations.

  • Electrical Resources

    Electrical Resources makes electrical estimating software, including an entry-level program and a material management program that features a web-based pricing service and also updates most popular estimating programs.

  • Electrimate Electrical Estimating Software

    Electrimate has produced an electrical estimating software spreadsheet program that works with Microsoft Excel 97 or newer spreadsheet programs.

  • Accubid

    Accubid makes electrical estimating solutions for project management, job analysis and scheduling features for small and medium-sized commercial, institutional, industrial and residential projects.

  • Solutions Electrical Software

    Solutions Electrical Software makes electrical estimating software tools for electrical engineers, contractors, consultants, government organizations, aeronautical, marine and automotive, armed forces, power stations, and multi-national companies.

  • McCormick Systems, Inc.

    McCormick makes electrical estimating and project management software for all size electrical contractors.

  • Electrical Estimating Software Inc

    Electrical Estimating Software Inc. creates electrical estimating software designed specifically for the first time estimator or electrician wanting to bid his own work.

  • Trace Software

    Trace Software makes electrical estimating software for electrical and industrial installations.

  • TurboBid Electrical Estimating Software

    Turbo Bid makes electrical estimating software programs that can generate "per plan" or "value engineered" estimates, can show both the original bid and the change order revisions, has a local electrical code section, includes the cost of any future labor rate increases, can store material pricing for up to five vendors, and includes a labor and Burden database.

  • ProEst

    ProEst provides electrical estimating software, including an electrical construction database which contains over 13,000 items and 150 pre-built assemblies. Wiring, cable, lighting, distribution and support divisions are included items.

  • Maxwell Systems

    Maxwell Systems creates construction business management software products designed for electrical contractors.

  • Aces Electrical Estimating Software

    Aces Estimating makes a subscription based electrical estimating software product that includes telephone support, training, pre-built and custom built electrical assemblies, and built-in material pricing update software.

  • Aces Electrical Estimating Software

    ACES Pro Electrical Estimating Software - Subscription BasedACES Pro is a multi-user electrical estimating software sold on a subscription basis. The software features include no large upfront payments, pay for the users you currently need and everything is included. The subscription includes both competitive and change order estimating, all software updates, unlimited support, and unlimited online training webinars. Subscription base billing, along with our free 30 day trial, allows customers to download the software from the website and be estimating a project in about 15 minutes.