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  • Hangzhou Senzhan Co Ltd

    Hangzhou Senzhan Company makes solar powered air conditioner products. Conditioners are available in both split-window (12,000-420,000 BTU) and floor (18,000-420,000 BTU) air conditioning models.

  • makes solar powered air conditioners and conditioning systems used in RV's, cabins, boats and commercial buildings. They also offer air conditioner technology to retrofit existing AC units for use with solar power.

  • Solatron Technologies

    Solatron Technologies offers solar powered air conditioning, as well as air conditioner products to retrofit your current unit with solar power. Their air conditioners are used in residential, commercial, industrial and military applications.

  • ClimateWell

    ClimateWell offers solar powered indoor climate solutions (heating and air conditioning units) that offer up to 85% energy savings and no CO2 emissions. Their air conditioners are used for single family homes, housing projects, commercial buildings and industrial applications.

  • Securus

    Securus makes 48-volt DC solar powered air conditioning units, with average power consumption of 800 watts and a high-SEER brushless DC permanent magnet motor. These air conditioner units offer a highly efficient rotary compressor and can be tied to the grid.

  • Solar Panels Plus

    Solar Panels Plus offers solar air conditioning and heating systems powered by roof-mounted panels. These air conditioner products consume little to no electricity .

  • AC-Sun

    AC-Sun is developing a thermal air conditioning system powered by solar panels to offer decreased CO2 usage. Their air conditioner products offer decreased electricity usage as well.

  • Austin Solar AC

    Austin Solar offers a solar powered air conditioner unit that uses just 1/15th of the electricity of normal freon air conditioners and air conditioning systems.

  • Rotartica

    Rotartica makes solar powered air conditioning units. Air conditioner products include compact LiBr absorption chillers, which do not require cooling towers, with cooling power of 4.5kw, offering rotary absorption technology.

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