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  • Exide Technologies

    Exide carries solar batteries and battery products from manufacturers such as Absolyte, Sonnenschein, Classic and Sunlyte for all of your photovoltaic solar powered applications.

  • Rolls Battery Engineering

    Rolls Battery Engineering makes solar batteries in polypropylene containers in 2-volt (1 cell), 6-volt (3-cell), and 12-volt (6 cell) models, as well as dual container solar battery models available in 2 volt, 4 volt, 6 volt, 8 volt, and 12-volts.

  • Sun Extender Batteries, Div of Concorde Batteries

    Sun Xtender makes solar batteries and battery products with AGM (absorbent glass mat) technology, featuring high density plate technology with deep cycles, valve regulation, and copper alloy for corrosion-free connections that allow for maxumum conductivity.

  • OKSolar

    OkSolar offers solar batteries and battery products from Dynasty, bren-tronics, Panasonic, Deka, Surrette and Trojan for a multitude of solar powered applications.

  • MK Battery

    MK Battery manufactures solar batteries, including gel, AGM and flooded types, available in 6 or 12 volts for all of your solar powered applications.

  • First National Battery

    First National Battery offers two types of solar batteries, including the M-Solar battery model with Santoprene connectors, threaded brass insert and stainless steel bolt, and their RR line of solar batteries made with hybrid alloys.

  • USA Battery

    U.S. Battery offers Xtreme Capacity solar batteries, available in 6- and 12-volt models, with high peak capacity, enhanced rechargeability, incraesed initial capacity, and more.

  • American Battery

    American Battery offers the Deka Dominator solar battery, which are 100% maintenance free batteries featuring fast recharging, thick consistancy of gelled electrolyte and tight pack construction, and quick turnaround time for all of your solar powered needs.

  • Apex Battery

    Apex Battery offers solar batteries and battery chargers for many solar powered applications.

  • Crown

    Crown Battery offers deep-cycle solar batteries for use in renewable energy installations, aerial equipment, and more, featuring exact OEM fits.

  • Hoppecke Batterein

    Hoppecke offers batteries for solar powered applications, featuring nickel-cadmium technology, single cell models, vented stationary batteries with liquid electrolyte, gel models, and more.

  • Power Battery Inc

    Power Battery distributes several types of solar batteries, including Adanvced Gel types, high power flooded, deep cycle models, and solar battery rack systems.

  • Trojan Battery Company

    Trojan Batteries offers 12v and 6v rechargeable battery products, including deep cycle, cycling and gel type solar products, available with Polyon cases for heavy service applications.

  • Saft

    Saft makes rechargeable Sunica-plus solar batteries, designed to meet the requirements of photovoltaic and wind power installations, allowing for renewable energy assets to seemlessly integrate with the existing power generation and distribution infrastructure.

  • Northwest Energy Storage

    Northwest Energy Storage distributes Solar-One batteries, featuring High Utilization Positive technology, flooded lead-acid models, and epoxy coated steel with lead-plated copper rated at 700 amps for most solar powered battery applications.

  • C&D Technologies

    C&D Technologies offers the VR Solar battery for renewable energy storage with a 100-amp hour capacity, low calcium lead/tin alloy plates, a high two-hour discharge rate for solar powered applications tied to the grid.

  • East Penn Manufacturing Company

    East Penn Manufacturing Company makes the Deka Solar Battery Series, for use in a wide variety of solar powered applications, including cathodic protection, railway signals, remote monitoring, residential, small village, road repair, and more. Battery types feature flooded, gel valve-regulated and absorbed valve-regulated technologies to fit all solar powered applications.