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  • Motech

    Motech makes multi-crystalline solar cells featuring a high cell-to-module ratio and low breakage rate, as well as multicrystalline modules from 3-80Wp or 180-230Wp.

  • Photowatt

    Photowatt makes solar modules in 4-inch, 5-inch, and 6-inch models, from 12W to 230W in glass/tedlar (PW) and double-glass (PWX) versions, as well as solar cells in the same dimensions.

  • Alfa Solar

    Alfa Solar makes solar modules in polycrystalline and monocrystalline models, as well as solar mounting systems.

  • Centennial Solar

    Centennial Solar offers thin film solar modules including framed modules, featuring a junction box for traffic systems, telecommunications, and lighting applications, as well as frameless modules, OEM modules, flexible modules and large crystalline modules.

  • Axitec

    Axitec makes solar photooltaic modules featuring  soft-grip seams on the rear side of the AXITEC anodized aluminum module frames that are good for support and installation, as well as robust cabling and a walkable, sealable plug system.

  • China Sunergy

    China Sunergy makes solar cells, such as their multicrystalline square silicon cell, their HP monocrystalline silicon solar cell, and their SE mono-crystalline silicon cell.

  • Crown

    Crown Renewable Energy uses their expertise in researching and developing solar energy systems to manufacturer solar panels, with their modules featuring a slim 35mm low profile frame good for both residential and commercial applications.

  • Emcore

    Emcore sells satellite solar panels, space solar cells, terrestrial solar cells, and solar assemblies. Their terrestrial solar cells feature n-on-p polarity built on germanium substrates, and incorporate a proprietary anti-reflective coating that provides low reflectance over a wavelength range of 0.3 to 1.8µm. These cells are characterized and optimized for terrestrial applications under concentrated incident illumination (up to 1500 suns) and high current densities.

  • GE Energy

    GE Energy makes solar modules including 200W, 205W and 66W models, available in 600V and 1000V models, for commercial grid-tied applications and more.

  • Microsol

    Microsol makes solar cells, including 125mpsq mono-crystalline, 156mpsq monocrystalline, and 156sq multi-crystalline models.

  • Pacific SolarTech

    Pacific SolarTech makes photovoltaic modules with long-lasting performance. They come in mono- and poly-crystalline models with a sealed junction box and are track-mounted.

  • PST Perfect Source Tech

    Perfect Source Tech makes 6-inch multi-crystalline 218 Wp, 224 Wp and 200-236Wp models. They offer 100% preselection of cells, increased load bearing capacity of 5400Pa, and more.

  • Q Cells

    Q Cells manufactures solar cells, including mono-crystalline and multi-crystalline models.

  • Shenzhen Sunshine Electronics

    Shenzhen Sunshine makes solar panels and modules in mono and polycrystalline models. They come in square, rectangular and circular configurations at varying power peaks.

  • Shrine Solar

    Shrine Solar makes solar photovoltaic cells, solar panels, polycrystalline solar modules, monocrystalline solar modules and solar power systems that will power a solar power system from 200 to 10,000watts.

  • SinoSola

    SinoSola manufactures poly- and mono-crystalline solar photovoltaic modules from 90W to 280W max power at 9V to 36 V, with either 125mm or 156mm silicon solar cells with 13.5% to 14% efficiency.

  • Solarwatt

    Solarwatt manufactures several types of solar modules including BIPV/building integration modules, standard modules, and off-grid system modules. Their BIPV modules feature glass-glass modules or glass-foil modules and maximum system voltage of 750/870V, as well as nominal power of 135 to 250Wp.

  • Solland

    Solland makes solar cells in standard models, H-pattern models, back-contact cells, and more including 6" multi-crystalline cells.

  • Solon

    Solon manufactures multi-crystalline and poly-crystalline solar modules featuring efficiency up to 14.6%, power tolerance of +/-3%, and power ranging from 130 to 240Wp as well as great durability and stability, coming from their twin wall aluminum frame and 4mm safety glass, providing protection in adverse weather conditions.

  • Sunowe

    Sunowe makes 156mm and 125mm mono-crystalline silicon solar cells as well as photovoltaic modules.