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  • LLC oofers solar battery chargers from 2 to 30 watts in range, including stationary and portable 12 volt solar cell battery chargers and trickle chargers for applications including car batteries, and RV and marine chargers. Some brand names they carry include Sunlinq and ICP Sunsei, whose models are flexible and foldable.

  • Brunton

    Brunton develops and manufactures rugged power sources for the outdoor enthusiast, offering solar chargers including amorphous silicon models and high-output polycrystalline panels. as well asrollable and foldable solar panels. Their most portable model features a max output of 6 watts, and 12 watts and weighs 7.1 oz and 11 oz respectively.

  • Devotec Industries

    Devotec makes a hybrid solar charger with a travel plug offering a max efficiency of 15%, 1800mAh size, output voltage of 5.5V and output current of up to 700mA with charging time of 24 hours by solar, and 8 to 12 hours through USB or AC.

  • Aurora Solar

    Aurora Solar is a manufacturer of solar chargers including models with specifications of 15 Volts @ 200 Milliamps; 5.6 volts @ 450 milliamps or @ 350 milliamps, offering 1.5 watts of 2.0 watts of power. Their chargers are good for uses in portable battery operated devices like PDA's, CD players, cell phones, Gameboys and iPODs

  • CirKits

    CirKits sells three solar power chargers, including a 9 amp solar charge controller/10amp manual load switch, a 12Volt/20 amp charge controller (also available in 24V/15A),and a 10 amp dark activated load switch (for automatic on at dark systems) all for use in lighting systems and charge controllers.

  • Better Energy Systems

    Better Energy Systems makes a line of hybrid solar chargers which can be charged by either solar power or wall plug, solar power or USB port as well as a key-chain-sized portable solar charger. All of these models work off of a rechargeable lithium ion battery, operating at a temperature ranges of -4F to 131F (-20C to 55C), holding a charge up to a year.

  • Eclipse Solar Gear

    Eclipse Solar Gear makes a line of carrying bags that feature solar charging stations on them to allow you to charge your portable electronics, with bag types such as backpacks, messenger bags, camera bags, solar coolers, tackle bags, and bike bags.

  • GoldenGadgets offer solar powered battery chargers, such as small personal portable chargers as well as 12 volt battery chargers for automotive and marine batteries and full size solar powered lighting and battery charging kits. Some models include amorphous silicon solar cells and single-crystal silicon solar cells.

  • PowerFilm

    Power Film offers several types of solar chargers including foldable types, USB chargers, AA chargers, and rollable chargers. Their rollable and foldable solar chargers range from portable solar battery chargers to military & government while their USB / AA chargers feature an operating voltage of 3.6V or 15.4V.

  • Powertraveller Ltd manufactures and sells travel accessories including portable solar battery chargers for handheld electronics and PCs, with models featuring a 20V power socket out and standard 5v USB socket;  LCD screen that displays battery capacity and the level of charge; or LED charge indicator.

  • QuickerTek Inc

    QuickerTek sells the Apple Juicz, which is a solar battery charger for Apple MacBooks as well as 18 watt, 27 watt, and 55 watt foldable solar panel models, capable of recharging a MacBook. They also offer three lightweight solar cell options unfold from 10.5 inches to various sizes from 30 inches to as large as 60 inches.

  • Sierra Solar Systems

    Sierra Solar Systems offers solar laptop chargers, including the Brunton Solaris 26, foldable and made of CIGS (copper indium gallium diselenide) as well as two or three- 10 watt PV modules provide enough power to run and/or charge most laptop computers including nearly all Macintosh as well as PC portables.

  • Sundance Solar

    Sundance Solar Products sells solar battery chargers for applications including 12V lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries, fitting AA, AAA, C, D, and 9V batteries. They also distribute solar kits from 10 to 80Watts for cellphones and batteries as well as emergency power applications.

  • Sunforce Products Inc

    Sunforce is a manufacturer of 12V Solutions including solar panels. From battery maintainers, trickle chargers, remote chargers, to charge controllers. Models vary with max outputs of 1.8 watts 125 Mah; 11 watts 0.73 amps; 12 watts 800 mAmps; to 123 Watts 7.16 Amps.  Their 30 amp and 7 amp charge controllers include a digital 30 amp model.

  • Sunshine Solar Limited

    Sunshine Solar is an importer and retailer carrying solar chargers ideal for notebook computers, cd players, digital cameras, rechargable batteries, MP3 players, PDAs, digital cameras, Sony PSP, Apple iPOD etc. Their models include multi-purpose DC chargers switchable between 6V and 12V, therefore able to support applications with higher voltage like a digital camera or even a car battery. Their standard solar battery saver models are 2 Watt; Sunshine Solar also offers a 15 Watt model ideal for large cars and 4X4s.

  • Voltaic Systems Inc

    The Voltaic solar bags are mobile solar power generators designed to charge virtually all handheld electronics. Voltaic developed fabrics to make their bags from recycled PET, i.e. soda bottles. Recycled PET fabric is light weight, extremely durable, UV and water resistant. Models range from producing up to 15 watts: powerful enough to fully charge a typical laptop from a day of direct sunlight; with smaller bags producing 4 watts of power. All bags include standard adaptors for common cell phones and other handheld devices.