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  • Apricus

    Apricus makes evacuated tube solar collectors featuring copper heat pipes for rapid heat transfer and are suitable for mains pressure water up to 116psi with black or silver aluminum casing.

  • Heliodyne, Inc.

    Heliodyne makes the GOBI line of flat-plate solar collectors available in three sizes as wlel as two surface types-blue sputtered and black paint. They are certified up to 50 pounds per square foot as well as featuring Dyn-O-Seal unions.

  • Sealed Air

    Sealed Air makes framed and frameless solar collectors with dimensions of 4'X8', 4'X10' and 4'X12'and an operating pressure of 25-30 psi for models in both series. Their FS Series of collectors are framed co-polymer collectors for tile roof and ground mount applications, while their FP Series range in panel weight from 40 lbs to 54 pounds.

  • manufactures Skyline brand solar water heaters with models 10-01 and the 20-01 with the 10-01 measuring 6' long by 20" wide and weighing 19 pounds while the 20-01 is 12' long by 20" wide and weighs 38 pounds. They also make custom flow through and special application collectors based on the 10-01 and 20-01 collectors.

  • Sunbank Solar

    Sunbank Solar makes solar collectors that are 10 sqft and weigh 19 pounds featuring an energy output of 8,000 Btu/avg day with copper tubes and fins as well as an absorber coating of selective black crystal that has an absorber transfer efficiency of Low-E 96.2% and has a solderless design with maximum working pressure at 150 psi.

  • SunEarth

    SunEarth manufactures medium temperature liquit flat-plate collectors for active/pumped residential and commercial solar water heating systems as well as manufacturing passive systems for non-mechanical use. They also make colelctors with a 304 alloy casing construction.

  • Sungo

    Sungo makes flat-plate solar collectors with blue sputtering or black-chromed selective coating and featuring construction of single pane glass covers and tempered glass.

  • Thermo Technologies

    Thermo Technologies manufactures flat plate solar collectors including the SOL 25 Plus model, with a net absorbing surface of almost 27 sq feet, is 3 inches thick, and a copper absorber with copper passages for heat transfer.