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  • Mobile Solar Power

    Mobile Solar Power provides mobile solar generators requiring no permits or inspections with features including pure sine-wave inverters, MPPT charge controllers, premium lead-acid batteries, and high efficiency monocrystalline solar modules.

  • Powerenz

    PowerEnz offers emergency power generators for emergency and survival purposes, providing power up to 12VSC, 100 amps/1200 watts as well as 120VAC up to 1100 watts. This solar powered generator is housed in a waterproof, dustproof, and crushproof protective case.

  • ZeroBase

    Zero Base manufactures Plug-and-Play Solar generators, offering 3500 Watts of continuous inverter output as well as 2400 amp hours of battery storage and a photovoltaics generator made of three 200 watt solar panels, an MPPT charge controller, 6 marine 200 amp hour batteries, and a AC voltage/frequency of 120 VAC 60 Hz.

  • Solar Stix Inc

    Solar Stik makes four different types of solar generators, the Solar Stik 100 Nano, which produces an average maximum daily power production of 80 Amp-hours and can exceed 100 Amp-hours as well asthe Solar Stik 100 Terra Power generator which weighs about 80 lbs and the Solar Stik Breeze which combines solar and wind power generation produce power day and night.

  • OKSolar

    OkSolar offers portable solar electrical generators with framed solar panels, offering 120W, 123W, 60W, and 175W models for your portable solar powered needs.

  • Alternative Mobile Power Systems (AMP)

    Amp Systems offers portable solar generators for disaster & emergency situations, weddings & concerts, construction & industry applications, and much more. Their systems are equipped with inverters that offer an output of 4,000W continuously and can stand up to surges up to 8,000Watts.

  • SolarOne

    SolarOne makes the Harvester Micro-Utility System, featuring expandable solar array 80 watts to 240 watts and a tilt & lock system for better versatility. The Harvester comes with a 15 amp PWM charge controller with LCD display and deep cycle sealed 105 amp-hour rate battery and is used for water purification, lighting, remote power, and wireless telecommunication applications.

  • Striling Energy Systems

    Stirling Energy Systems manufactures the SES SunCatcher, a 25 KW solar power generator, capable of producing 55,000-60,000 KWh of electricity on an annual basis.  The concentrator consists of a 38-foot diameter dish that has 82 curved glass mirror facets, each 3x4 feet.

  • Sunwize

    SunWize makes industrial solar power generation supplies for remote sites, for continuous loads of 75-2000 watts,  12/24/48VDC or 110V-240V, 50Hz/60Hz AC voltage. Their systems are mounted on galvanized steel structures or trailers, engineered to withstand harsh environments and high winds.

  • Tenia Solar

    Tenia makes several models of solar power generators including a 5 watt, a 10 Watt, a 20 watt, a 40 watt, a 60 watt and a 100 watt model featuring a lead acid battery and varying max output from 40 to 1000VA.