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  • Kamal Solar

    Kamal Solar offers solar lights including street lights, lanterns and home lighting solutions including theater and hall lighting, commercial and industrial lighting, railway signaling, and more.

  • Togo Technology

    Togo Technology Co., Ltd manufactures solar lights, solar street lights, solar power traffic system and spring and summer lights. The line of solar lights include light sets, lawn stake lights, rock lights, patio umbrella lights, garden lights, floating lights, solar camp and outdoor table lights.

  • Shantou Right Forth Trade Co

    Shantou Right Forth Trade Company offers solar lighting products including staircare lamps, road lights, signal lights, garden and gardening lights, emergency lights, desk lights, and more.

  • Silicon Solar Inc

    Silicon Solar offers commercial solar lights and landscape lighting as well as name brand solar panels, hot water heaters, battery chargers and more.

  • Eco Green Energy Corp.

    Eco Green Energy offers solar powered lights in a wide range including camping lights, rock lights, craft lights, lawn lights, road lights, garden lights, traffic and road lights, and specialty lights.

  • Autonic Energy Systems

    Autonic Energy Systems offers solar bank light, solar home lighting system and solar street lighting system with the use of solar panels, CFL lights, charge controllers and batteries. Solar modules feature high efficiency mono crystalline cells with light weight anodized aluminum frame. The solar street light system features 40, 50, or 100 watt solar PV module. Housing Complex, gardens and factories utilize solar panels of 600 watts.

  • Glamor LED

    Glamor Optoelectronics Technology CO., LTD supplies solar lights for decorating and lighting gardens in various colors. Their show room of solar product includes LED Solar Garden Lights of voltage 3V.

  • MG Solar

    MG Solar offers Solar Photovoltaic Systems that includes solar street lights, solar garden lights, solar lantern, solar home lights, solar inverters, LED based lights, energy efficient lights and emergency lights. Solar street lights feature 30 Wp solar module with white LED. Solar garden lights feature 10 Wp solar module with white, yellow, or green LED. Solar lanterns feature 3 Wp solar module with white LED.

  • Pecan Engineering

    Pecan Engineering offers solar powered street lighting with low powered bulb highly effective lens and casing and grid tight solar light. Pecan Solar Lights are installed in streets, parks  and security lighting. Pecan Area Lights are suited for bike ways, picnic areas parking bays and etc.

  • Savant Solar

    Savant Solar LLC manufactures solar street lights with single or double bulbs. Street lights have a pole height of 6 or 8 meters with a lamp life of 50,000 hours.

  • Selco

    SELCO Solar Pvt. Ltd. produces solar home and small business lighting systems that can be applied in homes, small shops, hotels, religious institutions, banks, police stations and etc. SELCO also produces solar outdoor lighting for use in pathways, gardens, streets, farms, and check posts.

  • Sunseap

    Sunseap Enterprises Pte Ltd manufactures PV lighting systems such as post lamps and street lamps for parks, gardens, streets and etc.

  • Sunwize

    SunWize Designer Lighting Systems utilize a highly efficient luminaire with a reflector to increase the intensity and coverage of the light. The luminaire is equipped with low pressure sodium lamps giving off yellow-orange lights or fluorescent lamps giving off white lights. The lighting system includes solar modules, mounting system, pole top mounts and luminaire.

  • Greenshine New Energy Co., Ltd.

    Greenshine New Energy Co., Ltd. specializes in developing and manufacturing customized solar street lights and street lamps for a wide range of lighting applications. Our main products are street lamps and other outdoor lights, such as solar street lighting, solar garden lighting and solar lawn lighting, etc..