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Solar Pool Heaters

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  • Yard Guard

    Yard Guard makes a blue traditional solar blanket as well as a clear blanket, which magnifies solar rays instead of reflecting or reducing their effect on the pool temperature.

  • Smartpool

    Smart Pool makes the SolarPill, a type of solar blanket that is a thin barrier on the surface of the water that does not get removed and can be swum in. One capsule can be used on a 30,000 pool for a month.

  • Abgal

    Abgal makes several solar blankets, the oasis Solarcover, a 250 micron blanket (translucent blue), the Oasis Solar Blanket, 400-500 microns (premium grade classic blue bubble style), and the Oasis Silverback, a 500-micron heavy grade blanket.

  • EcoSun by Aquatherm

    EcoSun by AquaTherm makes solar pool heating systems as well as hybrid systems, which allows you to save money on keeping your pool a good temperature.

  • Solar Sun Rings

    Solar Sun Rings are a solar swimming pool heating device, made from sheets of U.V. resistant vinyl, with the top clear layer holding insulating air, focusing sunlight on the blue colored bottom layer. This innovative type of solar blanket can be used in both salt water system and chlorine pools, either above or in-ground. The spacing between the rings lets sunlight directly through, reducing mustard algae levels.

  • Specialty Pool Products

    Specialty Pool Products offers solar blankets in round, oval, and rectangular shapes for inground and above ground pools. These blankets can raise the water temperature by 10-15 degrees, and reduce evaporation. Additionally, there are three blanket removal systems available.

  • Solar Direct

    Solar Direct distributes traditional solar pool covers in different sizes and shapes for above ground as well as inground pools, reducing heating costs and reducing evaporation. They also sell liquid pool covers and winter pool covers. 

  • Midwest Canvas

    Midwest Canvas Corporation makes the Space Age Solar Blanket, with a unique aluminum heat shield on the bottom part of the blanket, which reflects heat back into the pool.

  • Ecosavr

    Heatsavr and Ecosavr are liquid pool covers for conserving heat, energy, and water, for commercial and residential usage.

  • Doheny's Water Warehouse

    Doheny's Water Warehouse manufactures solar blankets in three variations- blue, Clear-Tek blue, and Clear-Tek clear, with the clear blanket proven as the best blanket for raising and maintaining the temperature, with the most sun allowed to come through.  Water temperature is raised as much as 15 degrees by the Clear-Tek clear blanket.