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  • Sunmotor International

    Sunmotor International Ltd. manufacture solar and battery powered pumps for agricultural and industrial use. Sunmotor offers a variety including dewatering pumps for drainage functions, floating pumps with low power requirements, groundwater pumps, emergency pumps, aeration pumps and chemical injection pumps.

  • Innovative Solar Solutions

    Innovative Solar manufactures solar water pumps and DC pumps for irrigating crops, water for livestock and potable drinking water applications. Models include submersible pumps, surface pumps and solar pool pumps.

  • Lorentz

    Lorentz manufactures submersible and surface pumps. Its line of submersible pumps include helical rotor and centrifugal type pumps that can lift from a range of 22-240m with flow rates ranging from 2.7-70 m3/h and Vmp from 24-600V DC. Submersible pumps are characterized by corrosion resistance and reliability in applications involving deep well pumping, irrigation, pond and etc. Its line of surface pumps include a surface centrifugal pump with flow rate up to 15 m3/h and a booster pump that can provide 250-10,000 liters per day and push water up to 140m.

  • Thermo Technologies

    Thermo Technologies offers solar circulating pumps for hydronic heating, hot water, fan coil heating, solar heating, and radiant heating systems. The pump works concurrently with PV panels. It has two models of pumps with voltage volts of 115 AC and 12-17 DC and respectively with power watts of 85 and 10.

  • Monoflo Incorporated

    Monoflo features a line of solar products including its SB#, Sun-Ray, and Sun-Sub. The SB3 is a solar submersible system for shallow bores and wells, irrigation and water extraction. The Sun-Ray solar pump transfers surface water such as springs, rivers, tanks, and dams. The Sun-Sub is a submersible pump for borehole functions to output maximum water.

  • Dunya Prestij Solar

    Dunya Prestij Solar distributes solar pumps for live stock watering, irrigation and domestic water.

  • Laing

    Laing produces DC Solar Pumps that can run on 1 watt. The DC electronically commutated spherical motor centrifugal pumps connects directly to photovoltaic panels using Maximum Power Point. It has a pump life of over 50,000 hours. Maximum capacity is at 7 GPM with a maximum head of 14.5'. Its pressure is limited to 150 PSI and can operate in temperatures up to 230°F.

  • Rife

    RIFE offers the M3 Floating Solar Water Pump with a vertical life ranging from 3.3-23.0 feet and a peak flow rate of 2.0-6.0 gallons per minute. They float on water surface and require low power with 12-7 V.

  • SHURflo

    SHURflo's Solar Products include solar pumps and components. Its line includes submersible 24 VDC pumps, automatic demand 12 VDC pumps, delivery pumps and flexible impeller pumps.

  • Nemo Solar

    The Nemo Solar develops Nemo DC Submersible Well Pumps measuring in 8.5" in height and 3.5" inch diameter. It can perform up to 1-2GPM  with maximum head rated at 230 feet.  It can draw 75-100watts when used at a full load.

  • NingBo YinZhou HuaYuan

    NingBo YinZhou Huayuan Electric and Machine Industry Company manufactures 30M-100M Lift Head Solar Water Pump of 24V, 36V, 48V and 110V DC. Lift Height Solar Well Pumps are offered in HYSP-160D/40 DC 40M, HYSP-12D/10 DC 10M and HYSP-24D/20 DC 20M. In addition they offer HYSP-120D Solar Deep Well Pump.

  • Solar Water Technologies

    Solar Water Technologies Inc. offers tits SWT Pump, a submersible positive displacement pump. It can operate at 12-30V  DC with pressures up to 85 PSI, lifts 200 feet deep and flows at 2.1 GPM.

  • The Ram Company

    The Ram Company offers the Fleming Hydro-Ram, a lightweight hydraulic ram pump. Pumps are offered in 1", 1.5" and 2" PVC Plastic Fleming Hydro-Ram pumps that can handle falls of water up to 15 ft and lift water up to 120 ft. In addition, 3" cast aluminum pump and 3" Fleming Hydro-Ram pumps are offered for high volumes.

  • Thermo Dynamics

    Thermo Dynamics Ltd. manufactures PV Powered Low Flow Solar Pumps for solar water heaters, low flow irrigation and general water pumping. With a 35 watt PV module, the solar pump will run for 2000 hours per year. The solar pump is a positive displacement pump equipped with an integral strainer and all parts are resistant to corrosion. Models for solar pumps vary in flow ranges of 0.3-2.4, 1.0-5.0, and 2.0-12.0 L/min or 0.1-0.6, 0.3-1.3 and 0.5-3.2 USGPM and respectively with fittings of 3/8", 1/2" and 5/8" O.D. Compression.

  • Robison Solar Systems

    Robison Solar Systems supplies solar power water pumps and solar water well pump with respective kits. Systems include dual piston brushless motor solar pump and quad piston brushless motor solar pump. For applications requiring depths and flows exceeding the capabilities of Robison Pumps, Grundfos SQ Flex pumps are offered. Grundfos pumps can lift 600ft of vertical head pressure at a flow rate of 70 gallons per minute.

  • Safe Water Systems

    Safe Water Systems offers SunRay Solar Water Pumping Systems with surface pumps for shallow wells and submersible pumps for deep wells. Flow rate go up to 10,000 liters per hour and depths reach 250 meters. Features include low maintenance, high efficiency, corrosion resistance and easy installation. Te system also includes battery pack and fresh water storage tank with automated level controls.

  • Silicon Solar Inc

    Silicon Solar manufactures solar water fountain pumps with applications for residential, commercial, farming and agriculture landscapes. Additional products include waterfall pump and fountain kits, replacement pump and pump systems.

  • Solarkey

    Solarkey manufactures replacement solar motor pumps with voltage ranges of 6-9V DC and 12-20V DC as well as replacement solar brushless pumps with voltage ranges of 6-9V DC and 12-24V DC. Kits for solar motor pumps and brushless pumps are offered.

  • SunPumps

    Sun Pumps offers low cost submersibles with 1/2 to 5 GPM with up to 230 ft of lift as well as high power submersibles with 2 to 200 GPM with up to 700 ft of lift. For high volume and low pressure applications, centrifugal surface pumps with  5 to 100 GPM, 120PSI and up to 277 ft of lift are offered. For high power and low volume applications, piston pumps with 1/2 to 12 GPM, 1000 PSI and up to 2300 feet of lift are also offered. Additional products also include Jensen or JC brand jack pumps modified for solar power.