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  • FCI/Burndy

    FCI manufactures a variety of electrical tools including cable cutters and crimping tools. FCI offers pneumatic tools, mechanical tools, hydraulic tools, low pressure hydraulic tooling, air powered pneumatic tooling and hand operated tools for a wide range of applications.

  • Tecra Tools

    Tecra Tools distributes crimpers for field service, datacom, telecom, fiber optic and audio/video, carrying tools from such manufacturers as Paladin, AMP, Economy, SealTite, Thomas & Betts, Xcelite, Cable Pro and Ideal. Types include modular plug, coax, electrical lug & terminal, pin crimpers, fiber optic and specialty crimpers. Tecra Tools carries in its stock models capable of crimping coax, insulated & non-insulated terminals, fiber optic connectors and telecom plugs all using a single multi-purpose crimp frame; and crimpers for solid barrel contacts for BNC/TNC and long pin mini-WECO connectors. With multiple applications, that include high-speed telecom (T1 and DSX), CATV, satellite TV connectors and cellular phone tower connection, Tecra tools has a broad offering.

  • American Electrical, Inc.

    American Electrical carries a wide range of low cost, high quality hand tools for crimping wire ferrules, stripping and cutting wire. Their crimping tools include pneumatic tools that offer both front and side entry and cover from 24 AWG to 8 AWG. American Electrical also offers an automatic wire ferrule stripping & crimping machine with an operating range of 20-14 AWG (0.5 –2.5mm²), operated at 120 V. Pneumatic and electrical models are trapezoid crimpers.

  • Daniels Manufacturing Corp.

    DMC (Daniels Manufacturing Corporation) manufactures a wide range of crimp tools. From standard adjustable crimp tools to pneumatic, hydraulic, open frame, circular indent and battery powered models. DMC also supplies custom application crimp tools for numerous applications; particularly open barrel, stamped and formed contacts. DMC tools meet the needs in military, aerospace and aircraft tools.

  • Ideal Industries

    Ideal Industries manufactures a line of crimping tools that crimp bare and insulated terminals and splices on #10 to #22 AWG wire; this includes a ratcheting model. They also manufacture the Hand Operated Indentor, for use with #6 AWG to 4/0 aluminum and #8 AWG to 250 KCMIL copper wires. Their heavy duty crimper features crimp nests for #2, #4, #6 or #8 AWG uninsulated terminals, and has both decimal and metric wire sizes marked on each crimp nest.

  • 3M Electrical Markets Division

    3m manufactures crimping tools that include standard hand tool crimpers, as well as a  cartridge model which holds the connectors in cartridges needing only use of one hand allowing use of the other for guiding wires. 3M makes hand crimping tools that can be applied to UAL, UG, UR2, UY2, and UB2 connectors. 3M crimping tools have a primary use for 3M™ connectors like Scotchlok™ Y, R, G, and 3M 212, 312, and 512 wire connectors.

  • Snap-on Incorporated

    Snap-on distributes wire crimping, stripping and cutting tools. Most of the tools are combination models of wire stripper/cutter/crimper/bolt cutter. Both as hand tools and automatic tools. Snap-on carries wire stripper/cutters that handle AWG sizes 10 to 18. Automatic wire stripper and wire stripper/cutter models handle AWG sizes 12 to 20, 16-26 AWG, and 10 to 22 AWG respectively, (from Blue Point brand).

  • Stanley Hand Tools

    Among the tools manufactured by Stanley are pliers used for cutting, gripping, twisting and crimping, as well as stripping wire. They carry pliers that feature insulated grips, hard wire cutting capabilities; they also manufacture tools such as their snips which are ideal for cutting through aluminum, vinyl and copper.

  • Wise Components

    Wise Components distributes telecom tools, including crimpers manufactured by Paladin. Their stock covers coaxial cable crimpers; electrical crimpers for the crimping of closed-barrel D-sub contacts, and non/insulated terminal lugs; tools that crimp fiber optic connectors; and twisted pair crimp tools for telephone plugs.

  • Sargent Tools

    Sargent manufactures crimp tools for work in electrical, with fiber optic wire or cable, coax & mini-coax, and for CATV/satellite work. Their power lug crimpers are heavy duty tools designed to crimp large insulated and non-insulated terminals in the 8-2 AWG wire range. Sargent also manufactures OEM compatible crimp tools that are connector specific.

  • SK Hand Tool

    SK Hand Tool Corporation manufactures pliers among their product line. For those intended for electrical work, models include a 4-in-1 cutter that cuts solid and stranded copper and multi-conductor wire; and pliers with up-front cutter/crimper/stripper features with a capacity of 10-22 AWG.

  • C.K.

    C.K. manufactures pliers, cutters and combination tools. Their German made professional pliers are manufactured fully in accordance with IEC 60900:2004 and ASTM-F 1505-94. C.K. also offers combination cutter/pliers that are VDE certified; that includes pliers with a 5mm tapered nose for the professional electrician, gaining access in confined spaces. Their line of pliers for electronics work includes a range that is ESD compatible.

  • Cooper Hand Tools

    Cooper Hand Tools, a division, of Cooper Industries, Inc. manufactures handtools including Crescent® brand wrenches and pliers. Cooper Hand Tools manufactures among its handtools combination wire stripper/cutter/crimper tools, with capacities ranging between 10 AWG and 22 AWG at the maximum.

  • Sullstar Technologies

    Sullstar's crimp tools crimp and trim wires or connectors; designed for working with EZ-RJ45® Cat 5 or 5e, Cat 6 and EZ-RJ12/11 Connectors. Sullstar crimp tools have a ratchet feature, and built in wire cutter and stripper for silver satin.

  • Klein Tools, Inc.

    Klein Tools is a manufacturer whose core product began in 1857 with the first Klein pliers. Manufacturing hand tools for the electrical industry Klein Tools includes side-cutting pliers, bent nose strippers, and cutters among its array of products.

  • Sears Roebuck & Co.

    Among its inventory of electrical tools and accessories Sears carries Craftsman brand tools that include copper wire stripping tools,  cutter-stripper and crimper pliers.