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  • Automation Direct

    Automation Direct offers a variety of electrical cutting tools including products for wire stripping and cutting. MOdels include wire and cable cutting and stripping multi tools, wire ferrules, open barrel cutters, ring fort assortment kits, crimping tools and more in a variety of sizes.


    Erico manufactures the Eriflex brand of DIN rail profiles, cutting and punching tools. The cutting and punching tool is designed for cutting 5 DIN sections cuts without burrs or deformation, allows punching of elongated holes and is supplied with rule and stop features.

  • FCI/Burndy

    FCI is a manufacturer of a variety of electrical tools including cable cutters and hydraulic tooling. Cable cutters from FCI are available in battery operated, manual and remote controlled configurations and come in a wide range of sizes for various applications.

  • Comstar Supply

    Cornstar Supply offers telephone cable cutter, ratcheting cable cutters, innerduct slitters, and Dawn Kwik cut cable cutters. Dawn Kwik cutt cable clutters can cleanly cut through rubber hosing up to 2", polyethylene up to 1-1/2", and PVC through 1-1/2". These cutters come with stainless steel blades that will not contaminate or deburr the pipe, and they leave no cutting or shaving residue. Cornstar also offers utility cable cutters, advanced longitudinal innerduct slitters, and cable jacket/innerduct slitters. 

  • Wise Components is a manufacturer of cutting tools including a cutter for solid, stranded and flexible cables up to AWG 6 (16 mm²), utility cable cutters for solid, stranded and flexible cable up to 2/0 (70 mm²) but not for use on steel, aluminum alloys or hard-drawn copper or ASCR cables, cutters for for solid, stranded and flexible cables up to AWG 6 (16 mm²) as well as cutters for stranded & flexible copper and aluminum cable up to 500 MCM (240 mm²) or diameter of 1.40" (35mm), Kevlar Cutters used to cut protective Kevlar strands in fiber optic cables, and cutters for stranded & flexible copper and aluminum cable up to 500 MCM (240 mm²) or diameter of 1.40" (35mm).

  • SK Hand Tool

    SK Hand Tools is amanufacturer of cutting tools.  Products include a 4-in-1 cutter that will cut solid and cooper and multi-conductor wire, features a spring and lock for user protection and has an up-front cutter for confined spaces.  SK's UP-Front-Cutting Tool features up-front cutter/crimper/stripper features to reach into tight spaces and bolt-cutting stations around the pivot and precision ground stripping stations.  The Romex® Cutter/Stripper strips outer jacket from 12-2" and 14-/2 Romex® and insulation from inner 12 and 14 AWG wire, has a pliers nose for working small nuts and pulling wire.  The Coax Cable Cutter cuts, strips, and crimps RG6 and RG59 coax cables.

  • Weidmuller

    Weidmüller is a manufacturer of cutting tools including tools for cross connections, and cutting tools for copper and aluminum cables, from small cross-sections with direct force application right up to cutters for large diameters. The mechanical operation and the specially designed cutter shape minimise the effort required.

  • Ideal Industries

    Ideal Industries, Inc. manufacturer a selection of cable cutting tools including a power blade, ratcheting, a 400 MCM ratcheting, a 9 1/2" cable cutter, small cable cutter, a rotary armored, a long arm cable cutter and a 9.5" cable cutter with heavy duty grips.

  • C.K.

    C.K. is a manufacturer of cutting tool products including a combicutter range of tools used by professional electrictions to address three daily installation activities - wire stripping, doubling back solid copper wire and cutting patress screws.

  • Snap-on Incorporated

    Snap-On is a manufacturer of several models and sizes of wire cutting and stripping tools, bolt cutters, crimpers and blade replacements.

  • Cooper Hand Tools

    Cooper Hand Tools manufactures cutting tools including a 6" stripper cutter for general purpose wire stripping and cutting, and an 8" crimper/cutter which is a 5 in 1 scissor action tool.

  • Sears Roebuck & Co.

    Sears is the manufacturer of several different types of cutting tool including wire cutter/crimper/stripper, copper wire strippers and cutting tools.

  • Klein Tools, Inc.

    Klein Tools manufactures cutting tools including bent nose strippers, cable cutter/stripper, cutting pliers and side cutting pliers.