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  • Stanley Hand Tools

    Stanley manufactures a variety of insulated pliers such as combination, diagonal, long nose, bent long nose and narrow head diagonal, end cutting pliers, adjustable joint, slip joint, linesman and 4 different nose pliers with cutters.  All the handles on these pliers have a comfort grip.  Stanley also offers non-insulated C-clamp locking pliers, various sizes of curved jaw locking pliers, 2 sizes of straight jaw locking pliers, 2 nose locking pliers and a V jaw locking pliers.  Many other styles and sets are available from Stanley as well.

  • Snap-on Incorporated

    Snap-on Tools is a manufacturer of a variety of electronic service pliers such wire looper jaws, long and short serrated jaws, 45 degree angled serrated jaws, short non-serrated jaws,  extra slim serrated jaws, 70 degree curved serrated jaws, extra slim non-serrated jaws, needle thin serrated and flat nose non-serrated jaws.  Cushion grip handle resists shop oil and solvents while providing maximum comfort. The spring loaded joints help with smoother operation. Snap ring retaining ring and channel lock pliers are also available. All Snap-on pliers are made in the USA. Adjustable pliers are available.

  • Klein Tools, Inc.

    Klein Tools offers a large variety of pliers some of which include 11 different side cutting pliers, 17 different diagonal cutting pliers, 20 different long nose pliers, 2 different pump pliers, 7 different specialty use pliers, 2 different slip joint pliers as well as replacement handles.  Pliers are made of custom US made tool steel. Adjustable wrenches and snap ring retaining ring pliers are also available.

  • Cooper Hand Tools

    Cooper Hand Tools manufactures pliers made of forged alloy steel. Handles come with various grips for easy handling, comfort and prevent slipping.  Some of the types of pliers available are heavy duty side cutting joint pliers, lineman's high leverage solid joint pliers, lineman's high leverage pliers with insulated handle grips, lineman's high leverage round nose pliers, universal cutting solid joint pliers with tenite molded grips, side cutting solid joint pliers and more. Cooper offers Crescent brand adjustable wrenches, retaining ring and channel lock pliers, and screwdrivers as well.

  • Ideal Industries

    Ideal Industries is a manufacturer of various types of pliers and adjustable wrenches. The different types they carry include 4 models of side-cutting pliers to include standard, wire man, smart grip and premium, 3 models of long nose pliers, including standard, wire man and smart grip, 3 models of  diagonal cutting pliers and 3 different models of tongue and groove pliers (channel lock).  All of their screwdrivers have a coating on the handles for a no slip grip and come with a lifetime guarantee. 

  • Gardner Bender

    Gardner Bender manufactures a variety of pliers including long nose, long nose with side cutters, box joint cutting pliers, curved diagonal cutting pliers, lineman's pliers, lineman's pliers with built in fish tape puller, round nose lineman's pliers, lineman's pliers with built in cutters and crimpers, and crimping pliers.  All models have the comfort grip handles for better handling.

  • C.K.

    C. K. Tools manufactures pliers.  Their German made professional pliers are manufactured fully in accordance with IEC 60900:2004 and ASTM-F 1505-94.  The ergonomic handles feature dual compound technology for the ultimate in comfort and grip.  C.K pliers and cutters are made from hot drop forged special alloy steel for strength and durability.  Induction hardened cutting edges offer a long life and consistent precision cutting.

  • KD Tools

    KD Tools is a manufacturer of pliers, including groove lock pliers, snap ring pliers, 8" linesman pliers, 3 different diagonal pliers, slip joint & rib lock pliers, long nose and long and curved needle nose pliers and 8 different hose clamp pliers.   All the pliers have coated handles for more comfort.  Different sizes are available for a select number of the pliers.

  • SK Hand Tool

    SK Hand Tools manufacture an assortment of pliers which includes, adjustable pliers, pipe wrenches, c-clamps, aviation snips, compound pliers, cutting pliers, gripping pliers, flexible pliers, retaining ring pliers, safety wire twisting pliers, snap ring pliers and specialty pliers.  All the pliers come with a lifetime warranty.