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  • Fluke Networks

    Fluke Networks makes several punchdown tools and blades including impact and non-impact models. They also make the JackRapid Termination tool which seats and terminates wires easily for efficient installations. They have blades available for most block types, including 66, 110, Krone, and BIX.

  • Paladin Tools

    Paladin Tools makes many punchdown tools including non-inpact and standard impact models as well as the SurePunch Pro, with adjustable hi/lo spring compression and terminates all cable types with a single punch including 23 AWG cat6 cable. They also make blades for their tools for 66 blocks and 110 blocks.

  • Platinum Tools

    Platinum Tools makes punchdown tools for 110 blocks and 66 blocks in both impact and non-impact models. They also offer the Opti-E Punchdown tool, in bayonet/twist and lock style which alerts users when the selected set force has been reached. This punchdown tool fits 110, 66, 630, BIX, and Krone blades.

  • Ideal Industries

    Ideal makes several punch down tools including Non-impact style and their Punchmaster II Turn-Lock tool, available with 110 or 66 blades, or without a blade with the option to buy either standard blades or a Krone or Bix blade.

  • ProsKit

    ProsKit makes two punchdown tools, one with a probe and pick, and the other with two-stage hi/lo impact settings. Blades come separately in 66, 110, Krone, or BIX styles.