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  • Automation Direct

    Automation Direct carries a variety of tools including insulated screwdrivers for electrical maintenance uses. Models include insulated Phillips screwdrivers and insulated slotted screwdrivers in a variety of sizes.

  • Weidmuller

    Weidmüller is a manufacturer of screwdrivers.  Weidmuller screwdrivers, in four different handle sizes, are the result of a consistent ergonomic concept which takes into account the human hand and the different types of screwing jobs.  They have insulated and non-insulated handles.  VDE insulated come in slotted, phillips, pozidriv, torx, allen key and can be purchased in sets.  Non-insulated types available include, slotted, phillips, pozidriv, torx tamper proof, allen key, slotted with solid steel cap and can be purchased in sets.

  • Ideal Industries

    Ideal Industries manufactures screwdrivers.  Ideal has thriteen different types of screwdrivers available including twist-a-nut screwdrivers, 10-in-1 screwdriver/nutdriver, 9-in-1 ratch-a-nut screwdrivers, 5-in-1 non-conductive screwdriver/nutdriver, square head , phillips head , heavy duty slotted tip, heavy duty slotted, slotted keystone tip, electrician's cabinet tip, quick rotating, slim electronics and screw holding screwdrivers.  Most models come with chrome vanadium steel shanks and are available in different lengths.

  • American Electrical, Inc.

    American Electrical, Inc. offers insulated or non-insulated Phillips and terminal block screwdrivers. These screwdrivers feature ergonomic handles for proper handling torques, insulation sleeves for isolations up to 10,000V, and impact resistant materials for long-lasting use. They are EN 60900, IEC 900, ISO, and DIN-VDE 0680/2 approved. American Electrical also offers insulated and non-insulated screwdriver kits. 

  • Gardner Bender

    Gardner Bender manufactures screwdrivers.  They offer an insulated screwdriver set that includes an 8" #2 phillips tip and an 8" 3/16" slotted tip.  Gardner also offers a reversible insulated screwdriver that puts 2 tools into one.  The available tip is a #2 phillips that reverses to a 3/16" slotted.  The molded shaft insulation is tested to 1000 V which provides secondary protection against accidental electrical shock and the ergonomic grip is engineered for maximum torque with minimum effort.

  • KD Tools

    KD Tools manufactures screwdrivers and have a lifetime guarantee.  Their cabinet tip screwdrivers come in three different sizes to include 1/8 x 3 1/2, 1/8 x 6 and 3/16 x 10 with a length of 5 3/4 to 13 1/2.  The phillips screwdrivers come in 8 different sizes ranging from 0 - 3 x 1 1/2 - 18 and in lengths from 1 1/2 up to 23 3/4.  They also offer round blade screwdrivers, square blade screwdrivers and screwdriver sets.

  • SK Hand Tool

    SK Handtool manufactures a variety of screwdrivers to include insulated, 1000V rated, cabinet slotted, keystone slotted, phillips, pozidriv, tamper proof, torx, micro screwdrivers, ratcheting screwdrivers, specialty screwdrivers, sure grip screwdrivers, T-handle screwdrivers and tri-molded models.  Screwdrivers can be purchased seperately or in sets of various sizes.  SK Handtool has a lifetime warranty on their screwdrivers. 

  • Sears Roebuck & Co.

    Sears carries a large selection of screwdrivers by Craftsman.  Sizes range from micro to large heavy duty sold separately or in sets.  They offer non-insulated and insulated.  Chromoly alloy steel is used for the blade for exceptional quality. The tips are machined to exacting tolerances to provide accurate fastener contact. Large cushion grips for greater torque, less fatigue.  Sears has a lifetime guarantee on all the Craftsman screwdrivers they carry.

  • Klein Tools, Inc.

    Klein Tools is a manufacturer of screwdrivers.  They offer a variety of sizes and types such as a journeyman 1/4" keystone tip with 4" shaft, journeyman 5/16" keystone tip with 6" shaft, journeyman 3/16" cabinet tip with 4" shaft or 6" shaft, journeyman #1 Phillips with 4" shaft, journeyman #2 Phillips with 4" shaft and a journeyman #3 Phillips with 6" shaft.  Klein Tools offers a 5 piece or 7 piece journeyman screwdriver set. 

  • C.K.

    C. K. Tools is a manufacturer of screwdrivers and has a range of general purpose screwdrivers. Dual compound technology handles are tailored to the hand's dimensions so you get a good grip with less stress on your hand.  The quality blades are made from hardened high alloy special steel and are tough and wear resistant even in extreme circumstances.  They are color coded so it is easy to pick the correct tool at a glance.