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  • Automation Direct

    Automation Direct offers a wide variety of electrical maintenance tools including a full line of wire stripping and crimping tools. Models include wire and cable multitools for cutting and stripping, crimping tools in varies sizes, crimping tool kits, insulate crimping tools and cable strippers in a variety of diameters. Automation Direct also offers cable crimping replacement blades and accessories.

  • Ideal Industries

    Ideal Industries manufactures a wide variety of wire strippers including more than a dozen standard wire stripper models, coax strip and crimp tools, multi-stripper tools, underground feeder cable strippers and v-notch strippers.

  • Stanley Hand Tools

    Stanley Hand Tools makes a wire stripper for cutting and striping wires including stranded wire from 10 to 26 gauge and solid wire from 8 to 22 gauge. This stripper features comfortable vinyl grips and a rust resistant feature and also doubles as a crimper and bolt cutter.

  • Gardner Bender

    Gardner Bender manufactures a variety of stripping tools including voltage sensing wire strippers, pliers nose strippers, locking handle wire strippers, automatic stripper and crimper combo tools, multi-tool cable strippers and cable rippers.

  • Daniels Manufacturing Corp.

    DMC manufactures a variety of stripping tools including wire strippers, fiber optic wire strippers, cable strippers, stripping systems, compact wire strippers, coaxial cable strippers and shielded cable strippers.

  • Snap-on Incorporated

    Snap-On manufactures a variety of wire stripping products including multi-tool cutter/stripper/crimper tools, micro shear wire cutters, automatic wire strippers, replacement blades and wire stripper/bolt cutter combo tools.

  • SK Hand Tool

    SK Hand Tools offers several wire stripping products including an up-front cutting tool for bolt cutting, crimping and stripping wires as well as the Romex wire cutter and stripper for stripping wires from a wide range of sizes.

  • Sears Roebuck & Co.

    The Sear's Craftsman brand of hand tools offers a variety of wire cutting and stripping products including a wire cutter/stripper/crimper multi-tool, a copper wire stripping tool and a standard cable stripping tool.

  • Fluke Networks

    Fluke Networks manufactures various cable strippers including coax cable strippers, double slotted strippers with cutters and round cable strippers.

  • C.K.

    CK Tools line of cable cutters includes the Redline Series cable cutters such as the Redline model combicutter which can strip, cut and crimp a variety of cable and wire.

  • Wise Components is an online distributor of Paladin data and telecommunication stripping tools including fiber optic strippers, electrical strippers and coaxial strippers.

  • Klein Tools, Inc.

    Klein Tools manufactures several wire stripper tools as well as multi-tool stripping and cutting tools.

  • Cooper Hand Tools

    Cooper Hand Tools manufactures Crescent brand hand tools including a 6" wire stripper/cutter and an 8" crimper/cutter.