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Manufacturers and distributors of wire and cable, including for specialized applications such as building wire and fiber optic cable.

Manufacturers and distributors of wire and cable, including for specialized applications such as building wire and fiber optic cable.

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  • Automation Direct

    Automation Direct offers three varieties of insulated electrical copper wire for industrial applications including MTW (machine tool wire), TFFN fixture wire and THHN general purpose building wire. Available in a range of 4 to 14 AWG, the THHN is ideal for 600 volt applications in wet or dry areas. Its polyvinyl chloride insulation is moisture resistant and flame retardant. It can withstand temperatures up to 90°C. Visit Website

  • Automation Direct

    Automation Direct offers a line of cables and wiring solutions. Line of cables includes cables for sensors/switches, drives, PLC programming and expansion, PAC Productivity3000 Programming and Expansion, Field I/O expansion, operator interface, industrial monitors, motion control, ZipLink pre-wired connection cables and modules, and Profibus connectors. Wiring solutions include electrical hook-up/building wire in insulation types, flexible portable cord, flexible lquid-tight electrical tubing and connectors, wire duct, cable ties, wire end connectors and panel interface connectors.

  • Optical Cable Corporation

    Optical Cable Corporation (OCC) manufactures tight-buffer fiber optic cables for “high bandwidth” transmission of data, video and audio communications. OCC's tight-buffered fiber optic Assembly Cables meet the functional requirements of the following standards: GR-409-CORE; ICEA-S-83-596; TIA-568; TIA-598. OCC manufactures variations of armored/riser cables; various distribution types -military tactical, rise and plenum; zero halogen cables; fiber/copper cables; breakout and subgrouping. As an example of specifications the B-Series Breakout Military Tactical Cables have an operating temperature from -55°C to +85°C, crush resistance of 440 N/cm, an impact resistance of 200 impacts, and flex resistance of 2,000 cycles.

  • Southwire Co

    Southwire is a manufacturer of an assortment of building wire such as copper building wire, aluminum building wire and building wire built to Canadian building specifications. Various attributes to the copper building wire types include 600 volt, copper conductor, thermoplastic heat resistance, moisture resistance, underground service entrance cable and service entrance cable. Aluminum building wires feature 600 volt, cross linked polyethylene insulation, high heat resistance, thermoplastic insulation, sunlight resistance, and interlocked armor. Canadian building wires feature aluminum or copper materials and an array of 30 to 1000 volts as well as submersible pump cables, speaker cables, booster cables and irrigation cables. 

  • Ideal Industries

    Ideal Industries manufactures a wide range of wire and cable products for a broad array of industries and applications. Products include a full line of wire termination products, tools & totes as well as wire management and wire installation solutions, low voltage/data comm equipment and safety products.

  • AFL Telecommunications

    AFL manufactures fiber optic & coaxial cable. This includes ADSS (All-Dielectric Self-Supporting Aerial), OPGW (Optical Ground Wire cable), circular premise cable, loose tube, downhole, sensing, subsea, MicroCore®, Leaky Coaxial (LCX), and Skywrap®. Skywrap® is designed with use for both earth-wires and phase conductors, and where access is limited (e.g. mountains and river crossings). AFL's loose tube cables come in various armored/non-armored, double or single jacket configurations.  Multi-unit CPC cables with interlocking armor, range from 24 to 144 fiber count. Traditional and high temperature downhole cables can be customized to customer specifications. Traditional downhole operates under up to 150°C and up to 20,000 psi operating pressure. High temp: 300°C temperatures and beyond.

  • Alcan Cable

    Alcan Cable produces a line of Modex modular wiring solutions such as prewired, hardwired and pigtailed wires. Modex prewired systems feature a circuit wiring system with a 5 pin color coded connector system, adjustable wall and floor brackets. Modex pigatiled systems feature a modular wiring system for stranded or solid wire with a rough-in assembly with a pigtailed device, metal protective cover and quick-snap connectors. Modex hardwired systems feature a modular wiring system with MC or flex cable with a 5-pin connector, adjustable wall and floor brackets.

  • Southwire Co

    Southwire delivers power to millions of people around the world. Our utility cable and building wire carry electricity to wherever it is needed. One in three new homes built in the United States contains wire made by Southwire. Southwire leads the industry with innovative products that simplify installation, saving our cutomers time and money. Southwire has the right wire and cable solution for any commercial, residential, industrial or utility application. If Southwire does not have the solution, we’ll design it and make it to order.

  • Belden, Inc.

    Belden manufactures high-speed electronic cables for the entertainment, residential, industrial and security markets; focused particularly on specialty electronics and data networking markets. Their cable products cover the range of coaxial and fiber optic cable, hook-up and lead wire, flat cable, multi-conductor, paired, molded cable assemblies and portable cordage. Belden makes a range of metal-sheathed communication cables all provided in 1,000 ft. continuous lengths, offering various: riser-rated multiconductor cables, shielded and unshielded; CATV and CCTV coaxial; pan-tilt-zoom camera cables; with all cables under a common AIA sheath. The features of the line of audio/video cables include UL listings to NEC and CEC Type CMP, CM and CL2.

  • American Wire Group

    American Wire Group manufactures a variety of industrial cables including copper building wire and aluminum building wire for many applications such as general purpose wiring in air conduits, feeder and branch circuit wiring.

  • Alcan Cable

    Alcan Cable produces a line of cables. Energy cables include a line of bare and insulated aluminum conductors, overhead transmission and distribution bare cables, insulated line wire, service drop cables and 600 volt underground cables. STABILOY features aluminum alloy feeder cables suited for residential, commercial, power utility, and industrial applications. Renewable energy cables include Zephyr2000 cable which generates electrical power at 2000 volts. MODEX wires features prewired, pigtailed and hardwired configurations with easy installation.

  • Comstar Supply

    Comstar Supply offers outside plant and indoor/outdoor fiber optic cables. Outside plant single-mode/loose tube fiber optic cables have diameters ranging from 0.44" to 0.79", fiber count ranges from 12 to 288, and 5 to 24 buffers. Indoor/outdoor single-mode/loose tube fiber optic cables comply with OFNP, OFNR, CSA, and UL standards. These cables have residual tensile strengths up to 180 lbf, fiber counts ranging from 24 to 48, and a load bend radius up to 9.8".

  • Cerro Wire & Cable Co., Inc.

    Cerro Wire is a manufacturer of copper electrical building wire and cables for residential interior wiring as well as building wire for commercial and industrial buildings.

  • Brim Electronics Inc

    Brim Electronics Inc supplies electronic and electrical wires and cables. Selection of cables feature various designs and models including audio, co-axial, component cable, hi-fi, hi-voltage, miniature, aluminum, retractile, speaker, telephone, ultra-flexible, unshielded, Teflon and sound. Designs for wire include aerial, copper-weld, flexible, Kynar, fiberglass, PVC, rubber, TFE Teflon, magnet, miniature, retractile, and silicone rubber.

  • General Cable

    General Cable develops, manufactures, markets and distributes copper, aluminum and fiber optic wire and cable products for the energy, industrial, specialty and communications markets. Cable types include fiber optic, loose tube outside plant, tight buffer premise, inddor/outdoor, interconnect, specialty and tactical cables, as well as a blown optical fiber system for LANs called Blolite®. Attributes of the outside plant cables include fiber counts up to 288, stranded loose or central tube, in single- or multimode fiber types. Similarly the tight buffered, indoor/outdoor and interconnect cables come in fiber types: single-mode and multimode. With fiber counts of up to 144; and 1, 2 and 12 respectively.

  • Encore Wire Corp.

    Encore Wire Corp. provides a residential and commercial line of wiring solutions. The Type MTW/AWM/TEW machine tool and appliance wires feature bare annealed copper conductor, PVC insulation, and heat and moisture resistance.

  • Timbercon

    Timbercon manufactures customized fiber optic solutions, with applications in defense & government, commercial, industrial and data storage, manufacturing, telecom, test & measurement and MSO network. Timbercon has a full range of cylindrical connectors that are specifically for use with fiber optics; available in 2, 4, 5, 8, 11, 16, 21, 29, 37 channel configurations. Timbercon product line includes fiber optics for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). Multi-fiber distribution cable assemblies have SC, LC, ST, FC, MT-RJ, and MU connector options. Timbercon can provide PC, UPC and APC polish types, custom lengths and colors. Their standard cables come as simplex or duplex assemblies, riser or plenum rated, in 0.9 / 1.6 / 2.0 / 3.0 / 4.0 mm jackets.

  • General Cable

    General Cable produces a plethora of cables from electric utility cables and mining cables to nuclear cables and telecommunications cables. Line card of brands include Anaconda, BICC, Brand Rex, Carol Brand, NEXTGEN and Gen Speed.

  • Quabbin Wire & Cable Co Inc

    Quabbin is a manufactures or wire and cable products for local area networks, telecommunications systems, control and instrumentation systems, process control and interconnect applications.

  • CommScope

    CommScope manufactures fiber optic, coaxial and hybrid cables. Commscope fiber optic cables are designed specifically to be used throughout HFC (Hybrid Fiber Coax) communication hierarchies. Fiber optic products include: outside plant cables, premise cables, optical fiber -singlemode and multimode, and hybrids (combinations of fiber, coax and/or twisted pairs). Coax products include drop cable designed to protect last-mile network integrity, robust trunk and distribution cables featuring high speed capacity and streamlined headend cable solutions for the HFC network core. Hybrid configurations include fiber optic cable plus coax and/or unshielded twisted pair.