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  • Automation Direct

    Automation Direct offers three varieties of insulated electrical copper wire for industrial applications including MTW (machine tool wire), TFFN fixture wire and THHN general purpose building wire. Available in a range of 4 to 14 AWG, the THHN is ideal for 600 volt applications in wet or dry areas. Its polyvinyl chloride insulation is moisture resistant and flame retardant. It can withstand temperatures up to 90°C. Visit Website

  • Southwire Co

    Southwire is a manufacturer of an assortment of building wire such as copper building wire, aluminum building wire and building wire built to Canadian building specifications. Various attributes to the copper building wire types include 600 volt, copper conductor, thermoplastic heat resistance, moisture resistance, underground service entrance cable and service entrance cable. Aluminum building wires feature 600 volt, cross linked polyethylene insulation, high heat resistance, thermoplastic insulation, sunlight resistance, and interlocked armor. Canadian building wires feature aluminum or copper materials and an array of 30 to 1000 volts as well as submersible pump cables, speaker cables, booster cables and irrigation cables. 

  • Alcan Cable

    Alcan Cable produces a line of Modex modular wiring solutions such as prewired, hardwired and pigtailed wires. Modex prewired systems feature a circuit wiring system with a 5 pin color coded connector system, adjustable wall and floor brackets. Modex pigatiled systems feature a modular wiring system for stranded or solid wire with a rough-in assembly with a pigtailed device, metal protective cover and quick-snap connectors. Modex hardwired systems feature a modular wiring system with MC or flex cable with a 5-pin connector, adjustable wall and floor brackets.

  • American Wire Group

    American Wire Group manufactures a variety of industrial cables including copper building wire and aluminum building wire for many applications such as general purpose wiring in air conduits, feeder and branch circuit wiring.

  • Cerro Wire & Cable Co., Inc.

    Cerro Wire is a manufacturer of copper electrical building wire and cables for residential interior wiring as well as building wire for commercial and industrial buildings.

  • Encore Wire Corp.

    Encore Wire Corp. provides a residential and commercial line of wiring solutions. The Type MTW/AWM/TEW machine tool and appliance wires feature bare annealed copper conductor, PVC insulation, and heat and moisture resistance.

  • General Cable

    General Cable produces a plethora of cables from electric utility cables and mining cables to nuclear cables and telecommunications cables. Line card of brands include Anaconda, BICC, Brand Rex, Carol Brand, NEXTGEN and Gen Speed.

  • Gexpro

    Gexpro supplies building wires in configurations including bare copper, bare armoured ground wire, THHN building wire, THW building wire, and USE-2/RHH/RHW-2 building wire. Building wires include copper construction and a range from 1 to 14 AWG.

  • King Wire Inc

    King Wire supplies a line of aluminum building wires in various sizes. The XHHW aluminum wire is designed for air conduit wiring and branch circuit wiring while featuring aluminum alloy conductor, black abrasion, heat/moisture/sunlight resistance, and crosslinked polyethylene insulation. The SER aluminum wire are suited for interior wiring systems while featuring aluminum alloy conductors, XHHW-2 insulation, insulated conductors, sunlight resistance, and PVC jacket. The SEU aluminum wire are suited for wet or dry conditions while featuring aluminum alloy conductors, XHHW-2 insulation, core tape, parallel insulated conductors, sunlight resistance, and PVC jacket.

  • Republic Wire Inc

    Republic Wire Inc is a manufacturer of copper wiring products in compliance with ASTM standards. Bare copper wires are offered in a range of 14 to 1000 MCM and tinned copper wires are offered in 8 to 500 MCM sizes in spools, reels, coils and master reels. Types of building wires include THHN/THWN in 14 to 750 MCM, TFFN in sizes 16 and 18 stranded, THW in 14 to 500 MCM, MTW in 14 to 500 MCM, TW, XHHW in 14 to 600 MCM and USE in 14 to 600 MCM.

  • Pro-Line Safety Products

    Pro-Line offers a wide range of cooper building wire including bare copper wire, NM-B copper wire, TFFN/TFN wire, THHN building wire and UF-B copper wire.

  • Maney Wire & Cable

    Maney Wire and Cable is a distributor of various building wires including UL types UL1061, UL1007, UL1569, UL1015 as well as mil-spec building cable, THHN and TFFN and bare copper in stranded and solid types.

  • Aetna Insulated Wire

    Aetna Insulated Wire manufactures a large variety of building cable including 600 volt rated wire, PVC insulated building wire, 1000 volt rated cable and dual rated cables for commercial construction applications.

  • LAPP Tannehill

    LAPP Tannehill distributes THHN and TFFN building wire with a 600V and 90 degrees Celsius voltage/temperature rating. These wires are used for wiring appliances, machine tools and control circuits and have PVC insulation with a nylon jacket that is gasoline and oil resistant.

  • Houston Wire & Cable Co.

    Houston Wire & Cable manufactures a variety of building wire including solid bare copper cable, stranded bare copper cable, power and control cable, cathodic protection cable and power cable for a wide range of uses.

  • Phelps Dodge

    Phelps Dodge International manufactures a variety of copper building wire used in service entrance, feeders and branch circuits for permanent installations in residential, commercial, industrial and public construction applications.

  • Woods

    Coleman Cable Inc. manufactures a variety of building cable and wire including THHN, TFFN, MTW and MC cable as well as PVC insulated copper wire for exterior light wiring.

  • Aubuchon Hardware

    Distributor of electrical supplies Aubuchon Hardware's other core products include paint, lawn & garden, plumbing, hardware and tools, heating & cooling. Established in 1908 Aubuchon Hardware operates hardware stores located among the New England states.

  • Cole Wire & Cable

    Cole Wire manufactures a variety of custom copper building wire such as cable cut to length, custom printed cable, design to build custom building wire, and cut and strip building wire.

  • United Electric Supply

    United Electric Supply distributes a variety of building wire products including basic building wire and bare copper building cable for building retrofits, commercial buildings and residential homes.