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  • Automation Direct

    Automation Direct offers a line of cables and wiring solutions. Line of cables includes cables for sensors/switches, drives, PLC programming and expansion, PAC Productivity3000 Programming and Expansion, Field I/O expansion, operator interface, industrial monitors, motion control, ZipLink pre-wired connection cables and modules, and Profibus connectors. Wiring solutions include electrical hook-up/building wire in insulation types, flexible portable cord, flexible lquid-tight electrical tubing and connectors, wire duct, cable ties, wire end connectors and panel interface connectors.

  • Ideal Industries

    Ideal Industries manufactures a wide range of wire and cable products for a broad array of industries and applications. Products include a full line of wire termination products, tools & totes as well as wire management and wire installation solutions, low voltage/data comm equipment and safety products.

  • Southwire Co

    Southwire delivers power to millions of people around the world. Our utility cable and building wire carry electricity to wherever it is needed. One in three new homes built in the United States contains wire made by Southwire. Southwire leads the industry with innovative products that simplify installation, saving our cutomers time and money. Southwire has the right wire and cable solution for any commercial, residential, industrial or utility application. If Southwire does not have the solution, we’ll design it and make it to order.

  • Alcan Cable

    Alcan Cable produces a line of cables. Energy cables include a line of bare and insulated aluminum conductors, overhead transmission and distribution bare cables, insulated line wire, service drop cables and 600 volt underground cables. STABILOY features aluminum alloy feeder cables suited for residential, commercial, power utility, and industrial applications. Renewable energy cables include Zephyr2000 cable which generates electrical power at 2000 volts. MODEX wires features prewired, pigtailed and hardwired configurations with easy installation.

  • Brim Electronics Inc

    Brim Electronics Inc supplies electronic and electrical wires and cables. Selection of cables feature various designs and models including audio, co-axial, component cable, hi-fi, hi-voltage, miniature, aluminum, retractile, speaker, telephone, ultra-flexible, unshielded, Teflon and sound. Designs for wire include aerial, copper-weld, flexible, Kynar, fiberglass, PVC, rubber, TFE Teflon, magnet, miniature, retractile, and silicone rubber.

  • Quabbin Wire & Cable Co Inc

    Quabbin is a manufactures or wire and cable products for local area networks, telecommunications systems, control and instrumentation systems, process control and interconnect applications.

  • Steelflex Electro Corp

    Steelflex Electro Corp manufactures a wide variety of electrical wire and cable products for a broad range of industrial applications.

  • NTE Electronics, Inc.

    NTE Electronics manufactures a full line of electrical cable and wire products including hook up wire for automotive applications, Teflon wire, silver coated copper wire, bonded parallel speakers wire and high performance speaker cable.

  • General Cable

    General Cable makes a wide line of cable products including those for datacom, electric utility, industrial, mining, nuclear, military, and offshore applications. Their nuclear cables include Class 1E and Brand Rex Brand cables, while their telecommunications cables include air core cables and filled core cables such as 5-Mil copper cable, RUS (REA) PE-39 and 89 cables, and ALPETH cable.

  • Power & Tel Co

    Power & Tel manufactures a wide range of cable and wire products including fiber optic products and wire for sound, security and alarm applications.

  • King Wire Inc

    King Wire manufactures and distributes a full line of aluminum wire and cable for a wide range of applications.

  • Paige Electric Co

    Paige Electric Co manufactures a wide range of low voltage electronic wire and cable as well as wire products for irrigation applications, battery leads, flexible cables, submersible pump cable and wire and agricultural wires.

  • Cat Wire & Cable Corp

    Cat Wire & Cable Corp offers composite cables with heavy duty TPE jackets for audio, power and control solutions. Snake cables feature 110-Ohm digital audio snake cables in 24 AWG, analog audio snake cables in 22 AWG, and analog audio snake cables in 24 AWG. Coaxial video cables include miniature, flexible, precision, and polyurethane precision designs. Composite broadcast cables feature 1 video and 1, 2, of 3 audio cable combinations. Control and power cables feature PVC, polyethylene, polypropylene, TPE and TPR jacket types and AWG sizes from 8 to 24. Microphone cables feature ultra-flexibility, low impedance, balance, high quality virgin polyethylene insulation and heavy copper braid shield guards. Shielded pairs are suited for low voltages of 150V with 24 AWG. Speaker cables are offered from 10 to 14 AWG. Triaxial video camera cables feature sizes 1/2 and 3/8 inches and 14 and 20 AWG.

  • Cerro Wire & Cable Co., Inc.

    Cerrowire manufactures copper electrical cables as well as copper electrical wires for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. SLiPWire THHN features indoor copper building wire in 2 conductor wire and 3 conductor wire designs, voltage rating of 600V, 2 to 14 AWG, and PVC insulated nylon-jacketed copper conductors. MAX PRINT features wires in an OD range from 0.480 to 1.136 inches and AWG/Kcmil size range from 1/0 to 750.

  • JSC Wire & Cable

    JSC Wire & Cable makes a wide line of cable and wire including coaxial cable such as RG-6/U and RG-62/U, bundled cable, multi-paired cables including foil shield SR PVC insulation, ground wires, round rotor cables, and twin lead cables such as 300 OHM foam or flat and 450 or 300 OHM lattice.

  • Cobra Wire & Cable Inc

    Cobra Wire & Cable Inc develops high quality wires and cables for electrical solutions. Cable selection includes battery systems cable, instrumentation cable, thermocouple cables, solar power cables, fuel cell power cables, and wind power cables. wire selection includes fixture wires, hook up wires and lead wires.

  • Copper Development Association Inc

    Cooper Development Association manufactures a variety of wire and cable products for consumers and industrial applications including automotive and electrical applications.

  • Standard Wire & Cable

    Standard Wire & Cable offers military specification, commercial, heat shrinkable, fiber optics, insulation, and conductor wires and cables. 

  • comCables

    comCables produces cable solutions with low voltage for access control, audio, video, central vacuum, entry systems, data networking, theater, security, surveillance and wireless systems. Manufacturers include Aiphone, Elk, Pelco, Suttle, Tatung and Samsung. Types of cables include Braid Plenum, braid PVC, Siamese PVC black, stranded PVC, stranded Plenum, hybrid PVC, quad shield PVC, braid direct burial gel-filled PVC, Coax PVC, and solid Plenum.

  • Aetna Insulated Wire

    Aetna Insulated Wire, Inc. manufactures building wire, power cable and underground distribution cable, interlocked armored power cable, mine power feeder cable, preassembled aerial cable, tray cable, armored power cable and teck high voltage, and armored power cable.