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  • USE

    Universal Smart Electric Corporation is a manufacturer of straight blade receptacles.  USE offers a full line of 15,20,30 and 50 Amp receptacles available in residential, commercial and industrial grades.  They come in a wide variety of colors, different wiring options are included and all are UL Listed.  The residential grade is self-grounding, 15A/125V, 5-15R, with push in and side wired.  There are 20 different models to choose from in the industrial grade including duplex, single and flush mount.

  • Mennekes Electronics, Inc.

    Mennekes is a manufacturer of fused and non-fused receptacles.  The MSR Series Receptacles comply with UL Standard 1686 C1 configurations assuring interchangeability with other manufacturers and the units meet OSHA requirements for lockout/tagout (Reg. 1910.147) and prevent arc-flash.  Their receptacles are rated either 30A or 60A and 600VAC.  Receptacles comply with UL Standard 1686 C1 configurations.

  • Amp Netconnect

    Amp Netconnect develops, manufactures and supplies receptacles.   The receptacles are rated 125 VAC, meets NEMA 5-15R and NEMA 5-20R, available for any of the 4 circuits, 3 circuits with 8-wire (3-3-2) as well as 3 circuits with 5-wire, are fully polarized and keyed and are available in various panel thickness from 50.8 cm [2.0 in] to 88.9 cm [3.5 in].  The active line is clearly indicated with the isolated ground marked in orange.  Amp Netconnects design allows field plug and play changes for phase load balancing.

  • Killark

    Killark is a manufacturer of plugs and receptacles, designed for heavy-duty industrial use in wet, harsh and hazardous locations.  The versamate nema 4x metallic pin & sleeve product range includes 30, 60, 100 and 200 Amp plugs, receptacles and connectors with a full range of back boxes.  Popular options include reverse service and polarization.  Also available is an explosion-proof model.  The IEC models include non-metallic plugs and switched receptacles plus stainless steel clean room receptacles for hazardous and wash down locations.

  • Hubbell

    Hubbell is a manufacturer of plugs & receptacles for industrial, commercial and residential use.  The plugs and receptacles they make for industrial and commercial use include hospital use, extra-heavy duty, pro series snap connect, heavy duty specification grade, tamper and weather resistant, decorator receptacles and more.  Their residential line includes tamper resistant for child safety, go green models with occupancy/ vacancy sensors, single toggle swithes, 3 and 4 way toggle switches and more.


    Leviton manufactures straight blade hospital grade, commercial grade, industrial grade and residential grade plugs and receptacles.  The hospital grade are rated NEMA 5-15P, 6-15P, 5-20P and 6-20P, 125 or 250 volts, 15 or 20 amp and come in 3 colors.  The commercial grade have features such as rubber, angle and armored, 125/250 volt, 125 volt or 250 volt, 30/50 amp, 30 amp, 20 amp or 15 amp and come in steel, white, yellow, grey and black.  Residential comes in 10 to 20 amp and 125 volt, 20 amp is 250 volt.

  • Pass & Seymour/Legrand

    Pass & Seymour is a manufacturer of various types of straight blade receptacles.  Some of what they offer includes commercial and construction specification grade with a rating of 15 & 20 amp, 125 volts, dust & moisture resistant & clock hanger with 15 & 20 amp, 125 volt, heavy duty specification single and duplex with 15 & 20 amp, 125 & 250 volts, plug tail, quad, tamper resistant, weather resistant and decorator receptacles with various amperage and voltage.

  • Revolution Power

    Revolution Power is an authorized distributor of receptacles and plugs.  The brands they carry include Acme Audio Labs, Acrolink, Acoustic Revive, AudioPrism, Audio Replas, CAIG Laboratories, Cardas, FIM, Furman, Furutech, Isoclean, Marinco, Oyaide, Wattgate, Samlex, Techflex, and many more.  They have a variety of colors available with amps from 15 to 20amp and voltage of 125V.

  • Farmtek

    Farmtek is a manufacturer and distributor of plugs and receptacles serving the agricultural, horticultural, building and retail trade communities.  Farmtex has single and three phase locking receptacles and plugs, auto grip plugs and connectors and auto grip corrosion resistant plugs and connectors available.  Their single phase have 15 to 30 amp and 125 to 250 volts, three phase are 20 and 30 amps with 250 to 480 volts and the auto grip are 15 to 20 amps with 125 to 250 volts.

  • Hi-Line Products

    Hi-Line is a distributor of plugs and receptacles.  They make it easy for the consumer by bringing the store to you.  Hi-Lines AMP assemblies include mate-n-lok and circular connectors and receptacles.  They offer a full range of Deutsch assemblies including the HD20, HD30, and DT enhanced series of plugs and receptacles. 

  • Cooper Electric Supply company

    Cooper Electric Supply Company is a distributor of plugs and receptacles.  Plugs they offer include 125 V, 15 ampere, 3 pole, 2 wire, grounding type, cord size 0.538 to 0.639 inch, aluminum construction.  Cooper offers a receptacle and box with feed through construction, 125 VAC, 20 ampere, a power rating of 1 HP, 3 pole, 2 wire, 3/4 inch size hub.  The box is a single gang box with spring cover, ECP NCP mating plug, class I group C D, class II group F G, class III, NEMA 3/3R/7B/7C/7D/9F/9G.

  • Molex

    Molex is a manufacturer of plugs and receptacles.  Designed to meet IP67 standards, extra rugged circular plugs and receptacles protect against the ingress of dust, water and other contaminants to maintain the integrity of the mated pair. The plugs feature a quick-disconnect bayonet latch to provide quick and easy connections with reduced installation and service time while ensuring accurate mating depth.  the 14-circuit, circular connector was developed to meet the demanding requirements of the heavy-equipment industry such as trucks, buses and agricultural markets.

  • PDU Cables

    PDU Cables is a manufacturer of plugs and receptacles.  They offer plugs and receptacles with amperage ranging from 20amp to 60amp and voltage ranging from 125V to 600V.  PDU offers three types of plugs and receptacles made specifically for hospital use with voltage of 125V and 250V and amperage of 20amp, 50amp or 60amp.  The 125V plugs and receptacles come in 20amps only with 480V available in 30amp and the 600V available in 30amps or 60amps.

  • Quail Electronics

    Quail Electronics manufactures plugs and receptacles of various grades for various needs.  Supply ends they offer include NEMA 5-15P, IEC-60320-C14, Japanese Plug JIS 8303, European Plug "Schuko" CEE 7/7 and U.K. Plug BS 1363.  Quails products are available from stock items or as a custom-made product.  Plugs are made with common lengths of cord but length can be specified to length needed.

  • Simply Automated Inc.

    Simply Automated manufactures self-installable, ultra-reliable home automation products for retrofit and new construction applications.  Their URD model is a wire-in duplex receptacle designed to control the operation of 120VAC appliances and lighting based on digital commands received over the powerline. It delivers on/off control for lighting and appliances up to 12A and the receptacle fits a standard outlet box and connects directly to the existing household power wiring.

  • Meltric Corporation

    Meltric’s Decontactor Series switch-rated plugs and receptacles are a combination plug, receptacle, and UL/CSA rated disconnect switch in the same device. With Decontactors installed technicians can change-out motors and other electrical equipment with plug and play simplicity- up to 60 hp or 200A. Safety features simplify NFPA 70E compliance. 100 kA short circuit ratings protect workers even in fault conditions.


  • Connomac Corp.

    Connomac offers oval and round molded to cable connectors. These connectors offer quick connect/disconnect. Heavy duty versions are available for industries such as construction & steel.