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  • Mennekes Electronics, Inc.

    Mennekes is a manufacturer of fused and non-fused receptacles.  The MSR Series Receptacles comply with UL Standard 1686 C1 configurations assuring interchangeability with other manufacturers and the units meet OSHA requirements for lockout/tagout (Reg. 1910.147) and prevent arc-flash.  Their receptacles are rated either 30A or 60A and 600VAC.  Receptacles comply with UL Standard 1686 C1 configurations.

  • Cooper Electric Supply company

    Cooper Electric Supply Company is a distributor of plugs and receptacles.  Plugs they offer include 125 V, 15 ampere, 3 pole, 2 wire, grounding type, cord size 0.538 to 0.639 inch, aluminum construction.  Cooper offers a receptacle and box with feed through construction, 125 VAC, 20 ampere, a power rating of 1 HP, 3 pole, 2 wire, 3/4 inch size hub.  The box is a single gang box with spring cover, ECP NCP mating plug, class I group C D, class II group F G, class III, NEMA 3/3R/7B/7C/7D/9F/9G.