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  • Automation Direct

    Automation Direct's line of relay timing products includes electro0mechanical cube relays, latching octal relays, solid-state relays, electro-mechanical card relays, relay sockets and accessories, Koyo timer relays, fuji timer relays and mini din timer relays.

  • Carlon

    Carlon offers programmable timer controls for a variety of applications. Timers control the length of the signal needed to operate chemical feed pumps, valves or other equipment long enough to perform the operation needed in the water treatment system. Timers feature total output Rrating for up to 15 AMP resistive @ 120 V  and timer setting available in seconds or minute increments.

  • Simply Automated Inc.

    Simply Automated's UPB Controller, Scheduler/Timer is designed for maximum functionality. It features 250 individual device and 99 events for maximum scene flexibility, power line synchronized clock, and it's real-time clock maintains time in the event of a power outage for up to 1 week.

  • Pass & Seymour/Legrand

    Offers occupancy and vacancy sensors and timers. Type of timers include astronomic programmable timers and digital timers. Astronomic timers feature manual or programmed on/off switching, LED display, and automatically calculates sunrise and sunset times based on latitude and longitude.

  • Precision Multiple Controls

    Precision Multiple Controls offers spring wound wall switch timers in commercial and decor styles. Switch is a single pole, single throw (SPST). Switch circuit is in an open position at the end of the timing cycle. Wall switch timers are ideal for indoor or outdoor lighting, heat lamps, and various pool and spa equipment.


    Leviton's electronic timer switches offer timed ON/OFF control of energy-consuming loads like outdoor lighting, heat lamps, hot tubs, pool filters and attic fans. A variety of fully programmable and preset electronic models are available to fit every application and come with a coordinating Decora wallplate.

  • Honeywell

    Honeywell offers industrial indoor and outdoor programmable timers for motors and all types of lighting. The programmable timer allows the user to choose from 120V or 240V. Timers feature heavy-duty weather-proof (NEMA 3R) lockable casing for increased security.

  • Industrial Timer

    Industrial Timer designs, manufactures and assembles electromechanical components and assemblies. Products include general purpose timers, delay timers, interval timers, programmable timers, dark room timers and elapsed time indicators.

  • Component Design Northwest

    Component Design Northwest offers digital hour/minute timers. Features include standard or big digit display panels and a count up/down feature, last count recall and warning signals.

  • Intermatic

    Intermatic provides a variety of timer products including electronic timers, time switches, photo controls, and in-wall timers. Timers available for applications including lindoor or outdoor ighting, signal control, HVAC, wall switches, and many others.

  • ChronTrol

    ChronTrol manufactures a variety of power switching timers and controllers. Applications for scientific and clinical laboratories, industrial research and development environments.

  • Watt Stopper

    Watt Stopper offers commercial sensors, controls and digital time switches. Timers automatically turns lights off after preset time, features a bright electroluminescent LCD, audible or visual alerts, and terminal style wiring. 

  • Precision Timer Co, Inc.

    Precision Timer Co, Inc. manufactures solid state industrial control timing modules, electro/mechanical motor driven timers, industrial time delay relays, mechanical sequencer timers, electronic timers and precision timers.

  • NSi Industries

    NSi Industries provides a variety of residential timer products, digital time switches, electromechanical time switches, photocontrols and pool/spa controls.

  • Time Mark

    Time Mark is a manufacturer of the Model 349 Series override timer. Features include standard wall switch box, 15 amp contact rating, and 75 minute, 2 hour and 15 hour versions. These are are one-shot timers designed as lighting control timers or override controls for energy management applications.