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Assembly machinery, custom automation systems, packaging machines, pharmaceutical sorters and automated welding machines.

Fully-automated production equipment utilizes industrial control methods and involves limited unskilled labor participation within factory automation applications. Modern production equipment consists of mechatronic modules that are integrated according to control architecture. Assembly systems, welding systems, fillers, baggers, capsule machinery, coating machinery, drying machinery, granulating and mixing machinery, and tableting machinery are all examples of automated production equipment found within the packaging, pharmaceutical, and semiconductor industries.

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  • Adapt Automation, Inc.

    Adapt is a manufacturer of custom automation equipment and machinery for medical and pharmaceutical applications as well as custom automotive and assembly machinery. Adapt's medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic machinery includes auto pad stick assembly machinery, automatic needle assembly machines, bacteria filter pleaters and assemblers, blood heat exchangers, oxygen coating machines, blood pressure transducer assembly testers, hemodialysis isolation filters, miscellaneous drying and coating systems, syringe assembly machines, syringe filling machines and more.

  • ESAB

    ESAB offers different types of solutions for automated welding including MIG, SAW, and MWH heads, welding metals, complete GMAW or SAW systems, and process and welding controllers as well as power sources.

  • Advanced Manufacturing Systems

    Advanced Manufacturing Systems designs and builds custom automated machinery and updates existing equipment. The company has built machinery for various operations including: high speed packing, material handling, hardening and heat treating, carton feeding, bowl feeding, robotic handling, high speed folding, and leak detection.

  • Innovative Products & Equipment, Inc

    Innovative Products and Equipment makes custom automated assembly systems with configurations such as rotary indexing or continuous motion, asynchronous/synchronous pallet in-line systems, standalone systems, robot cells, and bench top. Their systems are usable in the medical device, pharmaceutical, automotive, life sciences, and injection molding industries.

  • Apex Drive Laboratories

    Apex Automation and Robotics manufactures automation robotics ans machinery solutions for pharmaceutical applications. Products include packaging robots for plastic bottles, laser measurement solutions, universal case grippers, bottle palletising machines, automatic packers for aerosol caps, automatic depalletisers and robotic cells for strapping and palletising metal studs.

  • Advantage Automation, Inc.

    Advantage Automation designs, builds and intalls machines that satisfy custom automation requirements. The company's recent client list includes: RBC Bearings, Vacuum Atmosphers Corp., Trojan Battery, Bobrick Washroom Equipment Co., Goodrich Aerospace and Lock Technology BV.

  • Acro Automation Systems, Inc.

    ACRO makes custom automated assembly, welding, and packaging systems for the medical, pharmaceutical, consumer products, and automotive industries. Some of the processes they can create include joining, system platforms, and tooling as well as rotary dials, in-line synchronous, walking beams, bowl feeding, liquid filling, and more.

  • ATS Automation Tooling Systems

    ATS manufactures machinery and automation solutions for pharmaceutical applications specializing in custom-designed machine solutions for production, packaging, and dispensing, single point integration of zone- and plant-wide production systems. ATS offers systems for all kinds of applications from integration of standard machines to developing, prototyping and building of complete custom automation system.

  • Hollbrit

    Hollbrit offers automated seam welding products including enclosure stations, robotics, and grinding equipment. They also offer stud welding equipment.

  • Automated Machine Systems

    Automated Machine Systems builds automated, assembly machinery and custom tools for the automotive, electronics, consumer, home and custom molding industries. Technologies the company utlizes include: clip installation, utlrasonic plastic welding and staking, thermal plastic staking, and spin welding.

  • ATC Automation

    Automation Tool Company makes custom assembly automation and test systems. Their assembly systems can serve the medical device, consumer products and automative industries; providing such processes as robotic assembly, synchronous/non-synchronous conveyor systems, lean manufacturing, and  rotary dial machines.

  • Siemens

    Siemens Industry Automation & Drive Technologies division manufactures custom automation and control systems used in the pharmaceutical industry. Products include a variety of automation and control systems, monitoring equipment, industrial communications, industrial control, industrial PC, manufacturing executing systems, sensor systems, power supplies and more.

  • Mavrix

    Mavrix manufactures the Vers-O-Weld welding automation system for arc welding and submerged arc welding in single or multiple arm models including automatic controls as well as custom machines for pipe welding and more.

  • Automated Solutions, Inc.

    Automated Solutions Inc. designs and builds custom automation systems that are capable of loading or unlaoding a variety of parts, and moving pieces through various processes. The company also specializes in custom, modular robotic systems.

  • ATS Automation Tooling Systems

    ATS designs and builds custom automation systems. Their systems serve markets including healthcare, computer/electronics, automotive, consumer products and the solar energy industry. They can configure high-speed automated assembly systems, turnkey, medium- and high-volume, automated machining systems, and more; with fully automated production lines or as manually fed workcells.

  • Parker Hannifin Corp.

    Parker brings fluid and motion control solutions together for life sciences applications. From highly integrated automation systems to miniature solenoid valves, Parker develops market-driven tools that help OEM's get their products to market faster and lower their overall cost of ownership. Products include cooling equipment, motion control systems, sealing solutions, miniature valves and pumps, smart syringe equipment and filtration products.

  • Panasonic Co.

    Panasonic makes several robotic welding systems and arc welders, as well as robots using embedded arc control technology and 200, 500, and 1000kg servo positioners.

  • Assembly & Automation Technology, Inc.

    Assembly & Automation Technology designs and builds custom automation systems for the automotive, manufacturing, packaging, electronics, toy, appliances, medical, biomedical and research industries. The company also builds semi-automatic and fully-automatic assembly machines for industrial, medical and consumer product applications.

  • Plastic Assembly Systems

    PAS makes plastic assembly systems and welding machines. Their systems can be used in manual, semi-automated or fully automated production lines.

  • AutoPharm

    Autopharm is a manufacturer of specialized pharmaceutical automation equipment. Autopharm has designed, built and installed a wide array of custom pharmaceutical machinery over the years for many clients using the latest design software to make even the most demanding projects a reality.