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  • Innovative Products & Equipment, Inc

    Innovative Products and Equipment makes custom automated assembly systems with configurations such as rotary indexing or continuous motion, asynchronous/synchronous pallet in-line systems, standalone systems, robot cells, and bench top. Their systems are usable in the medical device, pharmaceutical, automotive, life sciences, and injection molding industries.

  • Acro Automation Systems, Inc.

    ACRO makes custom automated assembly, welding, and packaging systems for the medical, pharmaceutical, consumer products, and automotive industries. Some of the processes they can create include joining, system platforms, and tooling as well as rotary dials, in-line synchronous, walking beams, bowl feeding, liquid filling, and more.

  • ATC Automation

    Automation Tool Company makes custom assembly automation and test systems. Their assembly systems can serve the medical device, consumer products and automative industries; providing such processes as robotic assembly, synchronous/non-synchronous conveyor systems, lean manufacturing, and  rotary dial machines.

  • ATS Automation Tooling Systems

    ATS designs and builds custom automation systems. Their systems serve markets including healthcare, computer/electronics, automotive, consumer products and the solar energy industry. They can configure high-speed automated assembly systems, turnkey, medium- and high-volume, automated machining systems, and more; with fully automated production lines or as manually fed workcells.

  • Plastic Assembly Systems

    PAS makes plastic assembly systems and welding machines. Their systems can be used in manual, semi-automated or fully automated production lines.

  • Evana Automation Specialists

    Evana Automation builds custom automated assembly systems and integrates production systems. They can configure their systems as synchronous, non-synchronous and modular, creating machines and systems from special stand-alone work cells, to full turnkey manufacturing assembly systems for the industrial market.

  • Lanco Assembly Systems

    Lanco makes modular turnkey automated assembly systems serving such industries as electronics, automotive, medical, military and consumer products. Standard products supplied by Lanco Assembly Systems include turnkey automatic and semi-automatic assembly equipment, lean cells, rotary tables and indexing equipment.

  • Setpoint Systems, Inc.

    Setpoint makes industrial automation equipment for product testing, inspection or assembly. They make packaging automation systems used in nutritional supplement and pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and food industries. In configuring their custom automation systems Setpoint applies lean automation as a standard practice.

  • Meiyu

    Meiyu designs and manufactures custom automation equipment for industries that include electronics, automotive, semiconductor, medical, consumer and food processing. Their configurations include benchtop workstations, semi- and fully automatic systems to fully integrated automatic assembly processes.

  • Automation Development Inc.

    Automation Development, Inc. makes custom turnkey automated machinery. Configurations include continuous motion, rotary dial and inline machinery for assembly and packaging in medical, cosmetic and automotive applications.

  • Transformix

    Transformix makes custom automated assembly systems including indexing machines (rotary or in-line), power-and-free systems, walking beam transfers and others. Their other system configurations include continuous motion; and tube automation for those manufacturing, processing or otherwise utilizing any form of tubing in their assembly processes. Their systems can be utilized by the pharmaceutical, tube & pipe, and medical device industries.

  • Haumiller Engineering Co.

    Haumiller makes custom high-speed automated assembly systems, from simple assemblies to multiple-machine systems. Their continuous motion assembly machines are usable in industries that include the medical device, plastics, electrical/computer, food & beverage industries.

  • Norwalt Design

    Norwalt engineers and makes high-speed component assembly systems. Available in continuous motion and indexing versions, they can configure their machines with additional functions like induction/conduction welding, ultrasonic welding,  leak testing, and more. Norwalt assembly systems are usable for applications in cosmetics &  personal care, medical/pharmaceutical devices, food and beverage industries.

  • Jewett Automation

    Jewett Automation makes automated assembly work centers, from lean work cells to completely automated lines; synchronous and non-synchronous assembly systems. Assembly systems they can configure include indexing: rotary, in line and walking beam, high speed continuous motions, to completely customized.

  • Advanced Engineered Systems, Inc.

    Advanced Engineered Systems designs and manufactures assembly systems for the medical, battery, consumer good, pharmaceutical, and food industries. They make rotary systems and continuous motion assembly systems, which can achieve high speeds of up to 1,000 parts per minute.

  • Arthur G. Russell Co., Inc.

    Arthur G. Russell creates and manufactures custom assembly systems including carousel systems, in-line indexing chassis, continuous motion, and more. One application for their systems is for the assembly of syringes for medical purposes and can produce 800 or more parts per minute.

  • Assembly & Automation Technology, Inc.

    Assembly & Automation Technology makes custom assembly systems for the automotive, manufacturing, electronics, medical, and research industries.

  • Brandt Automation

    Brandt Automation makes custom assembly systems which can add part feeding, handling, and assembly to your line via a stand-alone station to a large assembly line.

  • Buckeye Machine Fabricators, Inc.

    Buckeye Machine Fabricators makes custom assembly systems for automotive, compression molding, food, tire, and foundry applications. Their systems are built using their in-house specialists to help increase your return on investment with robotic integration.

  • Crux Automation, Inc.

    Crux Automation makes automated assembly systems which use robotics, machine vision, and control systems for welding applications, crimping, dispensing, encapsulation, and more.