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  • Pyxis Technologies

    Pyxis Technologies manufactures, designs, installs, and starts up assembly systems. Pyxis integrates and combines single standing stations into complete systems for heavy duty truck and automotive applications. Stations include: pinion bearing cup presses, pinion height gage, shim selection/verification, collapsible spacers, bearing cap pre-rundown, keeper multiple, etc.

  • Descher

    Descher offers automotive assembly systems. Descher has experience with: tube forming/welding, driveshaft assembly, medical device assembly, oil/fuel filter capping, pulley/bearing assembly, solenoid/motor coil winding, etc. Systems have applications for part wounding, stacking, welding, fastening, pressing, etc.

  • Assembly & Automation Technology, Inc.

    Assembly & Automation Technology, Inc. offers custom assembly machines for a variety of automotive applications. These machines assemble parabolic fluorescent light fixture louver assemblies with eleven component parts. Other applications include: biomedical, medical, appliances, toys/games, electronics, packaging, manufacturing, etc.

  • Advanced Engineered Systems, Inc.

    Advanced Engineered Systems, Inc. offers assembly systems for automotive components. Featured case studies include: semi-automatic assembly of a seat mechanism and semi-automatic assembly of a flip/fold seat mechanism. These studies automatically test and assemble a family of mechanisms at a rate ranging from 300-350 assemblies/hour. Systems have applications for Dodge Durango SUV seat mechanisms and other mechanisms from major automotive suppliers.

  • Lanco Assembly Systems

    Lanco Automation Systems offers automated assembly systems for automotive applications. Systems come with manual, automatic, and semi-automatic workstations. Other features include: a linear transfer system, text systems, well-controlled pressing, rotary tables, high speed indexers, robotic workcells, vision-guided robotics, etc.

  • ATS Automation Tooling Systems

    ATS Automation Tooling Systems offers automated assembly equipment for automotive components and sub-assemblies, including: sun roofs, lighting systems, closures, locking systems, safety systems, sensors/solenoids, instrumentation, windows, seating systems, braking systems, etc. Services offered by ATS include: analysis, data collection, armature winding, plastics molding, machining, assembly, etc.

  • Buckeye Machine Fabricators, Inc.

    Buckeye Machine Fabricators, Inc. offers assembly systems for automotive components. Assembly machinery benefits include: flexibility, reliability, increased ROI with robotic integration, custom designed assembly, in-house automation specialists, increased speed, accuracy, efficiency, etc. Industries served includes: foundry, tire, trailer/truck, commercial baking, compression molding, appliance, lighting, etc.

  • ATC Automation

    ATC Automation offers automotive component assembly systems. Systems include: turbo, car audio, transmissions, HVAC, fuse boxes, window regulators, interior trim/components, carbon canisters, safety restraint, braking, fuel delivery, lighting, etc.

  • Acro Automation Systems, Inc.

    Acro Automation Systems, Inc. offers automated assembly systems. Applications include: bottle/cap assemblies, communications batteries, liquid tight valves for diary products, blood filters, self-injection power packs, etc. System components include: multi-axis robotics, SCARA robotics, ultrasonic welding, leak test systems, vision systems, pneumatic pick/place units, rotary dials, vibratory feed systems, etc.