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  • Assembly & Automation Technology, Inc.

    Assembly & Automation Technology, Inc. is a designer and supplier of automation machinery. Available products include custom consumer product assembly systems for the automotive, medical, electronics, appliance, manufacturing, packaging, research and other industries.

  • Lanco Assembly Systems

    Lanco Automation Systems is a manufacturer of components for production automation and a builder of turnkey assembly systems. Consumer products offered including custom workstations, test systems and product assembly systems.

  • Invotec

    Invotec is a designer and supplier of production assembly, test and inspection machinery and equipment. Custom consumer product assembly systems are available for applications such as high speed visual inspection, assembly testing, missing part identification, seal integrity, process verification, press and seal operations as well as others such as color verification.

  • Arthur G. Russell Co., Inc.

    Arthur G. Russell Co., Inc. is a designer of assembly machinery for the consumer and medical industries. Custom assembly and testing equipment is available for processed such as filling, labeling, adhesive application and curing as well as ultrasonic and spin welding. Machine styles offer include in-line indexing chassis, over/under, carousel and automatic feed systems.

  • Evana Automation Specialists

    Evana is a manufacturer of custom automated manufacting equipment. Assembly system machinery offered include synchronous and non-synchronous assembly systems as well as modular, automatic, semi-automatic and single workstation systems.