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  • Automation Development Inc.

    Automation Development Inc. offers assembly inline with molding machines for reducing: labor for parts handling, part damage from unnecessary handling, and work quantities in process. Chassis-based machines are ideal for these operations since they utilize rectangular footprints, which promote closer placement to the molding equipment, better operator access, and more design flexibility. These systems feature pneumatic pick and places to 50 cycles per minute and speed ranges from 10 to 30 cycles per minute.

  • Plastic Assembly Systems

    Plastic Assembly Systems offers custom plastic welding in-line assembly systems for automation work-cells; custom systems integrators; and fully automated, semi-automated, or manually automated assembly lines.

  • Assembly & Automation Technology, Inc.

    Assembly & Automation Technology, Inc. (A&A) offers in-line transfer systems for part inspection, printing, machining, component assembly, and a variety of other applications. These systems are composed of transfer assembly machines, robot trimming systems, and automatic pneumatic screwdriver systems. A&A serves the following industries: research, biomedical, medical, appliance, game, toy, electronics, packaging, manufacturing, and automotive.

  • Edmund Optics Inc.

    Edmund Optics, Inc. offers InfiniTube standard systems. These systems feature high yielding magnifications, C-mount camera mounting options, a variety of available configurations, and internal focusing capabilities. When used alone, InfiniTube systems can be used for back or directional lighting applications.