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  • Jewett Automation

    JEWETT Automation provides solutions to custom factory automation. Lean work cells optimize the balance of operator and machine contribution to the manufacturing process. Jewett has designed equipment for a wide range of automotive components. Conveyor based systems are also available.

  • Evana Automation Specialists

    Evana Automation Specialists is a provider of automated and robotic assembly cells, lean manufacturing stations, kitting lines  and test systems for aerospace and defense, commercial, automotive, and alternative energy applications.

  • ATC Automation

    ATC builds lean manufacturing/manual workcells. Examples include torque and drive systems, part and color sensing, continuous bead dispensing, bowl and spring feeding, servo, pneumatic and hydraulic pressing, labeling, ink jet part marking, robotic welding, and more.

  • Setpoint Systems, Inc.

    Setpoint provides lean assembly and robotics handling, integrating multiple machines where various pieces of a part are assembled together. Each piece can be inspected for size, color or orientation.

  • Pyxis Technologies

    Pyxis Technologies develops lean manufacturing cells. Their Mono-Tube Cutoff Machine can cut a mono-tube in half and create two strut tubes in the process. Approximate cycle time is 26 seconds.