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  • DW Fritz

    DW Fritz builds automated assembly machines for medical device manufacturers. Machines come in two configurations: Six-Axis automated inspection and high speed syringe assembly. Regulatory requirements include: GAMP-5, FDA 21 CFR pt. 11, CE, UL, CSA, etc. Six-Axis automated inspection systems feature: automated calibration/verification, an accuracy better than two microns, custom GUI operator interface, an ultra-precision robot, Cognex cameras, etc. High speed syringe systems feature a custom touch-sensitive user interface, a light curtain safety system, a throughput of <2 seconds per assembly, etc.

  • Advanced Engineered Systems, Inc.

    Advanced Engineered Systems, Inc. offers medical device assembly systems. Applications include: pin insertion systems, needle hud mold assembly, saline solution bag-system assembly, plug insertion, micro dip assembly, catheter tube flare loader, vial material handling/packaging, cannula assembly, etc.

  • Descher

    Descher offers medical device assembly systems. They provide custom assembly automation to ensure quality control, increase profitability, and increase productivity. Equipment applications include: wounding, stacking, welding, fastening, pressing, etc.

  • Assembly & Automation Technology, Inc.

    Assembly & Automation Technology, Inc. designs and builds custom assembly machines for medical applications. Other applications include: biomedical, research, appliances, toys, games, electronics, packaging, manufacturing, automotive, etc.

  • Norwalt Design

    Norwalt Design offers medical device assembly systems. These systems are designed, built, and engineered to synchronize multiple testing, filling, and assembly processes into a seamless process. Services offered includes: validation, full-line integration, ultrasonic, leak testing, cutting, turnkey systems from design through start-up, feeding, etc.

  • Haumiller Engineering Co.

    Haumiller offers Automated Assembly Machines for medical applications. Machines have sped ranges from 60 ppm up to 1200 ppm using primarily in line continuous motion and rotary technology. Some of the products assembled on Haumiller machines include: dip tube applications, IV injection sites, wire nuts, trigger pumps, lotion pumps, multi-piece dispensing closures, specialty syringes, disposable razor blades, etc.

  • ATS Automation Tooling Systems

    ATS Automation Tooling Systems offers micro medical device assembly systems. Solutions range from high-precision material handling for micro-medical applications, to the sorting and testing of medical samples in a clean room environment. Applications include: eye-wear, ophthalmic devices, dispensing, product packaging, surgical devices, dental/care assembly, medical devices, sensors, human genome samples, vials, test tubes, etc.

  • Lanco Assembly Systems

    Lanco Automation Systems offers medical syringe assembly systems. Specifications include: an 85% efficiency, a 2.0 cycle time, an 1800 PPh, an 1.0/3.0 mL medical syringe, and a control system made by Allen Bradley Compact Logix.

  • ATC Automation

    ATC Automation offers medical device assembly systems that comply with qualification procedures following GAMP and 21 CFR. Validations include: ISO 9001:2000 certification, DQ/IQ/OQ/PT validation testing, and master validation planning & development.

  • Acro Automation Systems, Inc.

    Acro Automation Systems, Inc. offers medical device assembly systems for a variety of applications, including: medical tape winding/packaging, transdermal patch web handling, die cutting packaging, injection device test/assembly, blood filter test/assembly, medical barrier gown die cutting, etc. Lean systems operate at speeds of 12 ppm, and dedicated systems operate at speeds of up to 300 ppm.

  • Innovative Products & Equipment, Inc

    Innovative Products & Equipment, Inc. builds and designs custom automation equipment for the medical device assembly industry (in accordance with the GAMP 4 Guide). Features include: easy to validate computer program structures, computer programs that insure critical sensor function, designed calibration tools for online testing, custom manufacturing all contact tooling, etc.