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  • Plastic Assembly Systems

    PAS provides plastic assembly solutions with their spin, ultrasonic, hot plate and vibration plastic welding systems. Custom and thermal assembly systems are also available.

  • Crux Automation, Inc.

    Crux Automation designs and installs automation systems for assembly, testing, and inspection, including laser welding and cutting, ultrasonic welding and thermal staking, spot welding, robotics, and machine vision inspection and guidance.

  • Transformix

    Transformix designs custom stand-alone automation machines and welding systems for metals and plastics (sonic, hot stake, swaging, friction and spot welding).

  • ATC Automation

    ATC Automation robotic solutions offer flexibility for part transport, assembly, welding, painting and other process-intensive operations. Types of welding include ultrasonic, robotic, brazing and laser.

  • Norwalt Design

    Norwalt assembly machines are engineered to assemble two or more components and can incorporate induction, conduction and ultrasonic welding, lining and vision systems. Continuous motion and indexing versions are available.

  • Acro Automation Systems, Inc.

    ACRO designs and manufactures custom welding machines for the automotive and consumer goods industries. Examples include exhaust assemblies, seat frames, axle assemblies, air bag inflators and structural stamping assemblies.