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Automated Welding Systems

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  • ESAB

    ESAB offers different types of solutions for automated welding including MIG, SAW, and MWH heads, welding metals, complete GMAW or SAW systems, and process and welding controllers as well as power sources.

  • Hollbrit

    Hollbrit offers automated seam welding products including enclosure stations, robotics, and grinding equipment. They also offer stud welding equipment.

  • Mavrix

    Mavrix manufactures the Vers-O-Weld welding automation system for arc welding and submerged arc welding in single or multiple arm models including automatic controls as well as custom machines for pipe welding and more.

  • Panasonic Co.

    Panasonic makes several robotic welding systems and arc welders, as well as robots using embedded arc control technology and 200, 500, and 1000kg servo positioners.

  • Arc Products

    AP Automation makes custom automated welding systems for seam and arc welding with a TIG controller as well as a custom pipe welding system. Their fully automated system uses a Cyclomatic wire feed as well as AVR and automatic arc control.

  • Amet Inc.

    AMET makes several types of standard or customized automated welding systems such as precision lathe systems, seam welding systems, manipulator welding systems, longitudinal seam welders, and circumferential welding systems. Their customized systems can be made for hotwire / TIG GTAW or synchronized fill.

  • Lincoln Electric

    Lincoln Electric will help your company design its automated welding systems be it your first automated welding cell or an upgrade to your current system. Using Fanuc robotics and Lincoln expertise in welding technology, you will find a solution customized to your specific application.

  • Cole's Machine

    Cole's Machine can build automated electrical welding machines as well as flexible robots and custom testing equipment. Many factory automation needs can be designed by Cole's.

  • PRI Robotics Inc

    PRI Robotics makes several automated robotic welding systems for ARC, TIG, and MIG welding for any volume of production you have. They also have in-house tooling, fixturing, and build design capabilities for your factory.

  • Precision Welding Technologies

    Precision Welding Technologies (PWT) offers several automated welding solutions and components including plasma/GTA welding systems and electron beam welding systems including 3, 5, & 6 axis systems with computer control systems.

  • Weld Plus Inc

    Weld Plus offers automated welding fixtures and equipment including plasma, sub-arc, TIG, and MIG welding machines. Their equipment types include circumferential welders, resistance welders, seam welders, and more.

  • Hanson Systems

    Hanson Systems makes custom automated welding and soldering equipment such as laser welders, resistance welders, plasma arc welders, and TIG welders.

  • Automation International Inc.

    Automation International makes several types of automated welders including arc welders and resistance welding equipment such as seam welders, press welders, and dial feed welders, as well as flash butt welding machines for many different applications.

  • EWA

    Eastern Welding Automation makes welding systems including plasma and micro tig equipment as well as circumferential or linear systems. They also offer system components and robotics, in addition to pre-fab cells.

  • Adaptek

    Adaptek provides automated welding systems that can be designed and built as a single function station, indexing dial, programmable positioning (XYZ or robotic), or palletized handling units.

  • Genesis Systems Group

    Genesis Systems Group offers different types of robotic welding systems and workcells. These range for individual units that are easily adaptable for smaller and mediaum size job, up to modular units that allow for larger industrial welding jobs.

  • Cecil Peck

    Peck builds a variety of automated welding equipment and presses including circular spud, seam, circumferential lathe, gantry, boom, pole, index, specia, tram rail and beam welders.

  • Weld-Action Co., Inc.

    Weld-Action Company designs factory automation welding systems. Systems include pre-engineered robotic welding work cells, robotic arc welding automation, Arc and resistance weld monitoring systems, robotic resistance welding and material handling automation, and copper joining technologies.

  • Nian Chin Machinery

    Niam Chin machinery offers a variety of automation products including the El Core Automatic Welder and Adaptor Automatic Ultrasonic Welder. Both offer full automation of the process.