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  • Advanced Manufacturing Systems

    Advanced Manufacturing Systems designs and builds custom automated machinery and updates existing equipment. The company has built machinery for various operations including: high speed packing, material handling, hardening and heat treating, carton feeding, bowl feeding, robotic handling, high speed folding, and leak detection.

  • Advantage Automation, Inc.

    Advantage Automation designs, builds and intalls machines that satisfy custom automation requirements. The company's recent client list includes: RBC Bearings, Vacuum Atmosphers Corp., Trojan Battery, Bobrick Washroom Equipment Co., Goodrich Aerospace and Lock Technology BV.

  • Automated Machine Systems

    Automated Machine Systems builds automated, assembly machinery and custom tools for the automotive, electronics, consumer, home and custom molding industries. Technologies the company utlizes include: clip installation, utlrasonic plastic welding and staking, thermal plastic staking, and spin welding.

  • Automated Solutions, Inc.

    Automated Solutions Inc. designs and builds custom automation systems that are capable of loading or unlaoding a variety of parts, and moving pieces through various processes. The company also specializes in custom, modular robotic systems.

  • Assembly & Automation Technology, Inc.

    Assembly & Automation Technology designs and builds custom automation systems for the automotive, manufacturing, packaging, electronics, toy, appliances, medical, biomedical and research industries. The company also builds semi-automatic and fully-automatic assembly machines for industrial, medical and consumer product applications.

  • Automated Production Machinery

    Automated Production Machinery builds custom machinery and servo-control systems. The company also supplies manufacturing machinery and automation equipment to automotive production companies.

  • Bos Innovations

    Bos Innovations offers assembly automation solutions and designs custom assembly machines, semi-automated operator stations, automated welding and cutting machines, and conveyor systems.


  • Brandt Automation

    Brandt Automation designs and builds plant automation equipment, automated part manufacturing equipment, automated assembly systems, material handling and positioning systems, and electrical control panels.The company also integrates automation equipment, peforms machine component rebuilds, and conducts machine controls and function upgrades.

  • Buckeye Machine Fabricators, Inc.

    Buckeye Machine Manufacturers builds a variety of automation equipment for the lighting, compression molding, automotive, commercial baking, appliance, lift truck, tire, trailer and foundry industries.

  • Central Machines

    Central Machines specializes in building custom automation assembly systems for the medical product, pharmaceutical, electronic, automotive, plastic, and packaging industries.

  • C&D Automated Systems

    C&D Automated Systems designs and manufactures customized robotic systems, control systems, conveyor systems, feeder bowls, lifts and fully-automated and semi-automated systems.

  • CIM Software Corp.

    CIM Software Corp. provides custom automation equipment systems and custom machine automation for companies in the agriculture, automotive, computer, electrical, fiber optics, food and beverage, medical, microelectronics and semiconductor industries. The company also has experience providing automated inspection equipment for cleanroom environments.


  • Computer Age Engineering

    Computer Age Engineering manufactures custom, automated machinery including vibration control equipment, automated assembly equpiment, inspection and gauging equipment, and swagging equipment. The company provides automated equipment solutions to the medical, aerospace, rubber, dental, plastics, food processing, automotive, electronics, and warehouse distribution industries.

  • Concept Consulting & Engineering

    Concept Consulting & Engineering builds custom industrial automation equipment designed to directly fit into existing assembly line equipment.

  • Custom Automation Inc.

    Custom Automation Inc. designs and builds manufacturing-related machines including fully-automatic equipment that is able to take materials and parts throughout the entire manufacturing process.

  • Custom Automation Industrial Systems

    Custom Automation Industrial Systems designs and integrates indutrial control systems and aerospace groud support systems. The company designs industrial control systems for radioactive waste disposal, water and wastewater treatment, water distribution, and petrochemical distribution. Custom Automation has also customized aerospace ground support systems for the U.S. Air Force, Republic of China Air Force, and Czech Air Force.

  • DW Fritz

    DW Fritz designs and builds custom automation systems for medical device, micro electromechanical systems, solar, consumer products, industrial, semiconductor, and OEM manufacturers. The company also performs automation systems integration.

  • Eagle Tool & Design

    Eagle Tool & Design is a full-service machine fabricator that builds automated equipment including complex and simple assembly machines, tooling fixtures, feeders, jigs, and rollers.


  • F.C.T.S.

    F.C.T.S. manufactures and designs fully-custom, automated machinery for the steel, wire, paper, printing, food and pharmaceutical industries.

  • MS Engineering

    MS Engineering customizes automated tools and various-sized machinery that manufacturers use for drilling, turning, punching, cutting, shearing and cooling. The company also provides cutom fixtures that aid in the processing of plastics and metal parts.