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  • Adapt Automation, Inc.

    Adapt is a manufacturer of custom automation equipment and machinery for medical and pharmaceutical applications as well as custom automotive and assembly machinery. Adapt's medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic machinery includes auto pad stick assembly machinery, automatic needle assembly machines, bacteria filter pleaters and assemblers, blood heat exchangers, oxygen coating machines, blood pressure transducer assembly testers, hemodialysis isolation filters, miscellaneous drying and coating systems, syringe assembly machines, syringe filling machines and more.

  • Apex Drive Laboratories

    Apex Automation and Robotics manufactures automation robotics ans machinery solutions for pharmaceutical applications. Products include packaging robots for plastic bottles, laser measurement solutions, universal case grippers, bottle palletising machines, automatic packers for aerosol caps, automatic depalletisers and robotic cells for strapping and palletising metal studs.

  • ATS Automation Tooling Systems

    ATS manufactures machinery and automation solutions for pharmaceutical applications specializing in custom-designed machine solutions for production, packaging, and dispensing, single point integration of zone- and plant-wide production systems. ATS offers systems for all kinds of applications from integration of standard machines to developing, prototyping and building of complete custom automation system.

  • Siemens

    Siemens Industry Automation & Drive Technologies division manufactures custom automation and control systems used in the pharmaceutical industry. Products include a variety of automation and control systems, monitoring equipment, industrial communications, industrial control, industrial PC, manufacturing executing systems, sensor systems, power supplies and more.

  • Parker Hannifin Corp.

    Parker brings fluid and motion control solutions together for life sciences applications. From highly integrated automation systems to miniature solenoid valves, Parker develops market-driven tools that help OEM's get their products to market faster and lower their overall cost of ownership. Products include cooling equipment, motion control systems, sealing solutions, miniature valves and pumps, smart syringe equipment and filtration products.

  • AutoPharm

    Autopharm is a manufacturer of specialized pharmaceutical automation equipment. Autopharm has designed, built and installed a wide array of custom pharmaceutical machinery over the years for many clients using the latest design software to make even the most demanding projects a reality.

  • Baldelli Automation

    Baldelli Automation manufactures a variety of medical and pharmaceutical automation equipment including systems for packaging, identification, sterilization, inspection, sealing and more. Other products include dynamic inspection and marking systems, disinfection station, siliconing systems and custom machinery.

  • MGS

    MGS develops and manufactures standard solutions for pharmaceutical companies as well as a vairety of custom automation solutions. Products include blister packaging systems, cartoning machinery and product handling systems for pharmaceutical applications.

  • Core Automation

    Core Automation manufactures automation machinery for uses in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, biotechnology, discrete manufacturing and wastewater industries. Products include custom automation systems for a vairety of applications and standard machinery for motion control.

  • Deaton Engineering

    Deaton Engineering manufactures a variety of production equipment for pharmaceutical automation applications. Deaton Engineering's Pharmaceutical division understands the impact of long product development cycles, global competition, and current good manufacturing practices and designs custom systems with great attention to detail.

  • DMC Inc

    DMC offers expert engineering and software services for pharmaceutical control and medical manufacturing applications. DMC has developed software and control systems for a wide variety of applications including pharmaceutical process control, medical manufacturing, inventory and process data software and quality control.

  • EngaTech

    Engatech is a manufacturer of a variety of machine vision systems offering full turnkey automation solutions featuring integrated robotics, pick and place features, material handling systems, pallietizing systems, conveyor systems and packaging machinery.

  • FKI Logistex

    Intelligrated manufactures pharmaceutical automation machinery including custom solutions for break-pack picking, high-speed palletizing and software solutions ustilizing the latest voice and RF picking technology Intelligrated also offers software solutioons for tracking and logging applications and high speed sortation systems.

  • HCL

    HCL manufactures pharmaceutical automation systems to conquer operational challenges like reducing production waste, achieving concurrency, detection of defects and shirking product life cycle while developing innovative manufacturing processes. HCL also works on today's IT challenges transforming information gathered from a vast array of sources into useful knowledge for making effective decisions.

  • HTSE

    HTSE provides automation and validation solutions to some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. HTSE specializes in the generation and execution of validation master plans, functional specifications, design documents, factory acceptance tests, impact assessments, installation and operation qualifications, computer systems validation and SOP development.

  • IMA

    IMA designs and manufactures a wide range of high technology automatic machines and complete lines to satisfy the primary, secondary and end-of-line packaging demands of the pharmaceutical industry.  Products include solid does processing and manufacturing systems, primary packing systems, labeling machinery and secondary packaging systems used in a variety of industries.

  • Intergraph

    Intergraph designs and manufactures pharmaceutical automation equipment including systems for 3D modeling and visualization applications. Intergraph also develops systems for high-value pharmaceutical facilities to conduct strict analysis. Pharmaceutical projects are executed in a fast-track mode, because as in many cases, the patent window is small and the investments are high.

  • JH Robotics

    JH Robotics develops and machines robotic tools and automation solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. JH Robotics has extensive experience developing connector assemblies for catheter systems and developed tube systems. JH Robotics has developed a machine tool load/unloader with several different medical products companies involved in the manufacturing of orthopedic fasteners.

  • Kruse Controls

    Kruse Controls is a manufacturer of validated automation systems for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Kruse Controls' automation systems utilize PLCs for logic control and feature human machine interface products for providing operators with control and monitoring capabilities. Kruse Controls has designed automation systems for applications such as raw material batching, continuous process control systems, clean in place systems, recipe management systems, inventory management and downtime tracking systems.

  • K-Tron

    Ktron's line of pharmaceutical & nutraceutical process equipment includes systems for pharmaceutical dispensing systems, vacuum conveying for tabletting operations, milling & micronization of pharmaceutical powders, tablet press lubrication, conveying through conical screen mills, dry powder coating, pharmaceutical extrusion, dry granulation, batch dispensing and direct compression tabletting.