Factory Automation • Automated Test Equipment

Testing equipment for automotive, biomedical, aerospace, microwave, military, semiconductor and many other manufacturing facilities.

Automated test equipment conducts measurements and stress tests on a device before evaluating the test results to determine the functionality and performance of that device. Automated testing equipment is cost efficient for high-volume testing and utilizes a number of sensing techniques including machine vision.Automated testing equipment is comprised of control hardware, sensors and software; and can be a computer-controlled, digital multi-meter or a system that features dozens of test instruments. This test equipment is used in the semiconductor automotive, medical equipment, airplane, and manufacturing industries.

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  • ATS Automation Tooling Systems

    ATS Automation makes and develops turnkey automated testing systems for consumer products, renewable energy sources, telecommunications, automotive, electronics, and electrical applications including functional and diagnostic testing, stepper motor torque testing, microprocessor controlled water filter tests, and cellular phone component testing.

  • Placepower

    Placepower makes and designs custom automated test systems as well as electronic component testers and handlers, semi-automatic assembly equipment, bench mounted production equipment, and CE guarding as well as jigs & fixtures, press tools, and gauges.

  • Cal-Bay Systems, Inc.

    Cal-Bay Systems offers automated testing systems including functional testing, RF switching, and ASIC DVT including production testing that eliminates sampling and addresses specific production requirements, and offers design validation testing.

  • Maxim Integrated

    Maxim offers automatic test equipment including custom ASIC solutions and ate for switches, relay drivers, device power supplies, event generators, voltage reference, ADC, MUX, DAC, and PMUs.

  • SPEA

    SPEA makes automated test equipment for semiconductor manufacturing including pick and place handlers, reel to reel handlers, sensor stimulus units, MEMS, Soc & SiP testers, UHF testers, and Smart card test cells.

  • Advantest America Inc.

    Advantest designs and manufactures automated test equipment including SoC, Memory, Handlers, CD-SEM, and DUT I/F including Hifix, probe cards, change kits, and performance boards as well as logic and memory handlers.

  • Whitney Systems, Inc.

    Whitney Systems makes custom automated test equipment for automotive, aircraft, medical, and industrial applications including electrical testers such as continuity testers and frequency testers, leak testers such as pressure decay testing and bubble testers, and calibration and product testing systems.

  • G2 Technologies

    G2 Technologies Develops and designs automated testing equipment including turn-key systems, motion control, X/Y systems, test fixtures including hi-pot, spec tests, and bed of nails, calibration, system config templates, and more.

  • Invotec

    Invotec works with you to create a custom automated test system from business objective assessment, project management, test & run-off, and complete logistics for mechanical, electrical, controls, and integrated systems.

  • Nexjen Systems

    Nexjen Systems makes custom automated test equipment including RFID test systems, vibration test systems, electric motor test systems, and zigbee test systems.

  • Evana Automation Specialists

    Evana Automation Specialists offers ATE for applications such as consumer products, aerospace & defense, commercial, consumer products, automotive, and alternative energy.

  • Microwave Instrumation Technologies

    Microwave Instrumentation Technologies offers automated test and measurement systems from microwave to RF apps such as radome, antenna, radar cross section/RCS, and automotice telematics designed to improve acquisition and display.

  • Peak Group

    The Peak Group offers automatic test equipment components such as probes with various tip styles for automotive, coaxial, ATE, contact, pneumatic applications, and more.

  • Advantech

    Advantec provides custom automatic test equipment including front access wiring IPC chassis, PCI-bus GPIB cards, and more such as BGA chipset systems, fiber optics connector testing, and test systems for multimedia audio controller ICs.

  • AAI Corp.

    AAI Corp designs and manufactures ATE for commercial, defense, and aerospace applications including complete test systems and components, subassemblies, mechanical fixtures, and radio freq switch matricies.

  • Test Advantage

    Test Advantage offers custom made automated test equipment including software as well as test engineering services, teradyne parts and rentals, and more from four worldwide offices with a 19,000 square foot facility.

  • Amrel Systems, Inc.

    Amrel makes and designs custom automated test equipment such as dc electronic loads and power supplies for fuel cells, industrial, battery & energy storage, and defense applications.

  • Advint

    Advint is an automated test system integrator using components from National Instruments, Agilent Technologies, TSN, and Huntron for industries from Aerospace to Energy to Industrial with products including rugged portable test systems, source code transformer systems, and factory test systems for manufacture and maintenance.

  • Vasavi Electronics

    Vasavi Electronics automated test equipment includes relay testers, testing and measuring instruments for transformers and capacitors, digital turns testers, automatic SMPS adapter test systems, LRM systems, LCR meters, and more.

  • Averna

    Averna offers complete guidance through implementation of automated test equipment from pre-functional and functional processes to maintenance with products including DOCSIS test products, burn in and life testers, universal receiver testers, and in-circuit testers.