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Software for manufacturing execution, performance management, lean manufacturing and process control/asset management.

Used for document control, records management, machine tool communications, DNC, machine monitoring, and ISO9000 solutions, factory automation software is used within the high-technology manufacturing, semiconductor, photovoltaic, electronics, and assembly industries.Examples of factory automation-related software include: business intelligence software, enterprise resource planning software, lean manufacturing software, manufacturing execution systems, performance management software, pharmaceutical manufacturing and process software, product lifecycle management software, and supply chain software.

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  • Honeywell Process Solutions

    Honeywell provides three MES solutions for industrial facilities: Business Flex, POMSnet, and OptiVision. POMSnet is crafted for pharmaceutical and biologics manufacturing, while OptiVision manages the order-to-cash cycle of a pulp and paper company. All the company's MES solutions manage the status of production runs, unit operations, inventory quantities and conversion factors.

  • DataNet

    DataNet Quality Systems develops lean manufacturing software with Real-time SPC to reduce waste with a simple non-technical approach to waste removal with a simple interface, able to reduce waste material up to 50% and increasing your manufacturing yield by up to 30 percent.

  • SAP

    SAP makes ERP software that helps you organize, ensuring end-user delivery, compliance and predictability of financials, optimizing your HR processes and human capital, operations, corporate services, and more.

  • BPIC ERP Survival Guide

    The BPIC ERP Survival Guide shows you how to implement ERP and reap its rewards, with information such as the history of ERP, reasons MRPII failed, and the things involved in the ERP process from sales & operation planning to master production scheduling and how to make it all work.

  • Rockwell Automation

    Rockwell Automation provides information solutons on manufacturing performance and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) for better analysis of production. FactoryTalk Metrics is a complete system that monitors, collects and analyzes data efficienty for manufacturers to improve their production and costs. FactoryTalk Suite provides real-time exchange of information for a better flow of data, improved responses, low costs and high productivity.

  • Rockwell Automation

    Rockwell Automation offers assess management services to optimize MRO process spare parts inventory for improved downtime, equipment life and costs. Rockwell offers RAAMP to provide methods of repair via an on-site Assest Management Professional (AMP) which optimizes spare parts inventory and simplifies repair transactions. AMP provide warranty tracking, asset tracking, and consolidated asset reports. Additionaly, Rockwell offers a Parts Management Agreement for optimized access to spare parts, reduction of operating costs and inventory management.

  • Cloud 9 Analytics

    Cloud 9 Analytics offers a suite of business intelligence software that features report automation and pipeline management best practices. The company's sofware also delivers views on historical trends, future projections, and "what's changed" calculations.

  • Infor

    Infor offers its Infor PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) for profit maximization of each stage of a product's lifecycle. The Infor PLM will improve innovation, improve revenue growth, increase product profitability up to 10%, reduce market time by 50%, and improve on-time product lauches by up to 98%. Infor PLM includes Integrated PLM, Product Data Management (PDM) and collaboration of customer, suppliers and partners for efficiency.

  • Ross Enterprise

    Ross Enterprise offers supply chain software including: distributed order management, warehouse managements, RFID-to-go, transportation management, reverse logistics, and collaborative services applications.

  • Compliancy Software

    Compliancy Software offers standard operating procedures (SOP) automation with the Compliancy Internal Control Management (ICM) as a single platform solution. SOP automation integrates people, procedures and documentation for efficiency. Benefits include improved compliance, easy implementation, access and electrical security, andenterprise integration.

  • Ahearn & Soper Inc

    Ahearn & Soper Inc. designs manufacturing execution systems (MES) that feature six different modules: work order, purchase order, receiving, work-in-process, shipping and report.

  • Factivity

    Factivity is a real time data collection system featuring lean manufacturing software to improve accessibility, a just-in-time approach to production, asset tracking, process improvement, and quality checks.

  • Netsuite

    Netsuite makes a web-based ERP software system offering streamline financial, front & back office, and accounting processes allowing you to improve productivity up to 20%, the ability to save up to 93% in IT costs and automates routine processes.

  • CRM Today

    CRM Today offers whitepapers and articles on assorted CRM and ERP management topics from several companies including NetSuite, Microsoft, SAP America, Vendor Guru, and much more.

  • Honeywell

    Honeywell's process solutions offers its performance management products to offer performance information. Honeywell Performance Management solution includes the KPI Manager. The KPI Manager or Key Performance Indicator Manager that tracks, analyzes and acts out on results.

  • MASS Group

    MASS Group provides a line of products for automated system asset management systems including hardware, software and services. FactoryServer CMMS EAM improves maintenance programs; features include asset awareness, asset performance data, reporting tools, maintenance, personnel management, notifications, web-based system, data collection, electronic CMMS and document manamgement. FactoryServer CMMS EAM Enterprise brings about full systems integration. It services facilities management, SCADA/HMI and MES production management systems by implementing MES and SCADA/HMI.

  • Cyberscience

    Cyberscience provides business intelligence software and related consulting services for organizations in the finance, manufacturing, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and distribution industries. Public utilities and government departments also utilize the company's software.

  • SAP

    SAP Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) application brings innovative products, optimizes product development processes, and reacts quickly to competitive opportunities. SAP PLM offers portfolio planning, development and manufacturing and service.

  • IBS America Inc.

    IBS providse supply chain software to distributors and demand-driven manufacturers. The company's software covers collaborative sales, customer service, order management, inventory management, business performance measurement and financial control.


  • IBM

    IBM offers pharmaceutical track and trace solutions to reduce risk and improve safety. It protects and automates the supply chain iwth sensor based technologies. The platform is equipped with reporting, analytic alerts and notifications and asset tracking features. Components include IBM WebSphere Sensor Events to capture sensor data, IBM InfoSphere Traceability Server, IBM integration and IT services, IBM System x platform servers and a thermal RFID printer, third party tags, transceivers, and readers.